Where to find loose change in the house


(Stupid moment: This hub is written in answer to a request asking "Where's the best place to find change in the house?" And I was initally trying to think of what changes in a house that could be written about in a hub...sigh.)


I am the kind of person who likes to keep the change she finds on the ground... even the pennies (especially the ones right-side up, or heads-side up, for good luck). This means I have change all over the place.

Usually I like to throw that change in my purse. There's probably enough coins to cover the bottom of it.

I was moving furniture to move back to my apartment today and discovered I had left some change from my pockets on top of some of that furniture (and around it as well). I was too lazy to put it in my wallet or my money-cup.

My money-cup is like a piggy bank, except easier to access (as it has no top to hinder me). There was plenty of change in the cup and around it, including the floor.

The floor in my room, for some reason, has random pennies and dimes all over it. Go figure.

My mom keeps change on the windowsill in the kitchen, which falls to the counter. There is also change on her bathroom counter. That's just where she puts it. Similarly my brother keeps his money dish on the bathroom counter, like you remember to take the change out of your pockets before you take a shower or something. Hm.

Of course there's change in the washing machine and dryer. That's without question. But I'm too lazy to look and retrieve.

There's so much change in my car! It's all from drive-thrus and it goes right to parking meters.

Besides these locations, my change is in my wallet. Sometimes I roll up my loose change and keep it in a safe location for when I deposit money in the bank. Basically my family keeps change in places we are around every day but still somehow are neglected. Interesting.

Maybe you just have some stash with change up the hizzo. If so then yay for you! :)

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barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 9 years ago from Queensland Australia

under the sofa cushions definitely & in trouser pockets that were last worn to a night club or wedding...

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia

I've found the microwave, has been a hit for me. Those in the house who empty their pockets there, tend to forget the change the next day. I let it sit a few days, even a week, then grab it. ;-)

Iratxe 8 years ago

Go and look on your kids wallets, pigy banks and even in their toy chests!!!

Kids love to "find" coins all over the house or car and definetely they will take them as their own.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks everyone! It's true what a jackpot it can be for kids to find change... finding a quarter was the best thing ever!

=) 6 years ago

these are all poop because they all don't work. get a life and better advice

katie 6 years ago

in the washing machine or dryer or on them!

shawty 6 years ago

I found a lot in drawers in my office

lemonjellycookie 6 years ago

definitley under sofa cushions or under chairs in the car, ontop of dressers, and in the garage ( basement, home gym, or whatever workplace you have. i have also found change under the coffetable and by the tv a few times! hope i helped XP

bananasillyputty 6 years ago

hi mom

Ryan 6 years ago

Thx tht helped slot :) :) :)

Allison 5 years ago

under your mattress or in the car,

Mystery 5 years ago


JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

People thought I was crazy for volunteering to do my son and his wife's laundry before they got their own washer. Well, I learned rather quickly they never checked their pockets before dropping off a load, and (this will probably dent my karma) I never returned the change that fell out *every* time...OR the change in the cushions of whatever my son had sat on while visiting. ;D

cupcakes 5 years ago

Thx that helped a lot I also found some under my sons bed at lest 13 dollars in dimes buckles and one loonie

eloise 5 years ago

these tips sort of helped thanks- kind if :) :(

narutosnake449 5 years ago

I like cookies!!!

Jakethequicksnake777 5 years ago

I have found change everywhere but the best way I found change was under appliances. I have found about $40 in penny's and nickels under there.

5 years ago

ok advice

maddy 5 years ago


calebsadumiano 4 years ago

look under the sofa, your car, parents or sibllings pockets, shake them first, under the tv, and or under the washer and dryer

swaggtag 4 years ago

I found some in my parents car :^) ¢:

joym7 profile image

joym7 3 years ago from United States

Piggy bank is the best place to find loose change.

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