student grants for college online

Student Grants for College Online

Before you look for student grants for college online, you need to be aware of a few traps and pitfalls. Hopefully, you're not likely to fall for online scams for student college grants, but just in case, you might want to pay close attention to the following two sections.

After those sections, I'll point you to useful and user-friendly places to look for student grants for college online.

Warning about "Free" CDs promising student grants for college online

If you've searched for college loans and grants you've likely come across websites that promise you free grant writing software or free grant CDs.

But watch out. Typically these "free" software or CD offers aren't really free at all. What they do is charge you shipping and handling and then bury the fact that you are agreeing to monthly charges deep in their terms and condiitions.

If you see one of these offers promising student grants for college online that charge you for shipping and handling - run, don't walk!

Guaranteed scholarship scams

An age-old scam that tries to bait people who are looking for student grants for scholarships online are companies that guarantee they will find you scholarships or grants.

These scams started offline decades ago and now run rampant online as well.

The scams involve companies that promise they will find you scholarship or grant money for a fee. But they create requirements for the "money-back guarantee" that are impossible to meet. Even worse, some just stop operating under their current business name and go on to run the same scam under a different business name.

Sometimes the scammers will try to get you to give them your checking account information claiming they need it in order to start the scholarship process rolling. Never, ever, ever, give them your checking account information!

If you do, you are setting yourself up to possibly become a victim of demand draft fraud.

Once you provideyour checking account number, the scammers can generate a document that looks exactly like the checks in your checkbook -- imprinted with your name, address, phone number and, most importantly, the account numbers and the numbers necessary to route the draft through your banks’ check clearing system. The only difference is that in place of the your signature, there is a notation such as “pre-approved” or “signature on file.”

There have even been cases where the banks allow demand drafts to go through based on documents that don't look like checks at all.

Find student grants via commercial scholarship search sites

Some of the commercial scholarship search engines like FastWeb from allow you to search for colleges based on scholarship and grant criteria. You can visit to see exactly what I mean.

You can't always find student grants by using the college search engines, but sometimes you can.

Student Scholarship & Grant Sites

In addition to the popularly recommend scholarship & grant search sites like FastWeb & ScholarshipExperts the U.S. Federal government itself provides an extensive listing of places where you can look for student grants for college online.

Here are just a few:

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Michael 7 years ago

The edumatches link on this hub is fake, don't waste your time, it has nothing to do with education.

collegemoneyguy 7 years ago Author

Edumatches link was broken. Changed to Fastweb.

Bill 7 years ago

You are absolutely correct....I feel into the trap of the FREE CD....when I was finally in to their website ...BANG! It hit me....there it was ....trail period of 7 days or something similar to that. Then the charges start. I am on the second day and will be calling them tomorrow to get out of that rat-trap....wish I had read your comments before I did that, but only found this site today. Thanks for your info...I have a lot to learn yet.

collegemoneyguy 7 years ago Author

Hi Bill. Sorry to hear that. Main thing is to always find the terms and conditions and check them - and if you can NOT find the terms and conditions for some reason I wouldn't even bother - especially if you're required to enter your credit card.

There's a good discussion about "hidden negative option marketing" at our work at home site at this discussion:

It includes quite a bit of information aboutu how to avoid these types of deals, who to complain to and ways to get your money back.

Jamie 7 years ago

Yeah it is a lot of bullcrap this stuff on the internet all im tryin to do is find some money for school and it is like there is nothing out there that is real!

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