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Target vs. Walmart

I’ve heard people talk about this topic for years to the point that I finally decided to get some additional input via the web. Lets set some ground rules.

  1. Lets Compare Apples to Apples if possible. So lets compare Target and Walmarts that also sell groceries.
  2. Your area has to have a Target and Walmart in it.
  3. Be fair overall, if a experience bugged you… it has to have happened multiple times.

Overall I think Target and Walmart’s market is slightly different. The market for Walmart is often more rural, it was prevalent in the rural setting in which I grew up. Target tends to look for the suburban more trendy market. I’ve noticed that prices at Walmart are almost always lower so if you’re a bottom line person looking to save money Walmart is the obvious choice. I argue that the items from Target are of better quality in general and that offsets the lower prices. If I have to buy two items from Walmart to last the time of one from Target I’ve saved nothing in the end.

Lets talk locations: Walmart is everywhere and I mean everywhere including locations in foreign countries. Target is also in other countries but not as many.

The checking out systems are very different. Target seems to make a huge effort to not have lines at the checkout, I can walk into Target, shop and get my items and leave nearly instantly. Walmart is a entirely different experience, the lines are usally huge and I comment often it takes me 5 minutes to get my items at Walmart and 20 to check out. I simply do not understand why they have 35 checkout stations and at 10:00 Saturday AM they seems to staff 10 of them and have huge lines. This drives me nuts, I have left carts of items because it infuriated me so much. I’d like to hear why Walmart does this, I actually had a conversation with a manager that said it’s not economically feasible to staff to have short lines. I pointed out that Target does not have these problems and then I got totally useless comments that Target is not making money.. etc. .. it was not a answer. I suspect it is that Walmart WANTS you to wait. They want you to buy items at the checkout. I have heard this to be true but it’s still myth to me. Overall I think both stores serve us all well but for different things. I think we all have preferences and choices.

Walmart offers more services that Target by a wide margin even within the stores. They offer Tax Services, Eye Clinics, Hair Care, Banking and Macdonald’s in many locations. I can’t buy a gun at Target to the best of my knowledge. The automotive services are not offered by Target and the auto items Target has in store are minimal.

Returns seem to take longer at Walmart than Target and it seems a bit more disorganized but maybe it’s just me.

Target Pro’s:

  • More trendy items available
  • Short Checkout lines
  • Neat clean organized stores.
  • Nice locations and parking
  • Easy to recognize the staff with red shirts and tan pants.
  • Price checkers devices all over.
  • Stocked well seems to have good inventory control
  • Starbuck in some stores
  • Returns are easy

Target Con’s:

  • Not as common as Walmart
  • Prices are generally higher.
  • Getting hard to find simple common items at Target
  • Not as wide a supply of items as Walmart. Tools, Sporting goods etc.
  • No Auto Services
  • No Banking Services
  • No Optical Services
  • Groceries are higher priced

Walmart Pro’s:

  • MacDonald’s in many stores.
  • Tax Services
  • Banking
  • Money order Services
  • Automotive Services.
  • Great prices often lowest.
  • Locations on almost every corner.
  • Groceries are well priced

Walmart Con’s:

  • Long return lines.
  • Stores seem disorganized to me hard to find things
  • Returns seem to take a long time.
  • Stores seem less clean overall
  • Items seem to run out of stock easier


So who is the big winner… I think that’s a different answer for different people. Personally I like Target better because of the checkout issues I described above. The checkout waiting even during the Christmas season when the lines are “supposedly” staffed well drive me nuts. I will on occasion venture to Walmart and grab things in of hours. I know others feel differently.  Lets face it Walmart is the gorilla and drives low prices and is nearly everywhere you can think.  I think Walmart will be the public opinion winner but I'm curious.

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AKdude profile image

AKdude 5 years ago from Alaska

Now I live 250 miles from the nearest Walmart and Target. When I lived near both I tended to shop at both for different items. One thing that always infuriated me about Walmart was their need to play nanny and sell edited music CDs. So Target ended up getting all my music business - I used to buy a lot too!

idratherbe 4 years ago

Hands down Target is the winner. Haven't gone to Walmart since Sam Walton passed away. The store went from a good neighbor to one of putting every small business out of business. Sam Walton must be turning in his grave.

valerie 3 years ago

Walmart is a terrible corporate company in general, my vote would always be Target.

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