The Secret Of Writing To Make Money On The Internet

The Secret Of Writing To Make Money On The Internet

If you are planning to earn money online selling anything, the way you write can make the difference between you became rich or do not earn a penny.

The product can be excellent, the design of your website professional, payment system perfect, customer service very attentive, but nothing will work if the writing of your website is not selling.

Your site should be divided into two key areas: content and sales page.

The content is where you disclose your knowledge and experience to your users and creates credibility depending on the quality of what is presented. Can be considered the area of pre-sale where the Internet user knows or "tasting" a little of your product.

The page or sales area of the website is where you actually close the application. On the sales and the positive benefits of the product are highlighted and influences the decision to purchase of the User.

A sales page of success consists of parts that must be very well written for profit:


The title is the main section of the sales area and has a very specific goal: to capture the reader's attention. If you can not capture the attention, you lose the User instantly.

The title should just get in the head of the User, generate curiosity, surprise or make him think. Whenever possible include the main benefit of your product.

An example of title for a job site can be:

"I was very scared. The Last Friday my head I almost sent him away"

This title creates curiosity and makes the person who is reading wonder the rest of the story.

Captions and Labels (Bullet Points)

Not everyone will read completely your sales page. In fact a minority will. It is therefore very important that your page has captions that tell the story itself. For those in a hurry just read the subtitles will help them make a decision.

The markers are fundamental, for highlighting the main points of your products and facilitate the reading of the page. Include markers in the main benefits because they are the main message of your page.


Pictures are worth many words, but should not be used excessively in a page. Use images and designs that create a unique image for your site and help sell the product. For example, a picture of you taken naturally gives much more credibility than one taken by a professional, and much lower price.


We read much slower on the computer screen than in the pages of a book. Therefore the text of a web page should be much shorter.

Paragraphs should have fewer phrases and go straight. The tone of the text should be more personal and direct. Also whenever possible to highlight the benefits.

The difference between a product feature and benefit, the benefit is that talks about what the customer will get after buying the product. For example, it is much better to say that a wrinkle cream will rejuvenate a person 10 years to talk about a new chemical component.

Use these rules on your website, especially where you are selling the product and your online income will multiply and help in achieving your dreams.

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