Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Auto Liability Insurance

Americans these days are looking for the best deals around, and if you’re shopping for auto liability insurance, you can bet that with enough patience you’ll be able to find a great deal among the thousands and thousands of quotes out there. First of all, understand that auto liability insurance is the most basic insurance you can get, and will only cover you in the event you are involved in an accident in which you are at fault. The legal minimums for this type of coverage vary by state, but are typically somewhere along the lines of 15/30/5. This breaks down as follows:

  • $15,000 for injury or death to one person
  • $30,000 total for all injuries or deaths to all involved in the accident
  • $5,000 for damage to property

Keep in mind that these are the legal minimum requirements and do no necessarily reflect the type of coverage that people usually carry. Personally, I think you should always carry more than what the legal requirement is simple because most accidents cost more than what the minimum requirements cover. Think about it, if you hit someone on the freeway and their car is totaled, what are the odds that the cost to replace that car is less than $5,000? Unless they’re driving around a beat up Honda Civic from the nineties, I’d say you’ll probably have to shell out a few extra bucks on top of what your insurance covers if you only carry the minimum auto liability insurance policy. If you’re in Texas, you can compare auto liability insurance quotes at auto insurance quotes austin for free.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are two additional types of insurance coverages that you might want to consider in addition to auto liability insurance. Comprehensive coverage covers you in non-accident related events and for certain events in which you cannot find the person at fault. An example of this is if your car is parked in a dark alley somewhere and when you return you find all your windows are broken. Without comprehensive insurance, you would have to pay for the replacement cost out of pocket but with comprehensive insurance you simply pay a deductible and your insurance covers the rest. I’m sure you can see the value in carrying this type of coverage if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to take on much risk.

The last type of insurance coverage you want to consider is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This type of insurance covers you for when the person at fault is underinsured or doesn’t have any insurance to pay you for the damages. Instead of having to go to court and sue that person, your insurance company would pay you instead in lieu of that person.

Auto liability insurance and the different types of insurance coverages can be tricky, but if you do your homework and are vigilant about getting the best deals you will succeed. If you would like to compare different auto insurance quotes austin, click here to get auto liability insurance quotes for free. Enjoy and safe driving!

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