Ways For Kids To Earn Money

Finding ways for kids to make money when they are too young to have a regular job can seem like a real challenge. But with a little thought and a dash of imagination, young entrepreneurs all over the world are coming up with creative ways to make money.

Years ago, before compulsory education and child labor laws, it was so normal for kids to be working alongside adults that the very thought of having to hunt for ways for kids to make money would have been laughable! Often, the money brought in by kids was all that stood between a family and starvation.

We live in better times now. There is usually plenty to eat, and we expect our kids to focus on their education.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for education!

Kids can make money in so many different ways!
Kids can make money in so many different ways!
Traditional education is designed to produce good employees.
Traditional education is designed to produce good employees.
Erinfid Aphrodite Mater Cornucopia with a 3-day-old litter, March 2005
Erinfid Aphrodite Mater Cornucopia with a 3-day-old litter, March 2005

The Problem With Compulsory Education

However, the current education system in the Western world is so geared to producing good employees that there are real risks in leaving your child's financial education to the so-called "experts". Remember that all the teachers, all the inspectors, all the administrators, all the people who write the curriculum guidelines, and all the politicians who make the laws about education are, themselves, employees. Usually lifelong employees.

It's up to parents to instill that good old-fashioned value of self-reliance, and encourage kids to get out and make money without becoming a wage slave.

Business Ideas For Kids

The range of things which kids have done to make money is incredible. The only limit is your imagination.



Dog washing

Selling things on eBay


Collecting for charity on commission

Buying bulk candy and selling individual pieces

Breeding rats (see below)

Letter-box leaflet drops

Running errands

Comic book rental library

Toy rental library

Making jewellery

Making My Space backgrounds

Collecting lost golf balls

Washing cars

Baking for busy working mothers

Entertainers at kids' parties

Collecting aluminium cans

Cleaning swimming pools

Exercising horses

Removing garbage


... and hundreds more!

Starting Early As Entrepreneurs

When my three girls were aged between nine and twelve, they started a rat-breeding business. They borrowed the start-up capital from us, paid interest out of their pocket money, and bought their breeding stock of rats.

After a few months, there were baby rats rolling off the production line, about one litter every 6-12 weeks. In less than 12 months, they had repaid the initial loan, and the business was turning a profit.

After another 12 months they were tired of cleaning cages every weekend, so they decided to let their remaining rats retire from active breeding duty without being replaced. Eight or nine months later, the last rat died of old age, and the young directors met one last time to liquidate the business.

I think it's a cute story, and I tell it regularly (probably more often than I should, but, hey, they're only cute for such a short time).

When I told this story, I found that people got very interested. They wanted to know how we taught our kids to run a business. How we got our kids to want to run a business. How we got our kids interested in earning money at all, for that matter, at such a young age.

I think that these are the wrong questions to be asking, actually. We should be asking questions like - why aren't all kids doing this? What stops the vast majority of kids from turning their creative minds to the question of how to earn the money they need to buy the things that they want? Why is it so strange, in this day and age, to see a 12-year-old negotiating to be paid for their services?

There was a time, not so long ago, when 95% or more of the population were self-employed, either on farms, in retail, or in cottage industries. Kids grew up surrounded by commerce, watching the exchange of valuable services for money, seeing the process of trading for profit, ingesting the principles of customer service with their mother's milk.

These days, the majority of people depend on someone else's entrepreneurial spirit to generate revenue into a business to pay them a wage, either directly, by working for a company in the private sector, or indirectly, by working for a government funded by taxing the private sector and its employees.

With this shift from business ownership, however small-scale, wide-scale employment, has come a corresponding shift from self-reliance to dependence. We have almost lost the ability to take care of ourselves financially.

Most people are expecting an employer or the government to take care of them when they can no longer work. Or, worse, they aren't even thinking about how they might survive financially beyond this year, this month, or even this week.

Teaching Kids Business

Basic entrepreneurship should be part of every child's education. But we can't expect the employees who teach in schools to step up to the plate and pass on skills they don't have. Just like the other crucial life skills like brushing their teeth, eating right, and maintaining relationships, teaching the skills of money and business is very much the parent's responsibility.

It's not too late. Programs like Cash-Smart Kids give parents the tools they need to make their kids financially self-reliant.

Just about every entrepreneur who achieves financial independence immediately starts teaching others how to do likewise. Make sure your child is one of those teachers. Give them the basic skills they need, even if that means going out and learning them late in life yourself!

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C-Lee profile image

C-Lee 9 years ago

Hi Inspirepub!

I find this and some of you other topics pertinent to me as a mom and interesting in terms of how we educate kids.

In fact, you've made me aware of a dilemma, and since "dilemma" is how I define my corner here, I want to thank you for inspiring it. Hey, that's your name, too!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 9 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks C-Lee!

What's the dilemma you see here?


Angela 8 years ago

hi i love the rat breeding buisness i would like to do somthing like that but my mother hates rodents! i really need some advice!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

It doesn't have to be rodents - there are lots of kinds of pets.

chris 8 years ago

that Angela girl.. shes been asking on almost all of the kids with money topics.. anyways your reviews are always helpful thank you so much for this article i used some of the ideas and i founf the perfect one! thanks again!

Ilena 8 years ago

my sister is trying to save up money for a field trip to washington DC with her grade we dont have much money and its 500 dallors to go, i love my sister and she needs all the help she can get... those are great ideas but i just cant do many of them beacuse im too young and we have some family problems..i wouldnt be able to manage them beause im at my dads house part of a week and at my moms another i really need a way to do a easy money making solution please help me

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Ilena, if you have access to a computer at either home or at school, you can try some of the simple ways to make money on the internet. Check out the Hubs on "young entrepreneurs" - just type it into the search box at the top of this page - and you will find several kids making money in various different ways.

Otherwise, I would suggest talking to a helpful adult outside your family and asking them to help your sister to earn this money. I'm sure there are people around both homes who need cars washed, dogs walked, and so on. All your sister needs is some guidance and encouragement.

Good for you in being so caring and trying to find help! Your sister is lucky to have you.

Sibaire profile image

Sibaire 8 years ago

Very interesting hub. When you really think about it, there is an unimaginable amount of work that kids could do for money. I also liked your personal stories, they added an extra touch to the article.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks, Sibaire!

lanie 8 years ago

thanks! this really helps for my peoject alot!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

You're wlecome, lanie. I hope you get a good mark!

zylla3philippines profile image

zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

Even kids need some form of structure at some point. Learning life's lesson is never too early according to what kids can handle.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Kids are amazing, what they can learn and do. I was just watching the move "Master and Commander", and some of the young officers on that ship weren't more than 12 or 14 years old, handling serious leadership responsibilities over men twice their age. I believe that's quite historically accurate - we treat our kids like babies until they are 16 or 18 years of age, but we don't need to.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Oh, I am so glad to hear that, travelgirl!

AutumnRose 8 years ago

i need money for camp that i have to have but i was thinking about selling lemonade but that doesn't go far. Also im not sure if i want to ask people cause im shy and i don't know what to do. Do u hav a suggestion Insirepub!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Do you have any clothes, toys, or other household items you could sell on eBay or at a yard sale? What about offering your services - you could clean, bake, babysit ... or even help people with their computers. If you know neough to find HubPages and make comments, you could help an older person learn how to do it, too. PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait...wait...

AutumnRose 8 years ago

well i might! thanks and ummm what was the waits for?

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I'm not sure, AutumnRose - the computer snuck them in there when I wasn't looking! Looks like I am stuck with them unless I want to delete my whole comment. Sigh.

Anyway, good luck with making that money for camp!

sum1 8 years ago

hi! I need help! My school is having an entrepreneurs day and i don't know what to sell. We are not allowed to sell food or games and it has to attract grades 4-6. Your ideas are great but they are either something i cannot do or other people are using that idea. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It needs to attract girls and/or boys)

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Let's see ..

Hats, headbands, printed T-shirts, fake tattoos, animal ears/noses, beads, buttons, craft supplies, comic books, stationery (pens, erasers, staplers, glue), potplants, pet rocks, helium balloons, personalised cards (you would need to take orders on the day, do the cards on your computer at home, and mail or deliver them).

You can also sell coupons for services - hand massages, carrying their school bag, doing their chores for them for a day, lending them your guitar/bike/Ipod for a day, etc.

And there's always face painting ...

You could also create a "lucky dip", with one or two very good items and a lot of other ones of lesser value, all wrapped up like gifts, then people pay their money and choose one, and hope they are lucky enough to get a good one.

You just need to exercise your imagination ... the ideas are endless!

AutumnRose 8 years ago


Tom 8 years ago

i need 200 euros and where i live every1 does theyr own work so i cant get any ma m8 suggested cleanin in a restaurant but i dont kno how 2 get public culd u help

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

If you want to start a cleaning business, make up a flier on your computer, and walk around to the places you would like to clean, talking to the owners, and leaving the flier with them.

Commercial cleaning is difficult as a first business, because there are very high standards required, especially in restaurants.

If I were you, I would do a survey of 20-30 households around where you live. Ask them what chores they hate to do or don't have time to do, and if they would be willing to pay someone to do them, and how much they would be willing to pay. You should find someone who wants something done, and if you are willing to do it for their price, you have yourself a business.

You may find you are baking cookies, or folding laundry, or sorting Lego blocks by color, or finding size 18 D shoes online, or something else you never would have thought of on your own.

And then, when you have found something, there are 20-30 households who already know you, and they are the first ones you approach.

When in doubt - ASK THE MARKET WHAT IT WANTS. It's magic.

barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 8 years ago from Queensland Australia

Another great article...

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks, Barry!

user 8 years ago

the one way i worked was selling freezzies for less then the shops sold them

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Great idea! Kids can often do things cheaper than stores, because kids have lower overhead costs - not rent to pay, no wages to pay ...

Catherine 8 years ago

Hi Inspirepub,

I found this book called "Better than a lemonade stand" and it's a moneymaking book for kids. I got it for my daughter and she LOVED it! She had so many ideas on how she could make money from that book, and she also picked-up a few ideas! It's a great book! You write SUCH great articles!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks, Catherine!

My daughters have all found things which are better than a lemonade stand. I'm glad to hear your daughter is heading the same way!

natasha 8 years ago

well sorry for starting up this way..actually i dont know ur name..Amm ma'm could you please help me earn money by some way through net cz doing business like rodents and pets is kinda difficult fr me..i hope u understand..thanks

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Sure thing, Natasha - you can sign up for our free course at http://cash-smart-kids.com/ebooknichegift.html.

And my name is Jenny ... ;)

Elizabeth 8 years ago

Hi, I am 13 years old, and I live in a rural community. I don't really have many neighbors, so baby, house, and pet sitting are out of the question. No one wants their lawn mowed either. My parents, I have to say it, are CHEAP! If I wash our SUV, I get $2. It's not worth doing. I can't sell anything because I live on the highway. What can I do?

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Elizabeth,You obviously have a computer and an internet connection - would you parents help you to open an account with Adsense so you can start writing a blog and making money from advertising on it?

In the beginning, it will likely be less per hour than washing the SUV, but the good thing about it is that once you have it set up, it keeps making money for you day and night, and over time, if you promote your blog, the earnings steadily increase.

What's more, you will be developing a skill in something - internet marketing - that business owners all over the world will gladly pay you to do for them in the future.

The internet is a marvellous invention - make use of it!  

Jerilee Wei profile image

Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

Simple and easy source of inspiration for kids has been to loan them the money to buy and help them select seed packs, and other seed starting supplies. Having them keep detailed records, and then taking them to a local flea market when the tomatoes, strawberries, etc. are ready for consumers to plant in their own gardens. Old fashioned, but the glow in their self-esteem when they realize what their profits are -- make the whole exercise worth while. It gives them exposure to a lot of secondary lessons from marketing, to how plants germinate, to record keeping, to repaying loans for the seed money, etc.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

That's a great idea, Jerrilee - thanks for sharing it!

FILIPINOGIRL 8 years ago



Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I suggest you do some market research. Go around the neighbours, and ask them what household chores they don't like, or don't have time to do, and how much they would pay someone else to do them.

By the time you have asked about 20 families, you will have a long list of ideas. Pick one you're willing to do, go back to the person who mentioned it, and offer to do it!

Alyssa 8 years ago


im trying to earn $3000 for a trip to paris with my french class and my parents said that i have to earn the money myself!! but im only 12!!!! how am i suposed to make $3000 by this summer? help me please i really want to go!!!!



Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Alyssa, if you read back over the previous questions and answers, you will find a lot of suggestions!

saige 8 years ago

im 9 years old and I need some really easy ways to earn money and quick. Im trying to raise lots of money. help!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Saige - check out what I said to Tom above about doing a survey around the neighbourhood to find out what people want.

It's the best way to decide what to do in your business!

betherickson profile image

betherickson 8 years ago from Minnesota

I'm amazed you inspired a lot of youngster here. I believe kids will learn more from this experiences at an early age but most important is they'll also enjoy of what they work for and they are not being abused by their parents to work hard. Graeat hub! Thumbs up. :)

Drop by at my hubs when you get some time:)

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Yes, Beth, contrary to what some people say, kids these days are very keen to work ...

jess 8 years ago

hey im 12 and my parents wont give me an allowance. im starting a band and all i have in the band fund is like, $1-$2 in change so plz help me. my neighborhood peeps hate me or think im weird and all i can do in my house is work for 1 long hour for $10. do you no of any good sites where u get [aid 2 do surveys?

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author


$10 an hour is a pretty good rate for someone under 18 - you won't find paid survey work that pays that much! How much do you need for the band fund?

Jess 8 years ago

the thing is i can only work for and hour. I need probably $100 for my band.

Jess 8 years ago

Me again. Also i could use some of my own spending money 4 video games. also do pubs inspire you?

heidi 8 years ago

hi my name is heidi and i have a problem i was invited to go to europe next summer and i really want to go but it costs 7,000 dollars and i have to have 400 dollars by febuary i have come up with a couple of ideas but they will take a while to kick in PLEASE HELP give me ideas of how to make money quick and very easy

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Jess, inspirepub is short for Inspire Publishing. Do you mean you can only work for one hour, ever? I'm sure whatever it is will need doing again in a week or so, won't it?

Heidi, the best thing you can do is to survey the neighbourhood, and your family and friends, to find out who is willing to pay to have stuff done for them, and what they are willing to pay for - then you offer do that, whatever it is.

BT 8 years ago

buy stock from great companiesthat are cheap now

Olivia 8 years ago

Jenny hi i am a new comer i want to get a hamster for Christmas and it is only $15-16. But i need to get more $ for supplies and i already have a cage and right now i have around $30-35. + tax PLEASE help for some ideas to get $!!

maryangela 8 years ago

i dont believe it

is it true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author


Have you read the ideas I have suggested to other kids who asked the same question in the comments above? There are lots of ways to make a bit of extra money!

abbey 8 years ago

I really wanted something for christmas but i did not get it. I need about $20 to get it do you have any ideas Inspirepub?

Jenny 8 years ago

I love the rat breeding idea!

So you just have to buy two rats and sell the babies?

The only thing is...not a lot of people want mice as pets!

Jenny 8 years ago

your idea's are great but, i need a way to make money from home possibly on the computer. All my neighbors have people who do all those things.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

If you have computer skills, you can do computer jobs for other people. Follow exactly the same process - brainstorm a list of things you can do for people (setting up a MySpace profile, scanning their old photos into their computer, photoshopping their pictures to make them look nicer, making digital photo albums, turning digital photos into videos with music, making blog posts, writing articles, posting their articles on web sites like this one, and so on).

Do the survey - see what people want done. See what they are willing to pay.

Let the customer tell YOU what to sell them ...

Quentin 8 years ago

Well about the rat thing, i dont wanna go out and buy a rat just to make it breed. i think it is cruel just to have a animal reproduce it's whole life....... but on a different topic i need money to buy some new lacrosse gear but my neighbor hood isnt really kid friendly so i need ideas i thought of all the things i can but i think you know alot about this stuff please help!

Quentin 8 years ago

sorry me again but i also cant do computer stuff like take the surveys and get paid and the myspace stuff so that is another no i was thinking about going to a golf course and getting the golfballs out of bounds and sell em back to the golfers for about $0.50 a ball but i don't know if that is legal and if it is how i could do it

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Quentin, there are abandoned golf balls on every golf course, and kids have been collecting them since golf was invented. Ask your local golf club how they would feel about it - if you find a sympathetic pro or manager, they may even let you sell the balls at the golf club.

If that doesn't work, you can try making and selling things - printed T-shirts, jam, ear-rings, anything people might buy. Go to your local market and look around for ideas!

Another thing that works well is selling chocolate bars to office workers - buy them at the supermarket and then sell them for vending machine prices.

alice  8 years ago

this web sukes i got scamed

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I have deleted the spam comment now, Alice. Sorry you got scammed. I hope you find something better - there are plenty of ways for kids to make money that aren't scams.

justin 8 years ago

in the summer i sell water bottles for 1.00 with and people can also buy a little lemonade packet for an extra 25cents. it works really well

fiona 8 years ago

i dont get how rat breeding can make money, its sounds fun but can u explain how it can make me money?

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Fiona, you sell the baby rates to pet stores.

salerwa 8 years ago

this site stinks this is for 9 year olds?

polarbear981 8 years ago

hi there inspirepub! i need some help here. i am a girl (9 years old) and love american girls. i would like a few more, and some of their items. Well, i have enough to buy one, the girl of the year, and her pet. i would like some more. i live on a quite block and my parents don't trust me with strangers, even if they are around. so that narrows it down to three houses. they don't have pets, their lawns are as beautiful as ever, and only one has kids, both in highschool. i tried that card/flyer idea that i saw in one of your coments and it didnt get much atteniton. i made a blog, but my parents shut it down. yes they knew about it. my parents won't let me have a yard sale or anything like that. please help me with ideas!!!!! oh and i do chores and i get a very low allowence. im not creative at all. now....please give me some ideas!!!!!

polarbear981 8 years ago

im sorry but its me again and i just wanted to let you know that my parents wont let me do one of those surveys that you get paid for doin g them online......they think it is scams and i sort of think that too. this site has great ideas though i really ca't do them but my friend did so many of them and earned like 68 dollars in aout 4 days from one of your ideas........so a thsnkd from her.


(\ /)

( 0_0 )


i hope that this came out right but if it didnt its a happy bunny and its for you.

Mariah Guillmette 7 years ago

Hi, I have been excepted into a summer academic program in a different state for Duke University, but admission costs $3,350. I need to raise the money myself, but things like lemonade stands yield little money. I know this is a lot of money to raise and it is very intimidating. Do you have any ideas to earn big cash?

ebony 7 years ago

busking is illegal.

furmaan 7 years ago

Hi Inspirepub!

Im 13 and i want to earn money fast becouase my mum and dad cant pay for my stuff cos they can hardly pay the bills!

Ive read all your suggestions but all those things dont work in my community. My community where i live is wierd, nobody wants anything sold to them, they dont want and services from me like cleaning or washing their cars and theytake no interest in my posters and flyers for different things

ive tried everything! and i cant just go out and put up a stall in the middle of the street, you cant do that in the UK!!!


what should i do and how does this Adsense work???


Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

ebony, the laws are different in different places. In some places, busking is perfectly fine, and in other places it is OK if you have a permit. With any business idea, you should always check the local regulations.

furmaan, Adsense is the name for the advertising you see around this page. The publisher of the web page gets paid every time someone clicks on an ad. You will need someone over 18 to set up an Adsense account for you.

On this website, the writer of a page like this gets some of the click money, and HubPages gets some. This means that you don't need to know how to build a website to get started. There are several revenue-sharing publishing sites like HubPages, or you can set up a blog at Blogger.com - you will have to do more work to attract visitors there than on a big site like HubPages, but you don't have to share the money.

Just Google the terms "Adsense", "make money with Adsense" and "get traffic to a website" and read everything that's free. You'll have enough to get started!

lozdabest 7 years ago

hi i am an twelve year old girl and i am interested in getting some money because i want to send my mum off on a spa weekend because she hasnt had a break without us for a looooooong time!!! Anyway i was wondering how some of the ideas work how do they make money because i am rather interested

ripieson 7 years ago

(no ripieson isn't my real name)

I have been trying to raise money for a long time and I'm really interested in the rat breeding (but with mice) because I already have 2 mice at home...I got them from a professional breeder. The only problem is, I don't think my parent will let me breed mice. (since they breed so quickly) and they think we'll end up with thousands (although it's probably true)

bob 7 years ago

I really need your HELP I have searced the web for days and have found bobkiss PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roxey 7 years ago

i realy want a cell phone plane and its 30$ a month and my dad is lade of and my mom is a home health aid anf my grandmom side she wint do it can u plaese help me an i am 12 in NJ

???? 7 years ago

im 9 wat cn i do ?

lomololololoololoolololomlommmlo momolmmmomlmolmllmommlm 7 years ago


steph .s. 7 years ago

my parents think i am really young to earn a lot of money but i don't please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

lala 7 years ago


tennis gal profile image

tennis gal 7 years ago from From Europa to Usa

like it a lot


Quizzle 7 years ago

I am not criticizing anyone, but PLEASE do not start any sort of "breeding business" there are animals dying in shelters everyday, and breeding creates a huge problem. Many bred animals end up in shelters, and even if they don't, they've taken the place of animals in shelters who have to be killed.

Kaydan 7 years ago

Yeah I need some help 2. I want to raise some money for a laptop but I don't know anyone to babysit and I sont really have anything of value to sell. Any help?

Zarlasht 7 years ago

THNX so much...... btw I need sme more ideas on hw to make mney easily cuz i liv in a buildig, im scared of dogs, BTW my sis is alergic to fur..... so the only thing i can do is make jewellery and sell it so i need ur help... cuz i wnna buy a mobile thts fr about $350 so hw do i make money FAST

helpless 7 years ago

hi, I've been wanting a cell phone for 6 months now and the ways that you said were awesome but i live in the mountains and its summer up here. There are no neighbors that are ever here. I'm not supposed to sell anything my mom says and my mom hates little animals because i already have 5 cats in this one house. So if there are any ideas of how i can buy my phone plz plz plz plz plz let me know! btw I'm only 12. also I've done many things already but besides buying my phone, my bffs birthday is coming up and i want to get her something nice for once. so plz let me know

fashiongirl60 7 years ago

k so i am only 10 years old and my mom won't pay me for babysitting my brother in the summer cuz she says that she feeds me and gives me a house to live in and i have no idea wat to do and i need money and fast!!! do you have any suggestions and my mom ows me $11 and she stills has not payed me back and she has owed me $11 dollars and i have lost seven teeth that i have not got money for and now you see why i do not get payed from my family do you have any suggestions at all i really need some help


p.s. please comment

Thank you!!!

TAZZ 7 years ago

OMG! Children also use the internet!!!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

There are lots of things you can make and sell, jewellery is one, but remember clothes, toys, cards, and other small items are also popular.

You may have to learn a new skill to be able to make something to sell - so go ahead and learn it!

helpless, at your age you will need your Mom's permission and help to make money, and since you are too young to have a job you will either have to sell a product or your services. You could try getting her to read the information at http://www.cash-smart-kids.com, which explains why having a business is very educational and character-building. You could also get her to read about other kids who have done well in business at a young age - http://hubpages.com/search/young+entrepreneurs?use...

fashiongirl, many people have problems getting paid by their families - you are not alone! If the suggestions in the article don't inspire you, try reading therough the suggestions I have made in response to other questions that other kids have asked. There are so many options ...

kacey 7 years ago

hey my name is kacey, im new to this site, and by the way im 11, and i am really interested in making some money. i dont hav an allowence cause we hav a made and a gardener and stuff like that, but i want to earn my own money cause all my friends think i get watever i want. so can u please help me?

from kacey <3

Marcy 7 years ago

oki i am 18 and in matric i have to have good ideas for the entrepraneurs day in a few weeks time the thing is it is also a fund raser for our matric ball and counts up to 200 marks i really need some great ideas for grades 8 - 12 please please help me?

Ashlayyy 7 years ago

hi these are really interesting ideas! I'm thinking about the toy library because i have LOADS of toys im not going to use. But I was wondering.... how would you make money breeding pets?

Vanessa Coleby 7 years ago

thats very great how children earn money

Ashley 7 years ago

this is no help

cool dude 7 years ago

my mom wont let me do any of those things and irealy wanted to prove to my mom that i able to work hard even if im twellve

charm_baker profile image

charm_baker 7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

WOW! My "kid" is 25 years old now and off on his own, but I'm gonna go snatch up someone else's kid to put to work LOL! Seriously, my six year old niece is remarkable and I know she's industrious enough (and more than willing) to start making her own money. She's so bright, we're already working on her own web page. I'm going to have to really give your hub some thought! THANKS FOR THE INFO.

