There are many references into which I began this hub; but the only one that is haunting me is DISOBEDIENCE. Beginning as a child we are taught to obey our parents which in turn will teach us discipline for all aspects of our lives. I am distressed to say the least at the stupidity of an Detroit man's disregard for his own mother. This woman has been blessed to live 101 years and lived nearly 60 years in one home. Her son for whatever reasoning he may have has blatantly disregarded mortgage,tax bills and eviction notices for several years that he knew would eventually cause his poor mother to become homeless, plus he lied to her. Now he's telling the press and I quote: "I just was so sure it was not going to happen." Are you kidding me?! What rock has he been under?! In his own words and actions he has Disrespected, Disobeyed and Dishonored his mother. This is a case of stupidity and selfishness in 3D. It is our "job/responsibility" to care for our parents when they become elderly, even if we must do without!

I am outraged to say the least. What was he thinking? It's only through the kindness of an neighbor she has some other place to call home until this is all worked out. Her son Warren Hollis says he did not want to worry her. Well once all of his lies had been revealed, her and her belongings removed from the home, she was rushed to the hospital because of disorientation. Great job on not worrying her! This is not some 16 year old son, this man is in his 60's. You would think he knew better. I am sure it was something else he could have done other than disregard the situation and wish creditors away. Being elderly himself I am sure he has his own disabilities; but a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Especially when it's still functioning at a normal capacity. In some cases it is safe to say "Wisdom does not come with age." It makes you wonder about the blight of the homeless. So many could have been homeowners and through recklessness of mismanagement or trusting others they ended up on the streets. It's especially distressing when one has to depend on someone else and especially family to handle their affairs and they drop the ball. I am not going to make an ass out of myself by assuming why this incidence occured; but I will say this. It's imperative for anyone before they become disabled to entrust your financial affairs and their well being into the hands of competent trustworthy individuals. Individuals meaning one to watch the other one. Maybe he truly thought his mother would die without knowing, who knows. Only God can be the judge. If you are still blessed to have parents, please, I beg of you! Treat and care for them as they did you. Protect them from the wolves of this environment and know that a child that honors thy mother and father will truly be blessed. God Bless

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wannabwestern profile image

wannabwestern 5 years ago from The Land of Tractors

This sounds like a clear-cut case of elder abuse, but with a 60-year old son in the mix, one has to wonder if he is experiencing some kind of dementia or other mental disorder. Very sad. Hope the mom has found a new, loving, and permanent home where she can be safe.

SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

SweetMocha-Monroe 5 years ago Author

Yes dementia is an factor. This has been ongoing for several years so he was in his late 50's when he started throwing out his mother's bills. I hope he was suffering from dementia as opposed to him simply being dishonest when it came to his mother's financial affairs. This would give him a leg to stand on otherwise his misdeeds will label him as an poor excuse for a son. As of now an neighbor is letting her and her son live in a rental property belonging to the neighbor. Many have stepped up such city officials and a non profit organization to help try and save her home. We will pray their efforts will be successful. I would hate to see her live her last days in a strange place other than her home.

SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

SweetMocha-Monroe 5 years ago Author

Thank God she is allowed to go home and live out the rest of her life!

SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

SweetMocha-Monroe 5 years ago Author

UPDATE: HUD has found an loophole and is not letting this poor woman go home as promised. SO SAD :(

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