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Who Really Has the Good Tips?

There is so much in the news about the recession problems this nation is facing.  The unemployment rate is above average.  The costs of energy, food, gas, and other commodities is on the rise.  Well, you don’t have to own the recession problems of today. Make your finances as recession proof as possible.  There are many advisors and books out there that are helping many families do better than just survive the crunch.  Families aren’t just using great advice from financial advisors, but from tips from magazines, and books written by experts in the field of finance.  Many families are just communicating with each other, checking sales via sales papers, commercials, online.  They are getting the bargains, rewards, and percentage-on-the-dollar-off coupons.  Others are following suggestions that have been around through word of mouth for years.  Where the originator of the information comes from is not really known.  But, those tips from moms of old usually work.  No one knows like the older generation how to manage finances and shop the bargains, and to pay the cost for the stuff that really counts. You can live a decent life using a few techniques I learned from talking to some wise women. 

The advice I was given was so informative, that I had to compile a list.  I sat down and thought through all of the suggestions that were relayed to me.  I wrote them down and mulled through them.  I realized that I can do this.  I set out to try a few of the suggestions.  I was so amazed at how my finances began to slowly change and transform.  I was able to purchase some things that I wanted, and even some things I wanted.  There was always something inside of me crying out to be able to take a vacation with my family.  But, I never had a savings that could stay in place.  I needed money for bills constantly.  I was in a bad situation.  Between my mortgage, utility bills, credit card bills, car payment, insurance, grocery bills, and other bills, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I thought problems and acted like there were financial problems because there were.  But, I had to change my way of thinking about it.  I had to begin to do something, instead of just stewing in the problems.  I had to change around and re-organize my thoughts, as well as, how I handled the finances.  There was so much I could do, I just needed to know what those things were.  I was too stressed to think of these things myself.  Yet, some of the suggestions or advice are so simple that if I had just taken a breath and thought through things, I may have come up with a lot of this on my own.  You may be like me and can’t gather you thoughts together because of all of the financial stress and strain on the family.  Well, look over some of these suggestions and give it a try.  You may find that you would have thought of some of them too, or that you are doing some of them already, or even that you are better able to get organized to change or enhance your finances than you were before. 

The Wisdom Home Front

No one knows better than moms of the past generation, how to save and take in a little extra income.
No one knows better than moms of the past generation, how to save and take in a little extra income.

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Financial Savings and Earnings Suggestions List

Suggestion #1. Write it all down. This is so simple, yet even though many of us have heard this over and over throughout the years and from many people including experts, so many of us do not write it all down. It is too time consuming. I have heard it myself many times and how much it helps. I obviously didn’t understand the concept. You should write everything down everything you spend money on, whether it be utility bills, mortgage/rent, credit card bills, gas, loans, groceries, clothes, toys, books, household supplies, small things, repairs, and anything else you can add. I thought this would be very hard and it was (at least at first). As I got the hang of it, it got easier. I carried a small notebook with me and copied down each transaction. Others make it easier by recording each transaction in their cell phone and placing it weekly into a computer program for budgeting. There are many places that you can find these programs, templates, calculators and they will be discussed in another article. Some are free of charge. Two sites I found to be helpful in this area were and They are free to use.

Suggestion #2. Save the old-fashioned way, by using a piggybank or money jar. Do you know or remember that back in past days, people saved in large, empty pickle jars. Also, I remember getting a piggybank for my birthday one year. I saved better as a child with no bills than I do now, of course. Oh, I know some would say that this is archaic, but I don’t know how many times I have found myself with a purse full of coins and digging down deep to search for tax I needed on an item so that I wouldn’t break a dollar. My purse weighed heavy as the coins piled up. They were mainly unused pennies. Go ahead and break that dollar. Keep it in your purse for a time, then empty it out at least once per week into your money jar, or piggybank. They should be emptied into a specific location so you will not have to search for them later. You can use a big jar or that bank that was given to you years ago, a tin box, some use a large sock, or even a special drawer that has a lock or a lock on the door that enters the room that contains the item or drawer. Buy some coin wrappers from a dollar store. You can even make it a project for the family. I found this to be a good suggestion. I was able to save for Christmas gifts and such using this very method. Bank it and forget about it. But, add to it weekly or monthly when cleaning out your pockets, purse, couches, collecting from money that came out in the wash, and on the floors of your car (smile).