Roffi Grandiosa profile image

Roffi Grandiosa 7 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

very informative hub! your kid could also do hubpages just like their parents

k.w. 7 years ago

i need a new phone but i dont have the money what i do

k.w. 7 years ago

And it is 400.00

Bella 7 years ago

I need to earn more money but my dad won't let me babysit, get pay for chores, sell lemonade and others. Please help me!

Tamy 7 years ago

blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!booooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

allfreeads 7 years ago

oh great,no need to give them pocket money then,

really nice article

lakota 7 years ago

i like food

Sarah 7 years ago

Hi! I love these ideas! Im defiantly going to try some of them! Im 12 years old, and my parents are divorced. My dad got remarried earlyer this year, and my mum lost her job a few months ago then regained another position about 1 month ago. Our bills are quite high and we are doing some renovations around the house.I hate relying on my mum for everything! If you have any other ideas that could help me i would be more than grateful for it! Thankyou so so so much Inspirepub, you have really inspired me to get up and achieve something for myself and family!

tiny dancer 7 years ago

i am involved in a lot of activities- dance class(an hour away) 4 times a week, school play practice at least twice a week, religion once a week, and girl scouts 1-2 times a week. i could really use some extra mony for things like a college fund, clothes (i am very into fashion), some electronics, concert tickets, and my parent's anniversary present. idk how to earn any money with my schedule. my parents will not let me do the following: mow lawns, walk pets,have an allowence, babysit,and an house work(dont even metion breeding rats haha). PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS!!!!!!!!

Lovely 7 years ago

Hi, I'm Lovely and I'm 12 years old and really new to this site. Okay, well, I have some valueble things to sell, but I don't want to sell them. I don't like rejections, so it's kind of hard for me asking neighbors or someone if they need some help. I don't know how to start businesses and I hardly have any toys since most of my toys are donated.

I'm trying to save money, so I can buys things I want and/or need. My mom or anyone hardly buys me anything, so I want to buy something I want/need.

lynsh profile image

lynsh 7 years ago

Thank you, i believe it is far more important for kids to learn to be self reliant, then P.E, or algebra. You are absolutely correct, people are becoming so dependant, they would rather give up all freedoms and live in a bubble than have to be creative and figure it out on their own. It is so sad the way society has gone, you have a great hub.

:) 7 years ago


I am trying to save up for an iPod touch, and a macbook. I really need it!!! I'm babysitting my cousin, but that's not enough. Please help me! I need it soon!!! All those ideas don't work!!!

Emily 7 years ago

My uncle lives in California and I live in Indiana he said if my mom lets me and my 9 year old sister go he will pick us up at the airport. Our family is going thru some tough times. I was hopeing to earn at least $500-$600 or more. But I need it a.s.a.p.

Alexandra 7 years ago

Not helpful to me at all! >:(

Will 7 years ago

I have $30 and I need $200 by April for a really fun school trip. What is a good way to make money. If I don't know my neighbors? I don't know how eBay works, so that wouldn't really help.

CLARE 7 years ago

Hey Im trying to earn some money for an Ipod touch. But I just can't earn the money! I really need help but I cant really do the things listed. What should I do?

EMILY 7 years ago

hi inspirepub i need your help i really want to go horse riding with my friend and she really wants me to go too i have dreamed of going for ages but mum says its too exspensive and wont pay for me to go she said that i can only go horse riding if i can get the money to pay for it but i dont know how to raise the money and i need it quite quickly because my friend has booked the horse riding for this weekend already so i need the money quickly but i dont really want to do anything on the computer because im not very good with computers and im a bit shy so i dont really want to go nocking at peoples houses. please could you help me I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP AND QUICKLY!!

profile image

dollzone 7 years ago

hi i have a entrepreneurship fair at my school and i dont know what to do and we can't have any food or or games and i need ideas verry soon soo if you can can you e-mail or something really fast that would be great(i would perfer e-mail)

sam 7 years ago

that doesnt help me

Apple Cullen 7 years ago


lalalalala 7 years ago

hello!!!!! :) im borad

Quimberlyann 7 years ago

I am 1o years old and i need 500$ for a new laptop so i can help out my friend by making her a cd because she has a amazing voice! im trying everything. i cant sell anything because im living in a hotel at the moment and i don't have much. i have 225$ from holiday money but the laptops are going fast so i need money fast!

please help!

Stephanie 7 years ago

I am 12 years old and all my friends have the itouch and I dont. It costs $200.00 for it plus I need an itunes card to get music on it. wich will cost about $50 or $100 worth. so total is $250 or $300. Please give me some ideas so I can get an itouch. thx alot

deepak 7 years ago

use less .......things u hav written here.....give sum gud ideas man...........deepak

Layla 7 years ago

Hi there. I am so helpless! My mom won't let me interact with people in my neighborhood because i don't live in a good neighborhood. Also, I have tried the lemonade stand and walking dogs and yard work but somehow i either never got the money or it got stolen. I have tried the survey to other people i know, and already all the men of the house do the things that should be done. I am a terrible artist and i can't make jewelry. My mom is totally against eBay because of scams and stalkers. I tried to use the computer but I couldn't tell scam from not- scam, and lost money. I need to raise money because i want to donate money and i want to help my mom buy a new house. Also, I want an i Pod touch, but I am getting no where. I am 11 years of age and I live in Massachusetts. Help!

Sam 6 years ago

Hi- I am 12 years old and I need to make some more money. I already do cleaning for a small wage. None of the other ideas are really practical for me. Please help!!



horsewanter 6 years ago

I really want a horse and so does my best friend so we are thinking of each paying half the cost. That equals about 500 dollars a month. So about 7,000 dollars a year. i am giving up my Christmas gifts and birthday gifts so it would really only be 4,000 dollars a year. I am looking for a steady but fun way to make money. Does anyone have any ideas? I am not yet a teen but I am not a little kid either. I am open to any ideas. Thanks.

angel90 6 years ago

hi um yer i really want to ither stared a hamster breeding bussnise but i dont no how much it would be altohether thanks

torija 6 years ago

i need money fast

coco1126 6 years ago

i love it some much that now i give some to people in need.

aaaaa 6 years ago

hii .. im like 12... cant do many of those jobs and not sure if i can do computer stuff...but i had a good idea!.. im going to borrow some money from my parents and get chickens and a coop an stuff and sell the eggs.. wat doi you think?

aaaaaa 6 years ago

horse wanter and angel90.. i might be able to help , because i used to have tuns off hamsteerz and im also saving up for a horse!

Troll Dude 6 years ago

I like the sound of selling the candy from bulk to induvidual but isnt it elligal?

Madison 6 years ago

Hi,i dont really knowhow i should come about asking people of my street for jobs.

wouldnt they just think im weird.

im just wonderinghow i should apporach them...

Rin Kagamine 6 years ago

PLZ PLZ PLZZZ help!! i am 12. my parents wont let me earn money on the internet. i live in a tiny village town thing and have NO NEIGHBORS! most of the people here think my family is wierd and dont really show much respect -_-

i really want this laptop and my dad says he will pay for half of it. i have to pay $164 i have no clue how to do it. cant do lemonade stand becuz theres no one to buy lemonade!! i have like no talent i can only play music well. i play trumpet...BUT PLEASE HELP ME!! i cant breed rats or mice cuz my parents wont let me!! i read the WHOLE article and i cant find anything to get me money becuz of where i live and what my parents wont let me do.




Echo 6 years ago

Hi, I want to breed rats because there small enoph ,but my mom cant get past the sight of them. Do you have any suggestions on were I can keep them so my Mom wont need to look at them? Please help me! -Echo

Hub Llama profile image

Hub Llama 6 years ago from Denver, CO

Don't forget shoveling snow! Here in Colorado, it seems like a lot of kids start out that way. Next thing you know they are cutting the grass, washing cars, selling lemonade, and all kinds of inventive stuff.

Thanks for the info.

Needingg money . 6 years ago

hey, im 12 years old and in need of cash i have been serching the internet for 1 week and cant find something in my intrest. i need several ideas. if anyone has any ideas post some below:).

thank you,


alyssa :) 6 years ago

hi :D

i am 13 years old and i really want a cell phone, but i have to pay about $40 a month plus the cell phone that cost around $120. my mom cant afford paying it, and my neighborhood does not like kids. i have tried many things in selling and invitaions with the computer is not that great. i need a job that will get me $ monthly. i would really appreciate your help. thank you

crystal 6 years ago

me and my friend going to new york and we wanna buy stuff and we is broke as a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plz plz plz plz plz plz help us make money!!!!!!!

angel 6 years ago

hi me and my friend need money cuz we want a mini laptop and we want two so we can get on there at the same time a we are going to be on the bus for 6 hours an if we get the mini laptop we have to get a wireless that cost about 80 dollars. THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR LIE WE NEED MONEY FAST PLEASE HELP HELP PLEASE. PS. THE GIRL WHO POSTED BEFORE ME IS MY FRIEND CRYSTAL

CRYSTAL, ANGEL 6 years ago


jamal 6 years ago

yall posted something dumb just make a lemonade stand or do chores

yall retarded

holly 6 years ago

i am aged 10 could i look at gardening ar a dog walker i live in qld

holly 6 years ago

i just need moemy for my mums bill plz reply thanx your site is the best i wrote 2 hours ago i want to start a mini buissnes i live i QLD Thanx plz plz help me

un none 6 years ago

if u want to start ur own buiseness and help ur mom just start a lemonade stand or babysitt


DAVONA 6 years ago

i need to helppay 4 my ticket to london by next month and it cost like $500 and all i have is $200 so i need $300 more and i have no idea how i can get money that fast

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NYA 6 years ago

Needingg money . 10 days ago

hey, im 12 years old and in need of cash i have been serching the internet for 1 week and cant find something in my intrest. i need several ideas. if anyone has any ideas post some below:).

thank you,


holly 6 years ago

thanx but they don't allow you to do a lemonade stand i don't know why

holly 6 years ago

its been 24 hours please right to me im beggining to thnink this is a scam

holly 6 years ago

there different in qld because i have looked at stuff can you list something i play alto sax and i don't no what to do i love my pets my guinea pig IS cool and my dog and cat but i want a little puppy and to pay for mums bill i is $700 I JUST WAN'T TO PAY SOME TO GIVE RESPECT BECAUSE THEY PUT A ROOF OTHER MY HEAD AND MY MUMS MUM DIED AND MY MUM IS DEPRESSED PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP ME

Reagan 6 years ago

Hey I relly need some money it is so hard now days to find money for little kids like us I want to do so many things this summer but it is relly hard to find ways to get cash so please tell me some other ways I can get money!

belgique_fille 6 years ago

I am 12 and really need a way to make money. I get a very low allowance and I really would like and extra 20 in my pocket. Read through ideas, comments, and tons of other websites and really don't find anything inspiring. Please help me. Thank you so much!

Samantha 6 years ago

i need a easy way to earn money.Please tell me!Anything unless its selling stuff on internet.Lemonade stand and chores is little money. im thinking of doing something i love like making crafts or cards. my aunts are doing crafts and sell them in a festival every monday. they earn money big time!

Needhelp 6 years ago

My mom and I both want anonther dog, but she said that the dogs were to expensive... i really need help, my mom thinks rats are gross, i think they ae soo cute... I live in the country and my naibors have kids, but i dont no how to approch them... Plzz help me... i need to raise like 300$ bfor June 12... Plzz

U Neek profile image

U Neek 6 years ago from Georgia, USA

Awesome hub! I so agree with helping kids learn by running a business of their own. There is no better education than experience. Thanks for sharing!

shania 6 years ago

i know some ways you can own your own business. one way is that you can have your own building to make as your working place or what ever you want to call it and then get friends and family to help you set your business up. then you can start maiking or doing what ever you want to do for your business. one of the things i am doing is writeing little storys and selling them and another one is that i am making my own jewellry and selling that and aheving like a toy rental library and making my own cards for my library so theres some good ideas too. well got to go and start on my business. ok byee!! (:

shania  6 years ago

hey :D alyssa i saw your comment and i just wanted to let you know if you need some great ideas i have some. well i was thinking maybe you should write your own storys and sell them or make your own jewellery and them too. my last one was haveing a lemonnade stand and you can get lots of money with that on hot days. sooo thos might help you get a cell phone if it doesn't comment back and i will think of some other ideas fo royu because thats how i felt when i wanted a phone. alright and my name is shania to let you know and i am also 13 years old just like you. oh and here is my e-mail if you want to e-mailme for anything ok. shania965@gmail.com

boo 6 years ago

hi i could never find a way 2 make money but now i no thanks!

josh 6 years ago

i'm 9 and i don't get any allowance.HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

C-Med 6 years ago

Hello, I need some money and was going to sell some of my things at the summer fair in my school, however it is ages away and I don't think I'm allowed to do it anymore. I was wondering if 11 year old children are allowed to do paper rounds or work in shops, Despite the fact that I think these are all good ideas, I want to do a flea market and I would like to know where would be the best place to do it ?

