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We all can use some extra cash these days or any days. We scour the internet in search of a way to make some big money. The reality is that you are not going to find a sit at home job making thousands of dollars per month and quit your day job. Those ads really kill me that read stay at home mom makes $5000 dollars per month selling cook books (or something to the effect). She will show you how for today’s price of $39.99 with full money back guarantee. Sure she is making $5000 per month because she is charging you $39.99 and then shows her check on the web.

Well I can say I have not wasted a lot of money of the web. If it is too good to be true then it’s probably going to make someone a lot of money. Throughout my journey I have tested two programs that I have actually made money from and still make some. The truth about the programs I found is that you probably will not make thousands of dollars per month maybe not even hundreds, but I can say with Cashcrate I am able to make $20 dollars every other month with no effort. When I get bored I complete the free offers, and they pay a certain amount per each offer completion. The pay is typically .40 cents to 1.00 with no limit on how many you complete. It cost me nothing to join. I know $20 dollars is not a lot of money, but helps out with lunch. With this program you have to make $20 dollars before it pays out. Cashcrate pays you via check in the mail. A bonus to Cashcrate is that you only have to be 13 years of age to join. This is a great deal if you have teenagers. The truth is this program is legit and actually pays. Also you can win points if like playing games to use towards gifts cards from Amazon, Starbucks, etc.

The other program I tested out was Inboxdollars. This site is very similar to Cashcrate in that it offers to pay you for completing free offers. I only complete the free offers. With inboxdollars you have to make $30 dollars before they pay out. Initially I was really aggressive with completing surveys and free offers and made around 31 dollars per month, but I have since slipped to 30 dollars every other month. Inboxdolllars pays you via PayPal or check in the mail. So in all I make about $50 dollars every other month using both of these programs. I put in subpar effort most of the time. I really enjoy these two sites because you can make some extra cash. The age limit for inboxdollars is 18 years of age.

Overall, both these sites that I tested are legit. They do pay you for completing offers. If you have time and patience I think you could generate some good cash. True Story: I referred my nephew whom just turned 18 years of age to cashcrate and inboxdollar and he averages $66 per month, although he pretty much lives on the computer. My point is the potential is there to generate some money. If you decide to sign up for either of the two programs and would like to give me the referral credit please let me know and can send you link. Thanks

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