Taxes Don't Have To Be Taxing....But They Sure Are!

It started with the first check and receipt....but when does it end?  Gosh darn taxes.  You didn't like math in school, and now "they" give you this to decipher?!  I call it "the CPA's guaranteed lifetime income and retirement Act."
It started with the first check and receipt....but when does it end? Gosh darn taxes. You didn't like math in school, and now "they" give you this to decipher?! I call it "the CPA's guaranteed lifetime income and retirement Act." | Source

On your mark....

a"The average tax eturn should take only......" BUT that must be averaging in the returns that are not required! The last time I saw one of those "average" time investments was when I was four, and I had an attention span to match!

Now I'm in this seasonal Middle Class. That's all the folks between the folks who don't have to file, and the folks rich enough to have someone else figure out the mishmash of today's tax code!

What does one do when they aren't smart enough to cheat and are too dumb to be honest?

They ought to call this particular Middle Class the Muddle Class! Somehow every year I do my best (reluctantly, I must admit) to muddle through their "You can deduct....this" and "You can't deduct....that" until I look to see whether or not I could possibly afford to hire an interpreter who is fluent in governmentese, governmenttease, or governmentease. [The last of those would surely be the hardest to find!]

Get set.......

One year I hired a bookkeeper hoping I could make the deadline for filing. The bookkeeper not only missed the deadline, but didn't itemize anything. When I looked at what I supposedly owed, I took out a loan, figured out how to go on a "payment plan" and still had to do the taxes all over again myself....minus the expense and with double the frustration.

The bookkeeper said, "You wanted it done fast" (meeting the missed deadline) "so I just added up each category and now you have the figures."

That would have been far as it went. But when I was sure that items were missing, I had no way to know which expenses were already in each category and which were missed !

I'm still faced with amending those, and now it is "tax time" again!

It's time for another Emancipation Proclamation. It's time for another Great Emancipator, someone who can figure out how to take taxes from us equitably (so we each carry our share of the already burdensome load) and to take them throughout the year so that there need be no "looming deadline" and "rush to the inevitable judgement" of some faceless bureaucrat who files just a 1040EZ.

We get another reminder of the need to be truly free. It seems to come in June, or is it July now? It's when someone reminds us all that since January of each year we have been working until spring or summer to pay for the government's spending of our money, and the rest of the year we can work for ourselves!

Does that mean we are indentured as my original American ancestor was to pay for his "passage to America?"

Frankly, the America he came to was very different from what America has become. Perhaps that is because he was prepared to provide and care for himself while rejecting the rule of kings like the later King George.

Today's Americans seem ready, even anxious, for Uncle Sam to provide and care for them.

Kinelm Winslow, my ancestor, wouldn't recognize today's system, and given a choice he might have decided to land somewhere else, though he made a wonderful choice at the time.

He worked off his indenture so he could become "his own master."

Given the size of my share of the National Debt and how it grows each year, year after year, I can already see that I cannot become "my own master." What does that say when we try to define what it means today to be "a free American"?

Oh, I will finish and file the yearly tax return, and I'll also finish amending the botched bookkeeping I paid for. Soon enough (I hope) I will have reduced and paid off the current payment plan.

Doing so will bring some relief, until someone reminds me in a few months that I'm still indentured to a demanding Uncle Sam and a bureaucratic department whose apparent motto regards my hard won earnings with these two sets of letters combined: THE IRS.



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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago

First of all, there should be a flat tax. Second of all, I would love to designate where I want my money spent. It wouldn't be giving Russia weapons, that is for sure!

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

breakfastpop - (Surely you don't drink a Pepsi at breakfast!?) Maybe we could outbid the lobbyists, if we could designate all our taxes to go to the politicians! They do anway, so why not. Great idea (a designated distribution of a flat tax.) Seriously though, aren't we all indentured at this point in American history? I wrote about George Washington's warning about this happening. Too soon old, and too late smart!

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