Yours sincerly



pickles 6 years ago

hey i'm 12 and desperate for money those idease are awsome althought the rat thing is kinda ramdom but i want something different than what everyone else does i really love danceing but i only have i little experience with taking dance lesson aperently i'm gifted at dance but how do i make money!!!!! i really like little kids but i don't think i could teach them pretty pleeaaaaasssseee help

P.S.i also love cooking

P.P.S.S.my last name i really actually pickles

can not tell you my name 6 years ago

i like thoughs ideas but the only thing that i cab do is babysit which i get $1 per kis per hour and i need $100 soon to go to camp ps im 12

IDEN 6 years ago


Lmhunting1 6 years ago


moneymaker 6 years ago

hi i really want some money to sprnd on stuff i like.i really like money and im thinking of doing this as my career anyways plz post more ideas for making money.i have some ideas too like doing tattoos for peple i made like 30$ doing that also selling things on ebay ive got this account on it and i make loads of $$$$

robert 6 years ago

i need 600dollars by tommorow

Dakota 6 years ago

Hey, I am 10 (almost 11) and have not yet tried this idea, but me and my friend plan on doing it this summer. Our idea is to start a small summer camp for kids about 2-4 years younger than us. We are going to make and hand out flyers to the people on our streets. Hope it helped!!!

Annabel 6 years ago

I like the breeding idea but, i can't take care of them because I travel back and forth between my mom and dad.

Shazz 6 years ago

um...my mum is pretty strict...i try to do chores but she wont pay me and i cant babysit or anything because my mum wont let me...i don't know how to convince her :( i need help badly!!

mac 6 years ago

i need a 8 year old idea

tiger gal 6 years ago

i need to make $2000 fast. nobody needs any cleaning or garden work done. i am not very good with kids or working online. im already pet sitting but its for my friends that dont pay much. plz help me!!!


there isn't anyone to help me with making this money.

profile image

Jesse James 51 6 years ago

i need to make $400+...and i don't have any children that live around me that i can babysit or entertain,i cant breed rats,and i cant sell things on eBay....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

Destiny 6 years ago

i m 9 yrs old n i need a job turning 1o in august

Mitchell 6 years ago

Im only 12 and i need to make $2,500 in at least a year to buy something very important to my family. This isn't that hard for me but i need more ideas. I have a bussines of selling snacks to snow mobilers but im at least $1,000 in debt alredy because it's in a tree house and my dad bought it all. I also have an old bussines in my dads worck of selling baked goods. I have one more bussiness of gardening or farming. But all these usually need to take place before i go to school at five in the morning. If you can respond please do. Im looking for something in the cooking bussines. I took a college level culinary arts once and know alot of cool things like how to turn a radish into a pretty rose decoration. Any who i need to make 25 hundred fast please help if possible.

Mitchell Thayer

Rylee  6 years ago

Hi my name is Rylee and Im 12 years old this summer i would really love to earn some money to get a new laptop because this one is a little slow...... i would really like some advice because i live in Milwaukee,WI and its not sooo well popular. EVAN THOUGH THEY TALK ABOUT WI ALL THE TIME ON TELEVISION!!! well i would really like some suggestions!!

Taylor 6 years ago

Rylee, why don't you try selling things on e-bay? All you need is an account, a parent (for the debit card stuff), things to sell, a computer or laptop, and a camera.

Hope it works for you!

Make Cash Now 6 years ago

First off I just wanted to say great post. I think the best way for kids to earn money is by doing some type of job that is fun for them. Many people think babysitting and lawn mowing are great, but that isn't usually fun for kids. Kids have fun doing easy jobs like selling ice cream at the park to their friends or washing cars with their friends. It is all about fun for kids, not money.

Tweety 6 years ago

you name lots it says hundreds more you should list a few more though

dogagility 6 years ago

so im saving up to buy this ADORABLE dorder collie to enter in dog agility shows cuz i LOVE 'em! i only have $10 and i already have 2 male rats but my mom doesnt want anymore. i cant babysitt cuz there arent any little kids on my street and i cant house/pet sit cuz NOBODY GOES ON VACATION!!!!! i NEED help!! This Dog means SO much to me cuz its a shelter dog and could be euthenized!!!!!!!


dogagility 6 years ago

darn it!! i cut off the P.S.

P.S. im 11 almost 12

flabbergasting 6 years ago

hi umm im only 8 years old and i really want a dog but my mum will only let me have one if i raise £1000 i have a 12 year old sister but she is bankrupt plus all the neighbors are scary and im paying to be on the computer right now plez help

michelemardis profile image

michelemardis 6 years ago from fayetteville n.c.

my boys are thinking of getting a pit bull to bread

Elizabeth 6 years ago

I dont think this is such a good idea because where i live you can't do a lot of these things and make good money and for babysitting and stuff you have to know people.

LISA 6 years ago

I am 10 and I was wondering would it be so bad if I started to

run a dog grooming and waking bissnes and how am I going to tell my mum HELP ME

Emily 6 years ago

Hi.I am Emily and me and my sister,

Erika,are looking for things we can do

around my rural areas. We are trying to

earn about $400 but we need ideas. We

came up with selling crafts, doing yardwork,

completing odd jobs, organizing,

expanded house work, cleaning bathrooms,

selling our cans,helping relatives, raising

then selling plants, and selling things

like cookies to people. Do you know of

anything else that we could do in a month

to get our laptop?

liz 6 years ago

i need to get some money and soon at least i want it soon I'm saveing for an ipod touch or and iphone and all i have is 1$ and thats no where near enough i need in the hundrens i neeed some ways to make some money and soon and y aren't u on as much enymore

Woof 6 years ago

Hi, I'm 12 years old and I live in the middle of nowhere. I do chores, milk cows and help make hay but my parents give me a very little sum of dough. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MyNameHere 6 years ago

please help,i'm trying to save money to help my mom. my baby sister just passed away and she is very depressed and needs something to help her. I live in a bad community so i cant work for neighbors and i can't use internet things. please help.

MyNameHere 6 years ago

sorry im back again, by "she", i mean my mom. just in case it was confusing...

adripooh2468 6 years ago

hi jenney,

im 12 years old and i was thinking bout starting a babysitting company and i have no idea how to start a mini bussness there is no reason for the money

oh and i have something to suggest when i was seven i had an idea that i should sew some dresses and my church donated some sewing supplies and other things i needed i was going to sell them but i gave them to a ission thatgave them to lil girls in mexico and otherplaces


profile image

EllistonLawn 6 years ago

With your advice about making money I am a freshman in high school and I built a lawn business that makes $750 per week and i personally make $300 with out doing anything but highering other kids to work for me and handing out bills.

I also think it is important for other kids think about making money online I am making $50 perday and only work for 20 minutes a day online updating websites and changing ads for my sites.

JayPei 6 years ago


thankyou for all these idea's and tips, but my perents are very strict with my studys and they do not allow me to have a job until i finish year 12!

and i roughy only get around $5 a week (isnt enough) so if its ok? could you give me some tips or idea's on what i should do?

because i know you will be a great help!!

by the way im only 14


mark 6 years ago

I REALLLLLYYYYY want an xbox but my parents say I need to pay for it.I need $300 for an xbox.I am a nine year old kid.How am I supposed to get thre hundred dollars.

McKade Kennedy 6 years ago

I want to go to D.C. for Junior National Young Leaders Conference and I need to make 2 grand in ten months but I don't know how to do it. Every get rich quick scheme on the internet is for adults and I am only 12. I have no Idea how to do this. Could someone please help, it will take a miracle for me to get that much money.

Rena 6 years ago

I'm 13 and I have a business. I create functional art and sell it, and I often get requests for pieces. I was 10 when I began making money off of my art, but I know that not all of you like art that much. So, here's some tips. If you need to make money fast, you need to get started making money as soon as you know you need to make a certain amount in a certain time period. But if you procrastinate, like I do, one way to make money is to have a garage/yard sale, if your parents allow it. Yet, most parents won't.

If you are creative, you can draw or paint or sculpt art, and sell it at a market or other place. If you are handy with wood or metal or whatever, make something cool. Also, you can always do jobs around your neighborhood.

Good luck, and be prepared before you set out to make your money!

Sylena 6 years ago

Help! I need $250 in a month so i can go and get concert tickets for sisters birthday. Im only 12 years old. Help!!!

j dawg 6 years ago

how can i make money i am only 11 years old

j dawg 6 years ago

my grandma is having a yard sell and i don't no what to sell

chococat 6 years ago

J dawg why don't you clean your room and see if you have anything to throw out

Kragier 6 years ago

Stop asking questions, you can see the author isn't active....

It is funny how immature children can be.... Even if you are one...

Learn to type better my fellow people, or else that Blog is a complete waste of your time. No one is going to pay you to write illegibly.

matthew 6 years ago

hello my name is matt im 11 yrs old im trying to save money

for a psp go but theres 1 problem im a little embarresed to ask my neighbors about job oppurtunities please right back


amy 6 years ago

i hate the hub

Haley 6 years ago

Heyy matt I have your same problem I am 11 also. Trying to save up for fair money. (Really hard) and I just want people to right back too. =/

T.N. 6 years ago

Please people stop being rude on your comments! if you don't have something nice to type, don't type anything at all! If you don't like the blog... KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! Also, I bet that pooper-scooping would bring a few bucks. I mean, who likes picking up and trowing away their dogs scat. you could charge $1-$10 per yard per week(depending on the size)and do it once a week for about 5-10 people you know. Leave a flier with your name and phone # at the doors of people you know and trust and know have dogs. Then, if they don't want the service, they won't say anything and if they want it, they will call and sign up.


DJ (Danica-Jane) 6 years ago

This is a great idea. I have 3 male rats though my mum says i need to show that i have great ownership for my pets. But as soon as i have shown Mum i can do that i'll get a female rat and start a bussiness. In the past i had a pet sitting bussiness but then Mum and Dad started working full time and it had to stop as no one was able to drive me round. I found this information very useful thankyou Inspirehub

11YrOld 6 years ago

Hey insire pub i am 11 years old and i need some money to go to summer camp but you see the thing is that i am super shy it almost killed me to goto some ones house with my friend and mow there lawn what do i do (sorry for spelling mistakes i type really fast) - Michael

Katie 6 years ago

I need a lot of money to start a babysitting agency but i cant mow lawns or shovel snow because my parents wont let me... and i cant figure out how to use ebay i need cash FAST plz help me

Sonia 6 years ago


I always get pocket money every week which is about £2.00 but i dont earn very much! My mum wont let me do anything that's got to do with going out! What should i do? xx

Amisha 6 years ago


im trying to make money i have no one to to help me im shy and i live in a quiet place so its kind of tricky 4 me im looking to earn about £75 if my mum gives me the £20 she owes me otherwise i want about £90-£95 because i want a mobile an da laptop cos i have a crappy desktop that doesnt even on when u tell it 2.

what do i do please inform me asap im in a difficult position and i need a lot of ideas ive read the previous questions and answers but none of them seem right u see see the problem is im only 10 and i we go to collector's markets and stuff but my mum never buys anything 4 me she just buys stuff 4 my bro (14) and it is so bloody unfair and i get crappy annoyed alot.please reply asap im looking forward to ur answer.

I live i england,croydon u see.



Guest 1 6 years ago

hey i am 13 and i really need some cash as i am saving up for something very important it costs £10,000 altother but how can i make big cash like that in 8 months ? i am under a lot of pressure help me please

monkey 6 years ago

i read all the post and what u said but i just want to get paid a bit more and i need the money fast!!!

r fly 6 years ago

hey i need help.

i need 7 grand in about 6 months. I'm a teenager thats saving up for something amazing. help me PLEASE

loganator 6 years ago

hey i need help i owe more than $700 and i dont have much time to pay it help!!!!!!! i am only 11

peet 6 years ago

i need money

Serena 6 years ago

I live outside of town yes i read all ur posts nun work i already watch animals! HELP!


jane 6 years ago

im 12 but small nd i live in a village and i want some money but wat can i do

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RRT 6 years ago


taylor_renee 6 years ago

Does anyone ever think of kids in rural areas? I'm turning fourteen soon. I have like two neighbors and they're both family, and would never pay me to do anything for them; they say it's "expected" and that I shouldn't get payed to do anything for them. My parents are the same way. I don't get an allowance. My mom won't let me sell stuff online. I really want to buy some stuff for back-to-school, because my mom never really gets me much. On top of all that, I basically have NON-STOP marching band and drumline practice. Gosh, I wish you would think of kids in rural areas.

mersadies 6 years ago

well thank you o much ive tried thousands of websites and all they say is walking dogs (and i did that i make $2.00 a day) babysitting (im to young) and lemonade (no one really is outside) this really helped and im gonna try the making jewlry thanks so much!!!

