Where is the best place to retire? Texas....of course......

Life is full of first steps....first day of school, first date.....first kiss......first day on the job and the first day of retirement. You have worked for 30, 40 years and now there is no Monday morning; no TGIF....there is only a day and another day.....so where do you go? What do you do?

First and foremost you must define what it is you like to do. What hobbies will you pursue? How will you use your time?

Once you have defined your interests, the next big decision is where do you want to live? How will your hobbies figure into the overall picture?

I like Texas for a multitude of reasons but let me list those reasons:

1. No state income tax....that's right....there is no state income tax in Texas. On April 15th you will only fill out a federal return since Texas doesn't ask a penny from you. I have lived in states where the state income tax levy is astounding, not to mention county, city, and a host of other taxes chipping away at your livelihood.

2. No tax on food, pharmacy and over-the-counter drugs. Every retiree who has to take a prescription for a chronic condition knows how much money a prescription can cost but wait...it gets worse when you add tax upon an already outrageous pharm bill. Texas has done away with those outrageous taxes and you pay only for the cost of your medication. Food too! At the end of the checkout, your food items aren't taxed. You pay for only the cost of your food. Hey....those tax bites add up.

3. The weather....Sunshine and sandy beaches line south Texas. Hate shoveling snow every winter? Check out the weather and the doppler radar for south and east Texas. There's pretty nice weather year round in those areas. North Texas is a little colder....they get a few snows a year for those who like some snow, some seasonal weather. But all in all, Texas is blessed with decent weather just about everywhere.

4. A reasonable cost of living.....in Texas you get more bang for your buck when it comes to housing, $150,000.00 will buy a decent home in a decent neighborhood in most cities across Texas. Check out a few small cities such as Lufkin, Lubbock, or Corpus Christie for less hassle when it comes to the traffic. There are plenty of mid-sized towns with loads of amenities such as a lake or neighborhood swimming pools, ocean and seaside property. Lake Livingston in deep east Texas is loaded with lovely neighborhoods and lots of lake property.

5. There's plenty of land still available. Texas is the second largest state in the continental USA. The largest if you melt Alaska.....Our land is thawed and fertile.

6. Roads and Highways.....I will say one thing about Texas....it sure knows how to maintain the highways and city streets. There's plenty of roadwork to prove it. Because of its tremendous growth rate, Texas is forced to upgrade their highways on a continuous basis.

Whether you like fishing, boating, hunting, water sports, shopping, dining out, antiquing, gardening or many other wonderful hobbies, check Texas out as a place to settle in those golden years where the weather is good, the people are friendly, the topography varied, and the cost of living is reasonable. Check out a Texas travel guide and get acquainted with the many opportunities available throughout this great state.

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huttriver0 profile image

huttriver0 20 months ago from lower hutt

Nice place Texas, Jane.

Jane Err profile image

Jane Err 20 months ago from Texas Author


Hello Hutt! I am glad to see you here. Texas has many advantages....no state income tax is one and no sales tax on food and pharmaceuticals is another. The weather is pretty good too. I have to say that as nice as Texas is.....New Zealand has us beat where the scenery is concerned.

huttriver0 profile image

huttriver0 20 months ago from lower hutt

Yes, pretty good still, despite the politics here. Winter has begun here, probably get worse in coming weeks. We had droughts in the summer.

Jane Err profile image

Jane Err 20 months ago from Texas Author

We went from winter to summer in 1 day. It's hot and humid and I am already waiting for fall.....hopefully, the summer will pass quickly and winter will be back. My ancestors came from Scandinavia and the British Isles so.....no hot weather for me. Enjoy your winter!

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