Tucson Car Insurance: How To Choose The Right Policy For You

Choosing The Right Deductible

Auto insurance these days costs a pretty penny, and since the government made it illegal for citizens to drive around without a policy several years back Americans are forced to suffer through a monthly withdrawal from their bank accounts. The good news is that not all auto insurance companies are built the same, and there are actually enough players in the industry to drive rates down to reasonable levels assuming you have at least a decent driving record. I live in Arizona and therefore I carry Tucson car insurance that I purchased online a few years ago. This article is intended to teach you how to get a better premium on your auto insurance and if you need to quickly see what offers are out there, you can compare Tucson car insurance rates for free. As for the rest of us, please continue reading…

The first step to paying less for your automobile insurance is to understand your policy. Take some time to read through all the documents your insurer provides to understand your coverage. Check your upper liability limits; see if you have comprehensive collision coverage, and also if you have uninsured motorist coverage. Does your company/policy have roadside assistance (most Tucson car insurance providers do)? If so, what is the maximum towing distance allotted and is there a deductible for that service? Since we are talking about deductibles, it is a good idea to check the deductibles for everything on your insurance policy. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the deductible, the lower you monthly payment will be. Since you can choose your deductible, let’s break down how to pick the right rate for you

My Tucson car insurance policy has a high deductible and there is a specific reason why I chose to have it that way. A high deductible means my monthly premium will be relatively low. This sounds like a great deal to most people and it is, as long as you do not make very many claims on your policy. I am a defensive driver (which means I am always on the lookout for drivers that make mistakes), live in a relatively safe neighborhood, and have a short commute to work everyday. Given those conditions, there is a very low probability that something bad will happen to my car that I will have to claim on my car insurance. In fact, in the past 6 years that I have carried automobile coverage I have never had to make a claim on my Tucson Car Insurance. If your profile is similar to mine, then you are more likely than not an awesome candidate for carrying a low cost policy with a high deductible.

On the flipside, carrying the same type of coverage that I have could be a disaster if you are an unsafe driver or if bad things just seem to happen to you often. Although my Tucson Car Insurance policy is great for me, it would be horrible for someone that is involved in an accident once a year or even once every other year. For example, if I ever were involved in an accident, I would have to pay $750 before my insurance would kick in. Let’s say you were involved in two accidents this year – that would add up to $1500 before your company takes over the payments. That is an extremely high amount and for many people that’s more than the cost of insuring the car for a year. If you are someone that seems to be accident prone (I pray on my lucky stars this isn’t you) then you might want to consider a policy with a lower deductible, but a higher monthly premium. That way, when an accident does occur, you’re not stiffed with a fat required payment that you did not account for in your monthly expenses. By carrying a policy with a higher monthly premium, the cost of maintaining your car is spread more evenly over the year as opposed to a big unexpected cost upfront. Although I don’t have this type of coverage with my Tucson car insurance policy, if you get into at least one accident every other year I would suggest you look into getting coverage like this.

Don’t take my aforementioned statements as two sides of a coin. There is definitely a spectrum of profiles with high deductible at one end, and low deductible at the other. Take half an hour to assess your own profile, and you can make a better educated decision as to what type of policy you would like to carry. If you live in Arizona, you can compare Tucson car insurance rates for free from over 10 of the nation’s top carriers, absolutely free! Happy insurance shopping and thanks for reading!

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