Benny Ruo 6 years ago

Check out google for some positive search result for kids to make money online

lisa 6 years ago

i live in town end farm and people around here arnt all that friendly so how could i make money without having to sell or babysit and things like that.

PS.I am quit mature for my age.

Thank you

signed Lisa

Matt 6 years ago

can u like breed fish and stuff like that?

how to make money fast for kids 6 years ago

awesome hub post, and how cute are those rats! :)

robbie 6 years ago

hey the pet stores do it

john  6 years ago

peeps why dont u try doing peeps garden walk dogs baby sit wash cars take dogs for walks and stop moaning for one thing u can clean windows own a few bucks and then theyl keep wanting you back then youll earn a some cash blad

luke 6 years ago

i am shy and doont know how to get a job

dude 6 years ago

I sold water bottles with a friend and made atleast 20 a day

vadim 6 years ago

thanx i earned 100 dollars what a surprise i thouth it would only give 10 dollars again thank you

Jason.cross 6 years ago

hey i live in the country and my parents dont have many chores for me to do please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason.cross 6 years ago

seroius i need money and my family are going on a holiday to america and they said they wont give me any money at all will you super please help me


please reply

emily 6 years ago

i like it i might do this

leighanne 6 years ago

how much can a 12 year old earn in day and how long are they allowed to work for! please help! has any body got any jobs up for grabs for an 12 year old

a nother 12 year old 6 years ago

I live in a small town with maybe 10 familys, not a great place to start a busness. my mother and father won't let me start a internet busness so i was thinking about doing something in school but i don't no where or how to start.

S.O.S please help me

hail  6 years ago

I really want a laptop but my parents said i need to save up for it how can I make money REALLY FAST??????

roxiy_chick 6 years ago

my parents would not let me do any of the above what so i do

help me plz

me 6 years ago

i hope this will help me!!!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Do you notice a theme to the comments from kids?

They fall into roughly two groups, the first saying things like:

1. I need money fast

2. My parents won't let me

3. None of your ideas will work

4. I don't want to sell things

5. Nobody is helping me

And then there's the other group

1. I'm going to try that

2. I already make money doing ...

3. I sell things and it's fun

Kids, I can't stress this loudly enough - YOUR ATTITUDE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

Nobody is going to make it easy for you to make money - you have to go out there and make it happen. YES, you have to talk to people, and YES, you have to convince your parents (or another adult) to back you, and YES, you have to sell things (or services) because in most places you can't legally work for a wage, and YES, it's not easy ...

... but it is worth doing.

If you tell yourself "there is no way", you will kill off your creative genius. There is ALWAYS a way - and if you talk to enough people, you will find it. If you live in a rural area, PHONE people and ask them for suggestions.

Think of it like one of those computer games that is a puzzle. There IS a way to unlock the next level - but you have to figure it out for yourself.

There really IS a way. And YOU are the one who will find it. There is nobody coming to rescue you - because you don't need rescuing. You have everything you need to figure this out - people to talk to, things to try, things to learn - and if you use it well, you will eventually discover your own personal answer to the riddle.



All it takes to succeed is to try one more time than the number of times you fail.

Colonel Sanders got told "no" 500 times before someone bought his chicken recipe - and look at KFC today!

What if he had stopped after 402 "no"s?

Keep searching for YOUR business idea, and you WILL find it.

luvvs2play_w/puppies 6 years ago

i'm a kid ,and i read the intire article nothing i can do without mony is on there!!!!! So i'm also trying to make a wab site just for kids, pre-teens,teens,&young adults .how do i get enough mony from this if my faimly is almost broke.... my tini family....i need advice!!! any one help!!!!!

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Davidmurphy27 6 years ago

Hello i am 13 i am trying to save up for a personal gift for my sister (she just went to collage) and i need 400 dollars i have tried asking my neighbors and they said they dont need any help and i am already, Mowing my lawn and my aunts lawn and pulling weeds at my aunts for 30$ for the next 9 months but my dad said that winter is approching so i looked on ur website and raking leaves came in my mind so ill rake my houses leaves for 15$ every week for however long the leaves keep falling and i ran into another problem Winter so i decided to shovel my drive way for 10$ but my sister comes home december 20th do you think all of my hard work will get me there before then and if not what else should i do

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deepakkumaarr 6 years ago

impressive hub

jaz 6 years ago

i need a way to earn money fast and easy for my band can you help me.

khloe 6 years ago

i need some money so i can save up an make my family happy

Zach 6 years ago

Im trying to save up for a guitar and my uncle wont let me work for him any more im 300 dollars short will you please help me because my parents wont. And waiting patiently for the last four months has driven me mad.

star123 6 years ago

this stinks

johnny 6 years ago

i need money and fast help please

Miley 6 years ago

I am really broke!! I always try to save my money but my brother steals my money if i dont hide it and I have tryed to do baby sitting or dog walking but no one needs that, I dont get an allowence because my mom doesnt make that much money. I have tryed so many things. What now??

cj the dj 6 years ago

hey i need to get a new dog but MUM says i all ready have 31 dogs and 10 of them havescabs all over them there ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda 6 years ago


Y8 6 years ago

nice article but not for my maybe for my kids ;) . Chears

MINWORLDS 6 years ago


HotRondo profile image

HotRondo 6 years ago from USA

Kids can be more responsible and wise if we teach them to manage and earn their own money.there are things to do to make money,you can do garage sale,working part time or sell handmade stuffs.Good hubs.thanks for sharing :)

123ash 6 years ago

hi i need to make money but this is unclaer to me

Acacia 6 years ago

how can i do any of the pet things? im renting a townhouse & you have to pay $500 per pet!

Rachel 6 years ago


I am a girl and was wondering about shovelling snow and making Christmas cards. I have 3 questions to ask you though:

Can most girls of a tall and skinny build shovel snow easily enough?


When selling Christmas cards, would it be a good idea to make a mini catalogue of samplers, put it round to all houses in walking distance (2 miles approximately) and then say to text this number (my mobile number) and I will post however many you need through your letter box?


Do you expect that anyone will accept to me shovelling there driveway, £5 for a small drive way, £8 for an average driveway and £11 for a large driveway? And selling Christmas cards, £2 for a pack of 10? My area is well - off.

abou ali 6 years ago

cos omcoun kazebin _|_

A.J. 6 years ago

school gets in the way my best bet is that I might good at making myspace background

PatchI 6 years ago


im 11 and i need 900 in 3 months for a laptop

i can't do most of that stuff because i either ave no time and my mum doesn't like me away from the house by myself.

Im thinking of making some cookies or something but yeah.

Please help me

Thank you

lala 6 years ago

i need money so i can pay for my phone bil

parker 6 years ago

i made a lemonade stand and earned $500

Row-123 6 years ago

Any more ideas on how a 12-13 yr old can make money in at least 1 week ? Please we need your help!

EGK 6 years ago

to Row-123 - Try buying lollies and selling them at school

for example buy a pack of sour straps for abour $2 and sell them for 50c each I do this and make on average $50-$100 a week hope it helps

EGK Lollies Managing Director

Evie 6 years ago

how do i ear money at 7 years old

Evie 6 years ago

how do i ear money at 7 years old

Philipp 6 years ago

hallo my name is philipp and i need about 100$, but the problem is i live in a quiet street what can i do to get 100$ help me please

Lucy 6 years ago

I have a great idea i'm 11 and i first got this idea when i was looking on a website. There is a site called www.smilemakers.com and you know how at the dentist and doctors you have stickers? Well they sell those there and you can like 100 stickers for 5.00 and if you sold them for 50 cents a piece then that can really add up!

Oh and they have like little toys and stuff at a wholesale price so i thought that wass really cool idea...

MHYS 6 years ago


Katy 6 years ago

I need 800 dollars!! Want to buy a yorkie my parents say its ok if I get the money, BUT HOW?


Joseph hesse-withbroe 6 years ago

I need ways to make money!!

Peyton  6 years ago

I'm saving for a horse and like the excercising horses idea. But i need more ideas!!!!!

MR. C 6 years ago

Oh ya, well I need 6,000 BIG ones for my trip to Europe

shanique 6 years ago

i am a busy 12 yearr old and i need money how would i get to make money at school. i would really love to stop asking my parents for money everytime i go somewhere:}

answer me if you could.

carter 6 years ago

I Need 10,000 Dallors With In 4 Years! I'm Nine!

aak 6 years ago

hi i need a pet but i am broke

and i have a mean place were i live

so can i earn money

Candy Girl 6 years ago

hello,i have to earn 100 dollares in a little less than a month or we wont be able to go on this trip to canada weve been planing for two years now!i am only ten and ned help?how can i earn the money fast????


sneha 6 years ago

There’s an online tool called threejars.com that really makes keeping track of allowance easier. I feel like my kids are more into saving too because they see their money grow in these colorful jars.

kate 6 years ago

i am twelve and i like doing little odd jobs i like doing creative work but i dont know how to sell anything i make. i am willing to work at a business but i am not sure what to do i could keep track of papers or something like that how do i let people know that i am looking for these types of jobs, and where do i find them at a library? i am not sure please give me some advice!

Teonna 6 years ago

hi my name is teonna and i want to earn money, my parents have to take care of bills and stuff and i qould like for you to help me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, please ps. needing help to earn money

isabella 6 years ago

i want to get a pair of uggs but there alot of money and i rerally need to raise money fast whats a VERY EASY way to earn money help and FAST

bla bal bla 6 years ago

no help at alllll

starsarah 6 years ago


im 13 years old,i need to make money as fast as possible!! i was planning on flying my boyfriend here from arkansas and i was going to do it this year in december but it got postponed sadly becaus ea round-flight plane ticket is almost $500 and im selling stuff on cragslist but im having trouble. around here you cant go around the neighborhood asking if you can babysit because i learned recently you need a child care degree to babysit and avdertis that you want to babysit! it sux! i love kids! dogs arent my favorite things to do and im really really shy.. WHAT DO I DO??? SOMEONG PLEASE PLEASE HELP?!!?

bradley 6 years ago

I need money!!! in my town there is no job and im 9!!!!!!

Austin 6 years ago

Hello Hubpages my name is Austin and I'm 10 years old going on to 11 in about one week. I love making money because so many things I like cost a lot of money. When I do chores around my house such as cleaning my room, I get about $20.00 a week. I need more ideas on how to make money and lots of it, please! I need to learn how I could probably make money by doing some of these things:





Pet stuff...

Running errands

Making profits

Selling things

Fixing things



Teaching things

And... I guess bussing tables at my dad's resturaunt

Dr.fart 6 years ago

im 13 years old and middle school is boring and im starting my bussness at school and i need some oter ideas

Kat 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm also 12 and broke and I also live in the country with

No neighbours. I was thinking about doing maybe a hamster business

But now I know my mom won't let me do it as she does not like rodents

I am saving up to buy anew computer for my family which is about

500 euro (I live in Ireland) I can't start a business as there are not many

People who would use it. I'm upset that the publisher isn't writing back but

I understand why she isn't. You are all asking the same questions that are

Already answered above. Some questions are different but the publisher

has given up reading them all. Sorry!!! Please answer my question

above ! Thanks!!

Georgia 6 years ago

Hey I have read all the comments from 2 years ago! and you have helped so many people and now I need your help! And I no you said it is your attitude that makes the difference and you have stressed out ideas loads of times, but trust me my dad is not interested in me making a business and my mum will not have, she says I am to young and she is quite old fashioned. I can not sell lemonade or bread animals, I can not make my own paper because of ink paper and that, and I am a very green person. So what can I do? I want to do something, and not just so I can earn money, so I can show my parents, family, friends and all other parents that you can do anything if you put your mind to it! I just need a stimulus, someone to guide me in the right direction. So please can you suggest a job that a 12 year old girl who wants to make difference. please. thank you :)

Make Money Quickly 6 years ago

There are also places where you can upload photos, and whenever other people download your pics for their own use, the website pay you for that.