Suggestion #3. Bring in extra income by having quarterly garage or yard sales, or selling at flea markets. Sometimes we build up extra junk, and instead of calling 1-800-junk to remove the junk pile, you can sell it and make a profit. Just make sure you check on your city’s guidelines and fees for having a yard sale or garage sale. Some places let you do it at no cost, and some have very nominal fees. Clothes may be outgrown or we could have gifts we didn’t use or want, and other items not being used. If you think you can make more than the set up fees for flea markets (which can be very low at churches that sponsor flea markets), which can run anywhere from $10-$50 depending on location and person, business, or church hosting the flea market, you should do it. It’s not only a great way to earn extra for the family household income stash, but it can free up some of your household space. Clean out the basement, garage, toy box, closets, and any other place that could use a good going through. This includes the shed, if you have one. This could be an all day venture, but well worth it if you can get paid for the privilege.

Suggestion #4. You could get a temporary or part-time job to add to your finances. Do yard work for someone for pay. Do some part-time or full-time work-at-home job. I know my sister was great at art, sewing, and making creative decorations for the home. She could have sold those items as a great home business, or on the internet. You could even write and earn from that to bring in a little outside revenue. There is no limit to what you can do. Just give it some thought. A good, “be careful”, statement for this Suggestion number would be to make sure that the stay-at-home job is not a scam. There are a lot of true stay-at-home jobs that don’t require you to pay anything to apply. Do your research. So many people prefer to try something that says you can make thousands in a little time doing a little work. All you need to do is to pay such and such amount. Please read the small print. I have learned that the hard way. If you can make so much doing it with little work involved, why would they want to sell the information? Why don’t they just continue making those big bucks and leave you out of the equation. Well, I think it is because they need you in order to continue making money. I do understand that it takes a lot of research, so some people may charge because they put so much effort into establishing the ground work for you. Researching it yourself can be very time consuming. This is why I think some sell the information. If that is the case, make sure there aren’t any recurring charges associated with your purchasing their information. Read the small print that may be located at the very bottom of their ad or site. Or, it could be located under the payment area in very small, light print that you could miss quite easily. One place I know that you could sign-up for free and start earning money, little by little, is HubPages. If you want to give it a try, sign up for free to join the hubbers on hubpages.

Suggestion #5. Get Insurance and plan for retirement. Please do your research and only get insurance that you need. You can also find good financial advice for retirement on some of the sites I list later. Check out retirement accounts, IRA’s, 401Ks, 403bs, annuities, stocks, bonds, and so much more.  Retirement is very important these days.  It appears that retiring with Social Security Benefits is getting harder and harder.  You have to be 72 to get full benefits in some cases, depending on your current age and work history.  It is getting to the place that if you do not plan for retirement by using other means, you have to work the rest of your life. 

Suggestion #6. Cook your meals and don’t eat out so much.  Why not sit home and read a good book while eating a delicious home-cooked meal.

Suggestion #7. Unplug lamps, televisions, DVD players, games, toasters, microwave, and other items that aren’t storing something, or that can be unplugged while you are away at work all day, or all night.

Suggestion #8. Make a list when going grocery shopping. This way you can avoid getting so many things you didn’t need, and you won’t miss something and have to go back.

Suggestion #9. Use energy saving appliances.

Suggestion #10. Use a filter for your faucet and save on store bought water.

Suggestion #11. Change shower heads to ones that conserve water.

Suggestion #12. Wash your own dishes.

Suggestion #13. Buy store named products and no-name brands that do the same job as the brand products.

Suggestion #14. Buy disposable goods or canned goods in bulk. Sam’s is a good place to get items in bulk.

Suggestion #15. Start your own business and learn how to take deductions for your business.

Last Suggestion: Take advantage of freebies and Rewards. If you are going to buy the items anyway, it is better to get a little extra to go with the purchase.

Families using just these suggestions can make the decision not to own the recession problems and increase savings and finances. Keep your family’s financial outlook bright. Keep it simple, but do it right. It is up to you. I also have a Christian outlook on families and other areas that enhance Christian living, family life, education, and bringing up our children.

If this hub was helpful, please let me know.


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chenderson00 profile image

chenderson00 6 years ago from South Carolina

sound advice. I'm really trying to utilize all of the above into my daily life to save money and increase my bank

workn2it profile image

workn2it 6 years ago from Missouri Author

Thank you so much for your comment. I am really glad my mom is still giving me sound advice! SMILE

nicegirl03 6 years ago

This is great advice. I have never thought about doing some of the things suggested but I definitely think I might do them moving forward.

workn2it 6 years ago

I am glad I could be of some help to somebody. Thank you for your comment.

onceuponatime66 profile image

onceuponatime66 5 years ago from USA IL

I love this hub. I use cash only. I do use that piggy bank way to save. I have a jar that all my change goes into and each month I cash it and put into savings and I don't touch it. This was how I was able to get Christmas stuff this year. Great advice. Keep writing. Love it.

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