Union Bank Panampilly nagar a real government office

Customer Service -- Union bank Of india Panampilly Nagar

Today morning I went to Union bank of India, Panampilly Nagar branch.  I was little hurry as my cheque was supposed to be come in the morning. I reached bank at 9.45 AM. Al most all staff were present  in the Bank. But the interesting fact is that , two ladies staff were talking about price of Gold.. checking news paper and saying  there is discount at Alapattu Heritage and so on. They are even not ready to come to their seat. At least they could have switch on their computer and talk.

There were customers waiting  there. What can we do.. it is government office. If we talk something their face will become more Dark.. Let's wait.. what else.. if my check is bounced I can give bouncing charge also.

I think one of the reason is that most of the staff in the bank are aged. And they feel that it is because of the the earth is revolving . Hmm...  Let new youngsters come bank as staff and let them show these existing team how to work and  what is the meaning of customer service.

My cell memory was out of memory , otherwise I could have record the funny scenes in the bank.

Anyway I deposited the money.. let see cheque will be bounced or not..

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