I think this can be pretty much interesting for kids, after all being creative it's the key to succeed.

kararox 6 years ago

What if I don't get allowance? :(

nikita 6 years ago

I make money by clining the bath room and i get 5 bucks for that, what other ways i can get money.

hey 6 years ago

i need money man

hey 6 years ago

i still need money, ilive on a farm but i dont know how to make money fast cause i need 2 buy stuff

erwin 6 years ago

i thing childerens have to mutch money!

Bald cheeks 6 years ago

whats the hundreds more old lady!!!

anga 6 years ago

i'm in mongolia it's dificult to find money here plz help me

flabbergastery 6 years ago

my mom won't let me get a rodent

Susan Starts Now profile image

Susan Starts Now 6 years ago from California

What an informative hub that is absolutely packed with great information. You are absolutely right, schools don't teach the skills everyone needs to create a balance between work and life. And they also do not teach the kinds of innovative thinking that will help children develop creative solutions. Your story about the rat business was excellent and certainly something that can't be discussed too often!

pagei 6 years ago

this hub helped me think of ways i can make money in my commuity. i have noticed that everyone has different problems but they all have thet same soluytions! get out there an try somthing insted of just whining the the publisher. there is always somthing to try!

SherSher 6 years ago

I am tired of all of you guys saying "INEED CASH NOW" or "THESE IDEAS DONT WORK FOR ME" what is she supposed to do do about it if those ideas dont work for you? If you need cash then she gave you some terrific ideas. use your imagination! there are plenty of things i can think of that would earn you money. Why ask inspirepub when you have a working brain inside your head? (With all due respect inspirepub)Also, life is life. you probably cant earn $500 in a month.It just works that way. If you say your parents/you dont have enough money to do xyz try another one! There are plenty of things you could do with paper, collored pencils/markers, and some imagination.

pagei 6 years ago

inspirepub thanks to your hub i made some fast cash you have good ideas that i am sure can meet nearly EVERYONES problems

Allysa 6 years ago

Heres a VERY UNIQUE way to get A LOT of money, all it takes is imagination1!:)

I'm only 12, and you see, what i'v been starting to think of, is some nice childrens stories to write, illistrate, and try to publish!!I heard you can get 60,000 i think a month, depending on your book and the sales.(:

Thanks, -Allysa(12 years old)

Dhiren Vyas 6 years ago

owww...really gr8 article ...

Caitlin 6 years ago

Im only 12 and as yu can see i cant actuallly get a real job and i need to earn at least 100 by the end of this week HELP ME !

dino875 6 years ago


i like ur idea of selling stuff on ebay!


Renia 6 years ago

I am 12yrs ols and Christmas is comin up in 11 DAYS!

I need money for shopping for friends and family and staff at

school and for me too! My parents also own a resteraunt and my mom is suppose to pay me but she forgets... please help 11

days are left!!!! :O

jess 6 years ago

i agree renia i need money for friendsa and stuff but my mum won't let do anything to earn money it's like it's against the law i'm freakin 12 bye bye

stephanie 6 years ago

jess i know how moms are but try to do babysittig or a garage sale and talk to your mom and say MOM ITS NOT AGAINST THE LAWS GOSH!!!!BYE

Dasia  6 years ago

My family is having money problems and its around christmas...... My parent are struggling and are thinking about getting a divorce. I tried to convince my mom to let me help but she said thanks but its not my job. Should i go behind her back and help out to make money or watch my family tear apart??!!!

HELP!!!! :(

titi101 6 years ago

Hi I love ur answers to all the other ones but most of the things you put to help find jobs are3 really just outrageous who in their right minds would buy a fat and breed them and well I'm just to lazy to get up and go door to door asking if they need any help how am I suppose to do that!

Hi :) 6 years ago

Hey, thanks for the article, it's really helpful, and I want to ask a question. Okay, do you thing if you're and okay artist it would be good to try and sell your art?

gabby 6 years ago

i need money to send me and one of my friends to six flags. i need 120 bucks.!!!


Toni & Allie 6 years ago

We want to raise money for Haiti, but we don't really no how. We have a few simple idea, but we would still like some more! can you please help?? We are willing to work! so anything will help!

Riley Smith 6 years ago

hey i need some help i cant find any thing that i can do for money at the age of 10 and i would like to get some money could you please help me out and try to put a list of things that kidsthe age of 10 or 11 could do that would be really helpful! oh and could you guysgive me some tips on the minamom and the maxamum of how much it should cost?

Thanks, Riley smith

12 year old girl! 6 years ago

I really need some cash because my confirmation money is running out. I searched on loads kf websites, yahoo answers etc, but all I got was paper rounds and things like that. We own 2 dogs

12 year old girl! 6 years ago

Sorry I pressed submit by mistake. So i'll just continue where I left off.... We own 2 dogs and the girl is mine so I convinced my mom to let us breed them insted of rodents because she hates them. So we're due puppies anyday now and when we sell them I get around 50 euro for each pup depending on how many we have. If we only have like 2 then my dad said he'd give me 100 because they are pure bred and we'd wanted to breed them anyway because they're 2 adorable dogs so I can't wait to see their offspring and my much needed cash. And because I love dogs soooooo much I walk some dogs in my nans neighbourhood every time i'm down (she lives almost 3 hours away) for 5 euro a walk. And I usually walk up a huge hill to my cousins who live abiut 10 mins (walk) away and then we walk his dogs too and we go to the park. I'm normally gone for nearly 2 hours and sometimes the owners give me tips because i'm so good and cheap. I walk 10 different dogs but only upto 3 at a time or 1 or 2 of the bigger dogs! Its worth it because in the summer I stayed with my nan and I earned 300 euro from walking all the dogs almost everyday and I went and fed this ladies dogs and plants and stufd when she went on holidays and I got 50 euro for that aswell!

mariah 6 years ago

im 12 and im trying to earn $400 dolars for an ipad and live in a very small town how can i earn some mney and its winter.... helpp

McKenzie 6 years ago

To: 12 Year Old Girl

The fact that your breeding your dogs is not good… You should NEVER breed dogs unless they are/have:


*Found potential buyers ahead of time

*Have enough money to pay for vet care

*Dogs are up to date on vaccines

*Have had a health test

There is more, and I presume you haven't done all of those, since you bred them for money.

But it is a good idea I guess, except it'll possibly cost you more then earn you more…

I am saving up for a horse right now, which is REALLY hard…

maddy 6 years ago

I'm 10 and I had no money till i started to rub my dads feet for 2 dollars every half and hour

Suleyman Mohammed 6 years ago

Mimi naitwa muhammed suleyman na nilitafuta kazi ambao naweza kufanya. mimi nimefika mwaka kumi na mbili na siwezi kuipata kazi hapa Dar es salaam

nick 6 years ago

hi, im 11 years old and need 400 bucks quickly.i already wash bikes for money but i need more cash...any suggestions

Eli, Stainer 6 years ago

Hi, I'm 11 and a halve Years old.

i Need 200 Dollars for what I'm trying to get but i have no ways of making money except by my allowance and Ebay...

please, i need a way of making some moo-la

cindy 6 years ago

hi, im 12 and i need 150 dollars to do this drama thing it was always been a dream of mine to be an actress but i need to pay 150 fast how can i get that kind of money really really fast help plz

becca 6 years ago

there are hundreds and hundreds of things you can do to make money now all you have to do is use your imagination and stop going on websites and asking all these questions and get a life

Bianca Raven profile image

Bianca Raven 6 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

This was really well written! It gave me some ideas for financially educating my own daughter. Thanks :)

Chris 6 years ago

Get site, inspiring stuff, however a little shocked at nature of childrens's unrealistic requests. If you could make $/£100 really quickly outside of school hours then every bugger would be doing it. A lot of the same posts, if you want to make money, then read the ideas already posted DONT be lazy a just post a request, use the information in front of you and be realistic. Rant over and so another idea for you:

You will be amazed at the numbers of old people who have never used a computer in their lives before, something that we take for granted nowadays is a world away in their eyes. A simple coaching lessons for introduction to email, cut & paste, word processing, scanning photos, facebook/friends reunited, ebay that kind of thing. 3/4 people on a saturday/sunday £5 an hour? the money will soon build, parents will have to accompany them until a mutual trust has developed but could be a money spinner.

money saving kid 6 years ago

hey, im 9, thanks for the ideas! ill keep them in miPr

justin 6 years ago

well im 11 and live in GA and i am tryin to raise 6 hundred dollars to get paintball equipment please help

Bb 6 years ago

Not really good I was expecting more exiting things not boring baby sitting and dog walking and car washing and mowing lawns again! I have tried heaps of websites and still nothing

c10 6 years ago

i need some great ideas for a job

tamera 6 years ago

i am twelve years old and i am trying to find ways to make money but that is really hard

MURRISA 6 years ago


marie 6 years ago

ahhhhhg, im 12 and i have never been to disney world but i realy wanna go all of a sudden!!!!!! my mom is disabled and cant work so we hardly have enough money for groceries. i lookedon the disney world website and did everything accept booking it. it all came up to 2,000 $!!!!!!! ireally need help but i cant do much cuz' my arm is broken!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel 6 years ago

Arrh hannah123@London.co.uk

khadija 6 years ago

hi i am khadija and you can make money by selling home made cupcakes or even your old staff you can do jobs for people like go and get you noubur milk and they will pay you £2:00 its still worth it if you save up

Furystar 6 years ago

Hello Im thirteen and finding methods for someone like me is really tough. I live in a very rural area so community jobs are hard to come by. I'd LOVE to do things with the computer because that's one of my favorite occupations but sadly I will not have a solid connection to the web for a while unless its on my phone and its a real pain to use it for everything. I do art and i don't want to toot my own horn but I've gotten rather good at it or at least than my peirs at school. My parents aren't in a position to pay me for chores and they've never given me an allowance. They're my only transportation though they work the whole day and I'd rather not bother them after all the work they do and money-saving themselves. I have tried in the past to take art commissions and the sort at school casually because im not sure if its aloud or not, not that manu people are interested since most veiw me as an outcasted nerd, its kinda funny. Well anyways, do you have any possible ideas for me? If you do I'd appreciate it if you could e-mail me so I can check it easily: furystarcat@hotmail.com

taiuana 6 years ago

i want a job because im tired of sitting in the house and my mom telling me to do stuff i want a job that i really enjoy like cooking,and or a assistant talking to people telling how to do stuff

ojr 6 years ago

hi i need some ideas 4 a nintendo ds that cost $300 i realy need good ideas and i want my mom 2 see how good im good at working any way im the best kid my mom ever had

wr 6 years ago

hi im 12 yrs old and need £100 to buy a cell phone my mum and my dad dont let me go out hw can i make money helllp meeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

wr 6 years ago

hi im 12 yrs old and need £100 to buy a cell phone my mum and my dad dont let me go out hw can i make money helllp meeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

wr  6 years ago

could any one give me an answer quick im to desparate

Tomer Zilbershtein 6 years ago

check out this blogand give ideas. http://littlespenders.blogspot.com/ - I'm trying to find ways to get money and im trying to get peoplemto post here their idea


Nat famous 6 years ago

Hey, my name is Natalie. I really need help!! please give me jobs that i could do. I'm an eighth grader in fresno CA. my little puppy has parvo and i ned 1,000 dollars quickly!!!!

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Austinpatrick98 6 years ago

Hi im Austin and im trying to save up 150$ and i need to earn it myself and i only have 45$. What could i do to earn some money I cant shovel snow or anything because it never snows here. PLease help me!

cole 6 years ago

hey i am in fifth grade and i only need to make 15 dollars got any ideas

kenz 6 years ago

cole just do house work, I take care of my dogs for my mom when she's out so this is really easy.

desi 6 years ago

i want to move out of my house....i no i cant pay for the house all by myself my parents are helping me but they sed that if i really want the house im going to have to help pay...i need to earn quick cash so the house doesnt get sold.

what do i do?

Justin Bieber  6 years ago

im dumb

miley cyrus 6 years ago

im dumb

gracie 6 years ago

i might try these jobs....

shasha 5 years ago

hi, i am 12 years old and i need a job to get £50.

Rayyan 5 years ago

I live in Bahrain, it in the gulf u probably never heard of it. I need like $200 to order NY new era hats. I get $12 a week but that will take a long time to reach $200, any suggestions? (I'm already working on selling so PS3 games)

Rayyan 5 years ago

I live in Bahrain, it in the gulf u probably never heard of it. I need like $200 to order NY new era hats. I get $12 a week but that will take a long time to reach $200, any suggestions? (I'm already working on selling so PS3 games)

blah blah 5 years ago

my mom and dad wont let me do any of them what should i do!!!!!!!!!!

