The Future of Prepaid


Prepaid Mobile was started in Australia following a request by the Govt to offer a no contract affordable mobile phone offer that everyone could access.

It is now one of the biggest telecommunication services in Australia and all over the world for that matter (prepaid mobile plans were not started in Australia).

So what does the future have in stall regarding prepaid. This is a very interesting topic and if you follow the product trends here in Australia the only real answer to that question is that data and low call rates are winning over the pundits at the moment. The demand for data is has grown so much over the past 2 years that many plan providers simply can't keep up.

As smart phones make their way into every home in Australia, the demand will only get bigger and bigger.However the question then is whether prepaid is the right answer for you once data and calls become rather frequent.

Prepaid isn't simply about cheap calls. Everyone knows that contract plans give you a lot more value than a prepaid plan will. The difference lies in not having a contract and not having to undergo any credit check. In uncertain economic times like these, prepaid is really helping people out.

Back to the future. Data and more data is what I believe we will see. Also I can see mobile phone carriers creating their own app libraries or at the very least managing the access of these apps as well as the upgrading of operating systems.

From an account point of view I can see bundling starting to happen. One common sim card that can be used across both your phone, usb stick, wifi modem and iPad. The one sim would be tied to one account with a data and phone call/text allowance.

You could even add others to this account although, I am quite certain that this is already available.

From an account perspective I can also see your prepaid account being linked to other services, or at the very least being able to use this credit for other services eg accessing movies over the web, buying apps and music etc, services that these phone providers will gradually offer via 3rd party relationships or directly.

The future of prepaid is only bright but for the many prepaid mobile plan provides out there today it is still about critical mass. You numbers to make the products profitable and it takes lots of investment to access and then keep those customers.

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