Buxx Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Visa Buxx Prepaid Card for Teens

Visa Buxx is a prepaid Visa Card for Teens. What Visa Buxx is about is Safety and Security, Convenience and Financial Education is what they promote.

How Visa Buxx Works

This is how Visa Buxx works, your parents put the money on the card just like they have budgeted for things like books, gas, vacations, clothes or emergencies. They load the Visa Buxx Card with money form their credit card, check card or from their savings and banks checking account. They can even setup regular automatic transfers for a given allowance. Visa Buxx even accepts direct deposit form parents and teens employers.

Once the teens have the money they can use the card at the mall, over the phone, and even online. Since its a Visa debit card it can also be used worldwide. Even though it sounds like a credit card it is not! Once a purchase is made it is deducted immediately from the card. If the Balance is too low then the sale will not go through. That means its time to reload again. The Buxx Card is like cash, but much smarter and much safer and it makes a perfect learning tool for teaching teens about budgeting and being financially responsible.

Why Visa Buxx is Cool

Visa Buxx Prepaid Card is cool for teens because they have freedom to get what they need, when they need it … online, at stores, mail order or emergencies … even worldwide! Teens have the independence to make their own responsible purchases without having to borrow money, a credit card or carry lots of cash. Teens have responsibility to manage a personal budget and save some money. The card is easily re-loadable by phone, at any US Bank branch or online by parents when the budget is low or at done at regular scheduled times. These make great gifts from parent-authorized family members and friends who can add cash gifts to the Visa Buxx Card. The extra savings they can get from deals online and at offline stores. Direct deposit from parents or teens pay onto the card.

Why Visa Buxx is Responsible for teens

Visa Buxx introduces teens to budgeting because their parents get to decide how much they get on the card and the parents set the spending limits. Visa Buxx encourages financial accountability with the use of online tracking of  purchase, so the parents and teens can discuss how to spend and budget the responsible way. This helps teens become more "cents-ible" with saving and  budgeting the information is included with the card and on the Web Site. The Visa Buxx card is secure because only the teen can use the card and the online account information is password protected. This is much safer than case because if the card gets lost or stolen you are protected with Visa's Zero Liability policy. If you do not want to order online Visa Buxx is now available at all U.S. Bank Branches. So you can just go to a local branch and get one set

Visa Buxx Debit Card for Teens

Save Money for teens with VISA Buxx
Save Money for teens with VISA Buxx | Source

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