Things to Consider When Buying Wrestling Shoes

Andy Warhol wore this wrestling shoe. As far as you know.
Andy Warhol wore this wrestling shoe. As far as you know.

Consideration 1: Do you wrestle?

Sure, there's no legal restriction on buying wrestling shoes. You can't walk into a pharmacy and grab a handful of Sudafed without undergoing a proctological exam, but the government has yet to involve itself in the purchase of athletic footwear. As of this writing, exchanging money for wrestling shoes is not regulated.

However, if you're not currently a wrestler or planning to join a team in the near future, spending time and money on the footwear may be not exactly genius. Think twice before you head off to Dick's Sporting Goods or Dan Gable's World of Wrestling with fistfuls of hard-earned cash.

Consideration 2: Do you have ankles?

A wrestling shoe is a 'high-top'. Unlike Crocs or ballet slippers, they reach up into the nether regions of the ankle connected to the foot upon which they are slid. If you don't have any ankles, you may be hard-pressed to achieve an effective fit.

We strongly recommend taking a good long look at the area between your foot and your calf to ensure the presence of a useful section of ankle. If your muscular calf blends straight into your foot, walk away from the wrestling shoe store and buy a fishing pole.

Consideration #3: Can you tie shoe laces?

It's not well known outside the wrestling community that many aspiring grapplers (another word for wrestlers) lost out on otherwise aspiring careers in the sport. An innate inability to lace up and securely tie up their shoelaces held them back.

Left with wildly flopping laces and shoes about to fly free onto the wrestling mat, these unfortunate athletes were left with no alternative other than to take up synchronized diving or some other sport that lets you go barefoot. No self-respecting referee permits untied laces or velcro closures during a championship wrestling match.

Consideration 4: Can you handle the fame?

Wrestling shoes go hand-in-hand with throngs of adoring groupies and hangers-on. Any dream of incognito trips to the mall for frozen yogurt should be put out of your mind completely. if you think your feet look cool in Crocs, get ready for an entirely new experience. Strap on those shoes for a wild ride into the upper stratosphere of celebrity.

The right pair of wrestling shoes will get you into the most exclusive clubs. Waiters will hold the best tables at the hippest restaurants. No one will be able to resist your cachet and savoir-faire.

Consideration 5: Can you afford them?

They cost less than a cheap pair of Tom's, but they still aren't cheap. Utility achieved from a quality pair of wrestling shoes rivals any other type of athletic footwear, but don't max out your credit card just so you look cool walking into the 7-11.

If you don't plan to wrestle competitively, stick with the Tom's and the Crocs and the Converse.

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Comments 9 comments

drbj profile image

drbj 3 years ago from south Florida

I plan to order my wrestling shoes pronto, nicomp, since as you say they may become federally regulated any moment now. I'm not good with shoelaces - are they available with velcro? Just wonderin'.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Absolutely no Velcro. Expect an especially aggressive cross-face if you enter a match with Velcro closures on your wrestling shoes.

mpropp profile image

mpropp 3 years ago from Minnesota

This had me laughing out loud....I might not be a wrestler myself, but I have to sons that have been wrestling for many years. And we prefer no shoelaces! They make you tape them up, if they are too long or flopping around. It makes you look pretty uncool to have to take a break between wrestling periods to have your mom help you tie your shoes. Also, in regards to #4 Handling the Fame, all wrestlers know that their shoes are NEVER to be worn out on the street! They are strictly for the mat...stylish as they are.... :)

Desmith3 profile image

Desmith3 3 years ago from Tallapoosa, GA.

I voted Dan Gable. Thanks for the laughs.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Wow, thanks to both of you for your kind words.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

published 1.5 days ago and already saddled with a NOINDEX tag. Sigh.

Desmith3 profile image

Desmith3 3 years ago from Tallapoosa, GA.

Wrestling shoes are just too darn controversial. Have you written, or considered writing, novels? Your sense of humor reminds me of Terry Pratchett's wonderful Discworld series. To heck with the Hubworld.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Desmith3 : Thank you for your kind words. I will look at Terry Pratchett and see if he is ripping me off. ;)

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

NOINDEX tag is gone today. We shall see...

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