The Best Way To Purchase Mexican Car Insurance

How To Get The Best Coverage

Hello! If you live in one of the great states that borders our neighbors to the south (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas) then chances are you have taken a trip or two across the border in your lifetime. I myself live in Arizona and have a bunch of family that still resides in Mexico so my family and I consistently find ourselves taking vacations on the other side of the border several times a year. Finding cheap flights for five people several times a year becomes costly and time consuming, so we often opt to drive our car across the border; for me the ride is only a few hours.

Since we drive so much to visit our family and friends in Mexico, I definitely found it worthwhile to purchase mexican car insurance online. Traditional american insurance does not provide you coverage once you cross the border, so one day I decided to compare mexican car insurance rates online and made the jump to purchasing for each one of our trips.

Don’t get me wrong, buying mexican car insurance is not a walk in the park and if you’re not careful, you will either end up paying too much or not get the coverage you need. For example, some insurance companies south of the border will require you to get your car repaired in Mexico in the event of an accident, even if the vehicle is in good enough condition to be driven back up north across the border. I personally don’t have anything against the repair shops in my home country, but I sleep better at night knowing that my policy allows me to get my vehicle repaired anywhere in the US (and even Canada).

Another thing to look out for when considering a mexican car insurance policy is what type of transportation they will provide in the event you are involved in an accident renders your vehicle un-drivable. Will your company tow your vehicle back across the border and if it’s too far to tow, what will you do? The company I purchased my policy from pay for up to 4 plane tickets on a flight back to my home city in the US if the aforementioned event were to strike my family.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when comparing different mexican car insurance quotes and policies for your vehicle coverage while you are in Mexico. Other perks to keep in mind include: roadside assistance (should be 24/7), medical evacuation (remember they found patient 0 of the H1N1 virus in Mexico), and vandalism and theft coverage. Feel free to Arizona’s Auto Insurance to compare the best mexican car insurance rates I have found on the net. They don't ask for too much personal information so don't sweat it!

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