The 4 Best Passive Income Opportunities Online

Working the 9-5 grind for a measly paycheck is no one's idea of fun. Luckily, there is a way to get beyond this 'normal' economic arrangement and become your own boss. It's all due to the power of the Internet. The world wide web lets anyone do something extraordinary - reach millions of people with the push of a button. This gives even the person with little power a great amount of leverage to put those eyeballs to good use - in other words, to make money.

And with the way the Internet operates, you don't even need to consistently work on your online business once it is set up. This is called passive income - money that you make, continually, without having to put in more effort. If you are looking for the best passive income opportunities, here are four of them, with some information about how to get started in these fields.

Opportunity #1 - Internet marketing.

Marketing has made a roaring transition to the Internet, and anyone with meager computer and marketing skills can have a go at it. One very popular form of internet marketing is affiliate marketing - this is where you sell other people's products and get a commission for doing so. There are many systems out there that can teach you how to begin your own internet career; here is one good example of this.


Opportunity #2 - Online writing.

If you want a passive income opportunity that won't require much upkeep or initial investment, online writing is the way to go. There are many sites (like HubPages, the site you're reading this content on) that let anyone write their own content. Writers then receive compensation, either in the form of up front payments, or more commonly in the form of a share of advertising revenue. Once your content has been published, it will continue to accrue page views and make money for the foreseeable future - even if you totally forget about it!

Opportunity #3 - Make your own website.

You can take the first two opportunities a step further by making your own website. Instead of putting content on writing sites or marketing for other peoples' sites and products, you can create your own site with unique content about anything that interests you. You can then monetize this content through advertising, affiliate programs, or your own digital products and services.

Opportunity #4 - Sell your own e-books.

This is related to the above three, and it's perhaps the holy grail of passive income. Create your own e-books on whatever topic you know something about. Find affiliates to market your book while you market yourself. You'll then have a product which will continually make you money, day in, day out, without any further upkeep. The more e-books you add to your 'portfolio,' the bigger your passive income empire will grow.

There are, of course, more than just these four opportunities, but these are among the most popular and potentially lucrative. You'll have to work for them, though - so go ahead, get a system or an idea, and put it into action. Pretty soon the streams of cash will be flowing into your bank account!

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Johnjfernando 5 years ago

Where can I find an online site to sell ebooks and create a porfolio?

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WillGrander 5 years ago from New York Author

Hi John - Try

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