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Is there such a thing as prepaid money? A Visa or MasterCard prepaid debit card is such a thing and has proven over the years to be a great gift idea for birthdays and many other occasions.

Visa Debit Cards & Master Debit Cards

Buying gifts for loved ones is never easy. You can spend hours on the internet looking at websites comparing prices. You can spend days at your local shopping centre browsing stores and their wares. Either way you are always left with the issue of whether you have picked the right gift for them. No one likes to waste money. Think about how much is actually wasted on gifts that are never used and simply shelved or thrown out.

Whilst the internet has made researching products and services easier for us, finding the right gift can still be somewhat of a lottery at times.

Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers are a great choice if you get stuck on what exactly to buy from a particular store. Let's say you like the GANT brand but don't know which item from the store to purchase as a gift. Is it the blue shirt or the yellow one? Rather than pick the wrong clothing item, a Gift Card from GANT means your loved one can buy whatever they like from any GANT store up to the limit of credit placed on the Gift Card. In fact if they wish to spend more, they simply top it up with their credit card, cash or even another gift card.

What if you can't even decide on the brand? Your loved one might live a little remotely and visiting larger shopping centres might be difficult. In this case, even a Gift Card may sit in the drawer for a while.

Giving someone birthday card with a $50 note in it is an option, but cash doesn't get tied back to the giver. It gets mixed up with whatever other money is in your wallet and forgotten. The benefit of money is in its flexibility. You can buy anything you really need with it. A great alternative to cash is a prepaid debit card. Prepaid debit cards provide the same flexibility as cash but they come in the form of a gift card and with the backing of Visa and MasterCard, you have the security that your gift can be used/accepted in almost any store and even internationally.

Both Visa and MasterCard offer prepaid debit cards and you can purchase them from hundreds of outlets including Post Offices. One of the great advantages of the cards is that they are just like an electronic wallet. The card itself doesn't expire once the credit is all used up, it can actually be re-loaded, meaning you can have control over how much you spend. They are also a great way to buy goods online as they aren't linked to your personal credit card or bank account. This means you are safe from any fraud should your details get stolen.

One thing I have discovered with Visa Debit Cards however is that you can purchase variations (brands) of them introduced by other companies (still secured by Visa). They are legitimate cards however not all retailers accept them. Buying the original cards created by Visa and or MasterCard is the safest choice.

Prepaid debit cards come preloaded with $50, $100 and even $200.

Be aware that they do have an expiry date, which is usually twelve months. So don't think you have forever to spend the credit on your prepaid debit card. It lasts for a year and if you lose it, well it is most likely also gone. So do be careful.

Next time you are out looking to buy a Gift Card for someone, you might also wish to consider an alternative option.

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PrepaidPlans 4 years ago from Melbourne Author

Have used prepaid visa debit cards for many competition give aways.

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