The secrets to getting rich part 1

There is a secret to getting rich, and I am very interested in this topic and the psychology acquring immense wealth and gaining financial freedom. One of those secrets is developing the right mindset to gain those riches. One must have think rich before they can grow rich, you have to develop the thinking of a rich person, once you are rich in your thoughts you should automatically pick up the behaviour and the habits to achieve whatever is necessary to gain the financial freedom you seek.

Use positive thinking techniques, Norman Vincent Peale says it in his famous book The power of positive thinking, "Whatever your mind can conceive your body can achieve" always think that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to and it will always be possible, provided you put the work in. A self made millionaire or even billionaire did not get that way by thinking about and waiting for the money to miraculously fall into his or her lap, they thought about it proceeded to take the necessary to steps to gain that wealth. So the formula is, think it, do it, achieve it. Many people complain they are not financially free, and dream about having more money but if you don't take those steps then that is what it will always be a dream and nothing more.

Visualise yourself in the place you want to be, sit down every day and visualise it, see it like it is really happening, play it out in your mind like a movie, write down your goals and aspirations, and say them to yourself every day. Put them on a large piece of paper and stick to your wall, to your mirror anywhere you can see it and repeat it over and over again, get yourself busy getting rich, and no one can stop you.

Look out for the next part of the secret to getting rich. Happy money making

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