The Longest Yard Sale in the World! The 127 Sale

The world's longest yard sale was started in 1987 and originated in Fentress County, Tennesseee. It follows the US Highway 127 route for nearly 700 miles and stretches through 6 states!

People from as far away as California and Canada come to buy and sell items during this four day event.


This giant yard sale, dubbed the "World's Longest Yard Sale", takes place in August of every year. It starts on a Thursday and ends on Sunday.


The route of the sale follows US Hwy. 127 from Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan. It even stretches along the scenic route of Lookout Mountain in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee!

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During this 4-day yard sale event, sellers line up on this route in front of businesses, empty fields, and private front yards. Sellers can easily find a spot to rent as cheaply as $5 or $10 a day.

People who travel this route looking for bargains usually only travel 20-30 miles a day during the event because there are so many vendors.

If you do go, make sure you plan your route ahead of time. Some people even book motel rooms along the route in a different town every night. And make sure you wear summer clothing and drink plenty of fluids, August is the hottest month after all.

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