Jack 5 years ago

I need a lot of money because iWANT A GOKART PLEASE GIVE ME MONEY

Cool man 5 years ago

Is it legal to sell cards an stuff near ur neighbourhood which is really quite , and my mum is so strict is there is anything I can do at home ?

PLZ help I'm desperate for cash I need 200 quid by the end of march help me now !!!! :/

Randomdude 5 years ago

Yo inspirepub what is the typical retail price for the cards and invitations ?

kiwifruit 5 years ago

I am a ten year old myself, and I have made a lot of money saving the money that i get for holidays and birthdays. but if you are not that kind of person, use this recipe to sell around the neighborhood, at lunch during school, on the bus, at church, in front of the grocery store.... anywhere!


1?2 Cup of Peanut Butter 6 oz chocolate chips 1?2 cup butter or margarine 2 Cups of Powdered sugar 10 Cups corn chex cereal


1. Melt peanut butter, butter or margarine, and chocolate chips in a saucepan over medium heat.

2. Pour over Corn Chex, being sure that all cereal is coated

3. Put 2 cups powdered sugar in a large paper bag. Put cereal in bag and shake gently until all cereal is coated.

4. Set out on wax paper to cool

5. Divide into single serving sandwich bags 6. Enjoy the profits!

P.S Inspirepub, are you ever going to answer these questions above??

jabreona 5 years ago

i need a job. i am 8 look of a job

jabreona 5 years ago

iam a 8 year old and i need a job over the weekend

ivory 5 years ago

I have seen many children succeed in selling handmade paper toys!And I am not the most creative person in class but my bestfriend is.HELP ME!!!!Do you think I should sell paper toys???(Four mountains,loud snapper,boxes,paper dolls etc.)

Riley  5 years ago

I need to make 50 $ for a new blackberry cause my dog chewed my old phone and my mom wont by me a new one. HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!! Im hopeless );

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happycamper123 5 years ago

hi can you please help me I need money and fast so I can get an ipad2 before my dad please help me on the internet they keep on saying I can tell you how to earn money good thing I found this websitse help me

megan 5 years ago

i need a job

abi 5 years ago

yeah right your justin beber and miley Cyrus

i rock 5 years ago

this is an ok site.

Bl. Bu. 5 years ago

Hi, I'm a shy kid, do you have any tips? It's not summer, so I can't mow lawns, I'm not old enough to baby sit, and because I'm shy, selling door to door isn't the best for me. I highly doubt my parents would let me start an online store or blog. And my parents aren't willing to pay me because my dad always does a better job than me. Do you have any ideas?

Silence 5 years ago

Ask your Dad if u could go work at his job for min. wage or ask your mom. Another is to ask a store owner to advertise their store and make ads and flyers. You could put them up all around.

lollie 5 years ago

please help me I am 10 years old and I really need 13 dollars. I am not that old so I can't baby sit or mow the grass! I need 13 dollars in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica 5 years ago

Here's an idea. http://createapath.webs.com

You can write chapters for a book that is going to be HUGE! Anyone can be a famous author - really!

the concept goes like this: lots of people submit a chapter and the end product is a book written by different authors, but with the story tying together. Once the book has sales, the authors involved get a share of the profit.

Check it out: http://createapath.webs.com/

Jessica 5 years ago

Here's an idea. http://createapath.webs.com

You can write chapters for a book that is going to be HUGE! Anyone can be a famous author - really!

the concept goes like this: lots of people submit a chapter and the end product is a book written by different authors, but with the story tying together. Once the book has sales, the authors involved get a share of the profit.

Check it out: http://createapath.webs.com/

Logan 5 years ago

I am tired of the crap of mowing,babysitting,and all THAT CRAP!!! I want 430 dollers!!!! i need money NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT LATER!!! That stuf woud be good if my Mom would let me.People woud pay me good. i hope when i turn 12 later this year i can.

courtney 5 years ago

i need to earn some money to put towards an iphone any ideas

Lizzy 5 years ago

these are ok ideas but we live in the country I cant do alot of that stuff! ?

J.c 5 years ago


I have really good computer skills so wat kind of job can I do online

veronika 5 years ago

hi i have great computer skills im not bragging or any thing but i need to earn some money realy fast because im getting a kitten in a week and a half and i want it to have lots of toys and the thing that are a few lil levils tal that they can jump on and im going on holidays soon so i want to earn some extra cash so i will be abel to spend it cuz last year i had 125 euro and i had to give my perants aroun 25-50 euro so i had a lil bit of money but still it would be great to have some extra cahh so plz HELP!

DanielFunnell 5 years ago

i like the rat breeding idea but i dont know how has rats my mum has lost her credit card can u text me how to breed rats on 079799017719 or email me on DanielFunnell@aol.com u would be a life saver please text me that u have done the email or text or ring me

Ize 5 years ago

Hi I'm Ize I'm eleven from Ireland I'm saving up for something special for our family and I need a bit more money but I can't breed animals because I wouldn't know where to sell them so I need to know a few jobs that I can do close to home.

From Ize xxx

Hope you can help

lola 5 years ago

I NEED 1000 DOLLERS , NOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a friend is helping but I need MORE.

How ********* can I earn all that?

phone lover! 5 years ago

i need a phone! i am about to start middle school and i dont have a phone! between school and after school sports i am gonna need to call somebody! but how can i if i dont have a phone? my parents said i could have one if i paid for it my self. but i need money for that! i read over this and i couldnt find anything! HELP!!

Jellybean 5 years ago

Hi I am getting a cat from a rescue shelter so I am saving up for alll the supplies which is going to cost alot!! So I am going to make jewellery and sell it online at this site called etsy.com because they spielize in handmade stuff but you can also sell them on eBay.com to start off with!

Lauren 5 years ago

Please help I need $20 bucks by friday!!!!!!!!

Ibrahim K. Shafin profile image

Ibrahim K. Shafin 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh & Washington DC, USA

Very interesting post. I like the writing style of yours.

Apple Freak 5 years ago

Im after a MacBook Pro 15" which is roughly £1,1350 (Im from the UK, At the moment, I have no money so I need ideas, I have tried all of the typical ideas mentioned but they do not earn me money, all I get is a pat on the back,I have some great computer knowledge but that does not earn me money either.

I need ideas ASAP

Reply to me and send your ideas to my email which is:


Thank you

Tish The Fish 5 years ago

OK these are all really good ideas, but i am only 12 and at my mom's work. My sister and I (my sister is 11 and I am 12) dont have very many things to do here. My mom works at an insurance agency that my pappy owns so I really could do anything but my mom says "NO" to everything!!!!!! I just need ones my mom will say yes to!!!!

mimsys so flimsy 5 years ago

sooo i am so bored and i dont know what to do i am 11 and my sista is tish the fish and she is 12 soo give me ideas for this bring afternoon! PLzzzzzzz Thnx

Tish The Fish 5 years ago

OK hey its me again and Im just ganna stay on this websites chiz because non of them helped!!! OK i got my sis on here tooo ( mimsys so flimsy) is my sister. OOOHH YYYAAAA bye

mimsy so flimsy 5 years ago

so bye! I am goin on yahoo messenger cuz i am bored bye!

Shane 5 years ago

This website is fricon awseome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ganna make tons of money dude!!!

This is total S*** thaT NONE OF THESE WORK THOH LOLGT!

Gecko Buddies with Gecko # 2 but is not a good friend to me girl ( hate her) !!! :( 5 years ago

I need ways to earn money and thyis helped so thnxs website!!

5 years ago

im bored and i need money but this website did not really help but im sssooo bored so i guess it works.

May 6, 2011 Friday Hot warm day

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bobthehunted 5 years ago

None of these ideas are useful at all. Im tired of this bullshit. The only possible way for me to make money is at yard sales but thats worthless. And my parent are cheap. They have NEVER payed me anything. I need $600 to do what I want. And what I want to do is not some stupid bike or something!

Kayla 5 years ago

I'm trying to help a friend save up to buy a laptop like me but we cant really do any jobs because its just...i don't know hard and were a little shy. We are only in the fourth grade and we really wanna babysit but were 3 years away from that. What are some other jobs we can do at our age now?

Kayla 5 years ago

I'm trying to help a friend save up to buy a laptop like me but we cant really do any jobs because its just...i don't know hard and were a little shy. We are only in the fourth grade and we really wanna babysit but were 3 years away from that. What are some other jobs we can do at our age now? No need to answer tho cause its probraly not gonnna be a good one

Kayla 5 years ago


Kayla 5 years ago


personon 5 years ago

wow this really helped NOT NOT NOT NOT

personon 5 years ago

wow this really helped NOT NOT NOT NOT

Aimee Morris 5 years ago

Hi! Thanks for the great ideas.

I have a 'slight' problem, you could say.

I'm very shy when it comes to meeting new people and I feel I would not be able to handle doing some of the things you suggested. I am also not allowed pets in the house as I have a dog - therefore, my parents think that is enough. They would not like the idea of breeding.

A couple of the things too, I cannot do as I live in a street where everything is very posh.

I live in England, by the way and I am eleven years old.

Hope you can help me with my problems!

Ashleigh 5 years ago

I dont think the woman 'Jenny' or 'InspirePub' is going to answer y'all and some ideas are good but they never seem to happen for me.... i want at least £100 by July 27th because i'm going on holiday and want some spending money. I don't really get pocket money but i am doing a little job for my grandpa-drawing flowers out of his garden, one per page and as detailed as possible and he will give me £1 per flower i have drawn and he will keep the little booklet after i've finished and he will pay me just before my holiday. however my holiday is in 8 weeks and i only see him once a week and it takes around an hour to draw one flower -.- i need another small job to give me a bit extra money as i have only saved £40 so far.... any ideas i will appreciate and i hope my drawing idea inspired one of you. Thanks in advance...:)


Ashleigh, 13 years old, England.

me 5 years ago

I need a Macbook and have about 25.00, wat now?

whatshouldmynamembe 5 years ago

what some ppl could do is find someone who breeds cats (it make it alot easier) and ask them to help you get into the cat breeding world it is very hard and you will have to go aroung searching for a while but u have to ask for BREEDING RIGHTS it is a must then while your looking for someone try asking for a loan and raising money to by the cat (depending on what breed it is)it can cost over $1,000 well them you can find someone who will let you breed your cat with there male cat(has to be same breed or else you cant sell it for very much less than $50 opposed to $500 or more)then you can breed your cat around once or twice a year and start saving up for when something come up... :)

whatshouldmynamebe 5 years ago

im only 13

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annemargaretreyes 5 years ago from Philippines

I am a ten year old kid and I live on Philippines. I cannot work on my neighborhood because I'm sure that they will not accept me. I want to save money to go to New York with my friends. The other problem is my parents would not allow me to go outside without their permission, and I want to prove that I am old enough to decide for myself. I also thought about working online, via e-mail. I think I can sell the stories I wrote. What will I do to convince them?

caroline 5 years ago

this page is so long!!!=0

Isaac 5 years ago

I am 9 years old and I need some ideas to earn money.please!!!!

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

This is a great article. I've always been very driven in entrepreneurial ways. It definitely makes me feel safer than the phenomenon "job security" that hardly seems to exist these days.

Needless to say, my parents always talk about college and class and careers as if the only thing you can do in life is get a full time job. Admittedly, I have a much different outlook.

lala 5 years ago

Ever since I started making money MY life has been 80 times better and I'm not just saying!!!! c:b

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kingcon2298 5 years ago

hey, im 13 years old and big on collecting sneakers, i need a quick way to make around 100 to 200 dollars, keep in mind the sneakers i collect or nike sb

soren the guardian 5 years ago

hi im 14, i really need help... i live in an odd neighborhood.

i need cash fast because my parents cant help because of morgage stuff. i want a few electronic things i really cant afford. i just dont know what to do. most of these suggestions wont work in my neighborhood, im not allowed to do online marketing. i once did have a "video game library" but that didnt work so well...i just really need an answer please.

soren the guardian 5 years ago

i know you wont answer..

Allyson 5 years ago

I'm 9 years old and NEED to make money fast, in about 2 weeks. The ideas ahead are okay, but I can't do anything above. Please help!!!

Also, to soren the guardian, you can have a garage sale, since you live in a neighborhood, or, if you don't sell anything, go to Buffalo Exchange and you can sell your clothes there and if they like your clothes, they will pay you on the spot. Go to their website for more info. I did this and it worked!!! I just need more ideas.

