Make Money Online with Telfund International

What is Telfund International?

Telfund International, or TFI for short, is a revolutionary international phone service. Through the use of a large number of proprietary technologies, Telfund International is capable of offering international phone calls, texts, and money transfers at rates that are up to 600% cheaper than normal service providers!

Customers call +1 818-232-0075 to begin setup of their service. After providing the necessary information for their enrollment, they hang up and await a text message from the TFI network. Customers then call this number back and finish setting up their account, hang up once more and when TFI calls them back, they will be able to place their international call. It seems like a hassle in the beginning, but after the initial account set up, a shortcut number is provided and the highly discounted rates will be at the fingertips of all members with that simple call!

More information about Telfund in this video!

How Can I Make Money with Telfund International?

The referrals for Telfund international are varied but amount to a total of up to 65% of revenue received being paid out INSTANTLY! Becoming a Distributor at the highest level, which is FREE for a month, and then only $100 affords you:

1. 10% first level referral commissions

2. 5% second level referrals commissions- everyone that your direct downline refers into the program gets you 5% of the revenue from texting, calling, transfering money or paying their membership.

3. 10% referral commissions on level 3.

4. 5% referral commissions on levels 4-7 of your organization.

5. 2% referrals for the rest of your entire organization after level 7- you can earn unlimited 2% revenues!!!!

6. There are a slew of other bonuses as well, such as the "3 like me and mine is free" which rewards you with a free membership for acquiring just 3 more referrals who all sign up for the same membership type as you in a month.

7. Up to $100,000 in organization expansion bonuses- the larger your organization gets, the more money you can get. It starts at only $100 for a certain amount of people in your organization, but you can eventually get a one time payment of $100K!!!

The best part about all this is that all referral commissions etc. are billed to your account INSTANTLY! The moment a customer you refer to Telfund International finishes with a call or texts, you get paid the commission that text being sent or that call.

How Can I Promote Telfund International?

The first month for all memberships are completely FREE! To earn the maximum commissions explained above, you'll need to upgrade to Distributor for $100 a month, but it becomes well worth it after only 3 referrals! There are also variations of the customer plan- basic is only $10 a month and you still receive 10% commissions from your referrals.

You really have nothing to lose. If it's not working for you before the month is over, then you can move along, but DO NOT miss out on this huge opportunity to make money online with Telfund International!

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