Lola 5 years ago

I need to save up money fast to my help my older brother get in to collige

judy 5 years ago

hi, rats kind of freak me out, are there any more options? my dad said no way to babysitting so i dont think he will let me do anything else :(

teddylover 5 years ago


My name is Tara and i am 12 years old. My family just moved to virginia from california and i dont really like it and i know its just because i'm not used to it and i really miss my friends in california. We moved because my parents jobs weren't that good and most of my dads family lives here so my mom got a job at a spa that my aunt owns and a bunch of my other aunts also work there, and my dad does construction with his sister in- law and its going kinda good. Right now my family is staying at my aunts house until we move into an apartment in a few weeks, and i was wondering if there is a job tthat i can work at to make some money to help my parents just a little because they work a lot and still dont get a lot of money, and ai have a 8 month year old bichon frise mix with a poodle dog and he pees and poos sometimes at my aunts house because he is not used to it and my parents are really mad. And if we open a door he will run outside and it takes like 15 minutes to 1 hour just to look for him and he runs everywhere. In peoples backyards where we can't go to get him and in the middle of the street. And he just runs away to whereever he wants and my parents get mad also because of that. I really need help to help my parents. i am also trying to save up for a camera for my photography class i am going to take. But for now i won't worry about that until i have enough money. Because i know if i buy my own camera i will take more care of it and use it more and i won't fell bad for my parents for spending so much money on the whole family. So if u have any suggestions that would be great. Not something to work a lot. Just something for a little while. I have 2 baby-sitting permits and one cpr permit because i took classes for them. I love kids and i organize things very well. I am very neat also. i also made my own resume with comments from family and friends and places i have helped out. I am also in a program called Gate program for student who pass a test for throughout the year and only a few at my school passed. I got accepted to go to a university for 1 month. i got to decide from a lot like Princeton, and soooooooooooooooo many more. If i would have went it would have went on my a school paper so if i wanted to join that university when i am older i would have a better chance getting in. They would have showed me the whole campus and i would have learned a lot of stuff. Unfortunatly, i didn't go because they were all about $4,00 or more and that was just too much for my parents. But ya so naything please let me know.

P.S. Sorry i write so much!

Kai 5 years ago

Hi my name is Kai I'm ten years old and i neeeeeeeeeeed money now!!! I have a whole lot of DS games but my DS split in two!! AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH! HELP ME! IM GOING CRAZY ABOUT IT! HELP!

Absters 5 years ago

Hey, I don't think i should say my age but im young and i'm saving up money. I;m already doing chores and garage sales and lemonade stands, but i thought some more ideas would help me reach my 1,000 dollar goal sooner. Any ideas??

Emma 5 years ago

Hey I am 12years old and I need money for a dog bed for my dog Cooper he is a big dog and we have been sharing my bed but have have grown slot seems we got him and so he gets the bed and I get the floor can u help me with ideas to earn money?

shelly 5 years ago

to many options

Charity 5 years ago

Hi, My name is Charity and Im ten years old. I live in and estates, and there's not a lot of people that need help. I dont really know my neighbors and the yard work guys come alot, so they dont need my help. everybody elese have pivet jets, (they dont want a 10 year old doing there lawn or walking there dog.) I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!

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um wat 5 years ago

hey i need to get about 200$$ no rat breeding im doing a lemonade stand near the pool and i live on a golf course. any more ideas?


I NEED MONEY!!!!!!!:3


James 5 years ago

Hey guys, read this article a while back. Being 12 years old myself (but rather mature for my age) and living in the United Kingdom in a neighborhood full of old people, and a school that punishes selling items in school, I had no way of making money. After this, I started up a blog with AdSense and have made a considerable amount of money from this. I'd like to thank you, inspirepub, for creating this article.

To all the people begging for money,

Try creating a list of all of the ideas you can possibly think of.

Now cross off the ones that you could not possibly do.

Now show the list to your parents and ask them to cross off the ones that they would not like you to do.

You should now be left with some ideas. Try them all out, and find out which one works best.


= James =

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iluvcole4-ever 5 years ago

I need money for a i pad and to help pay bills and for a i pod touch my friends think i get want i just by asking so please help me i need the money and i live in the mountains and all of my neighbors have a lot of kids so the

chores are out and i cant do chores at my house plz plz give any good ideas thx

Rebecca 5 years ago

Im lookin for ways of too make money im forever boring money off my mum and i need to pay her back someday so these ideas are really helpful and ive used some and made enough money to pay back my mum double the amount i borrowed

Ben 5 years ago

Ok i now that i can do rat breding but a have a dog and i cant do dog breding or any breading or anamal care becouse my dog will chase him/her arond and im not allowed to do dog care becoues my parents sed so and i cant do babysitting becoues im nine if you find a money making job i would be more than happy to hear.

livi 5 years ago

i need a way to get 700 dollars fast for a beautiful horse but im only 11 is there a fast and easy way?

A Note To Add... 5 years ago

... about the rat breeding: make sure you supervise your kids and make sure they are responsible enough to know the limits of breeding and understand the work to put into it.

I'm not putting my name here! 5 years ago

Rat breeding is out of the picture for me and I need to make $528 for a laptop and thats without tax! I don't really do much chores and I can't do a lemonade stand cause summer is almost over and people aren't going to want to buy lemonade. So if anyone has some suggestions for me I would be pleased. :-/

Nadia 5 years ago

Hey am Nadia I need money but my mom dose`t not let me sell like lemonade how can i make money and really not have to lots of things pleas leave answers and if you do a speech to make my mom let me thanks chaw for know

Olivia 5 years ago


my name is Olivia and, I am 10 years old. my grandma has a shed that my sisters,cousins,friends,and I are making a club house out of. We had a bake sale and we made $60. We want to buy a TV but we need more money.What can we do!

????? 5 years ago

please help me

i need money for an x box 360 but i dont know how to get the money


momo 5 years ago

Hey. Im 11 years old and i want to raise money for down sindrum but im not sure excactly how to d that please give me ideas!

patty 5 years ago

please help i need some new shoes my old nikes are ripped and i need to get money quick but im really shy do u have a sugestion

lulu 5 years ago

i need money to go on a trip to california

lulu 5 years ago

mine is the one on top i need suggestions fast please help

JoanNikki 5 years ago

Hi im 12 and I need to save up around $$200 before the 30th of September because me and my sisters are going to the royal show in October, and for about a year my sisters have been looking for a job because stupid beauty therapy places can't afford real beauty therapists!! We usually buy a lotta stuff I already have saved up $40 but that will only get me lunch coz the place is so expensive, i don't wanna miss out and my parents only give one fifty for the whole group. I need help BIG help on Easy ways to save up because I am in highschool next year so Im studying, Doing homework ALL THE TIME am usually ALWAYS busy, and it has to be fast for me to do, PLEASE reply someone who cares.

jake 5 years ago

hello, im 12 years old and looking to start a gardening buisness localy im curentley asking my parent for 100 pounds loan , 10% of this will be put towards my website http://thegardenservice.moonfruit.com/# wich is currentley under construction and also to buy equipment to help me with the buissness, i will be charging 20 pounds maximum ,and looking at 3 call outs per week,making 60 pounds a week and 3,120 pounds a year

do you think this is a good idea?

Megan 5 years ago


Laura 5 years ago

hi you have great ideas still begging my dad to let me also mom the worst ugh


Laura 5 years ago

hi you have great ideas still begging my dad to let me also mom the worst ugh


Megan Merritt 5 years ago

you can get a rat at any kind of pet store

p and m 5 years ago

we have a very protective mother so we dont have many options to earn money is there any other ones u can help us with because she wont have a bunch of screaming crying little kids running around she wont let us go house to house and she wont let us go any where by our selfs!-M I want to Earn alot of Money For a Great party I'm going to have to get some money For a Face Painter and Great Entertainers. I need Very Clever Thinking Here. -P WE NEED PROFFESIONAL HELP NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

P and M 5 years ago

we have a very protective mother so we dont have many options to earn money is there any other ones u can help us with because she wont have a bunch of screaming crying little kids running around she wont let us go house to house and she wont let us go any where by our selfs!-M I want to Earn alot of Money For a Great party I'm going to have to get some money For a Face Painter and Great Entertainers. I need Very Clever Thinking Here. -P We Need help now

profile image

XMegannX 5 years ago

hi, i really need about 1000 pounds to go to the cayman islands by next year and i really dont know what to do because im not really good at art or cleaning and im really bad with pets. Please help!

Payton 5 years ago


cheese girl 5 years ago


cancersavor 5 years ago


im only 8 and need some help to raise money for kids with cancer.i only have 3 dollars yes 3 dollars my grandparents say theyll match what i have in a week so i dont have much time help meee

Sydney 5 years ago

im 10 years old and i NEED to find quick easy ways to make money. im trying to redecorate my room but it costs A LOT of money so PLEASE HELP ME!!!:):):):):):)

Lalala person 5 years ago


Maia 5 years ago

I am 13 and I am trying to get a turtle but I have to buy everything. It costs a lot of money and I do not know how to get that much money so quickly. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Aiden 5 years ago

I'm 10 and have already started a car wash business and earn roughly £40.00 pound per month (£10.00 a car!) but it not earning me enough money for some nice DJ Decks and my person for my family Secret Santa; but I'm good at PC's, so I might do the card/invitation business.

Camille 5 years ago

Okay so I want to lease a horse, me and my sister are splitting the costs. I have enough, but my sister doesnt. I need to raise around 80 dollars or even 50 is fine. But I asked around and nobody needs their cars washed and i cant think what else I can do! Please help and I need it really quick so I dont know how to make money fast and im only eleven; e

Weronika 5 years ago

Dear Jenny,

I am a twelwe year old girl in need of a little money, I am very shy so the survey in my neighbourhood is a bad idea. I am also very bad with computers (my friend is typing this for me).



PS: I'm not artistic either :(

Mary! 5 years ago

Well My name is Mary! I'm 13 years old. & I need some money): I need 60$ by monday(so like a 3 days) && I live in a place, where people are not friendly... So any advice would be really great!!! (: Things I'm good at is: Crafts (anything hands on); Computers, Writing, Odd jobs, Cleaning & maybe some more...


I love k9s 5 years ago

That was not a great help it was stupid I want to earn big money

Not 2 cent per year

BamBamandTinTin 5 years ago

these arnt very creative...except for the rat breeding...wtf. -____________________-

shaunah 5 years ago

hey guys,

i really need more ideas of quick things to make that i can sell? I would like to save up before christmas because my dad has told me i need to buy everyone in the family something......please help

riri 5 years ago

to megan,

get a rat from the petshop duhh!

Laura 5 years ago

Hey, I am a 12 year old girl, and I need to save $7200 (5232.39 in Euros). I can't do food, and I can't do anything that would take my parents cash. I have the time span of 1 and a half years. Any suggestions?

Chloe 5 years ago

i need a way to get money. I need money for christmas presents. I dont have barley any money to start with so i cant do things that i have to buy first. And it is winter so nobody would hire me to mow their lawn or buy lemonade. My parents wont let me go to others peeps houses to do odd jobs. What can i o to get money for presents in 34 days?

qwerty 5 years ago

i am 10. i need $550 in one year. please help!!!!

madison 5 years ago

ok i need 100-500$ in a couple months!!! i like these ideas:


collecting golf balls


excresicing horses

dakota 5 years ago

i like alot of those ideas i just want money for my mmo for vip 10$ a month i need it now please help me

jessie 5 years ago

hey my name is jessie and im trying to save up my money for a trip to costa rica with my school in the united states i need a job i know im only 11 but if someone has good ideas for me please and thankyou

me 5 years ago


Jackie 5 years ago

you should sell things on eBay

jeff H 5 years ago

hey i been thinking alot about this cuz i feel like im bad with money an my son is 4 yrs old just wondering when should i start teaching him these money values??

jenny 5 years ago

i need help makeing money for a 12 year old girl becuse i am going on this trip and i want to buy something any ideas would really help thanks!!!

Alex tittensor 5 years ago

hi i have a woodworking business that has started called plane away but i need £300 for some new tools but ive got no money please could help me



Cam B. 5 years ago

the least i want is 50$ so I can buy Comic Combat for the uDraw Gametablet DX

no money man 5 years ago

im stuck cuz all the suggestion are brill but i know i cant wash cars cause they have Bmw and dont want them scratched They all hire pros for there lawns and gardening

they dont wont pets cuz there old and im not allowed surveys because there no use to me thee usualy $$$$

when i need ££££ so if you cud tell me a suggestion of wat old people migh want

Jackie 5 years ago

I really would like to go on a trip with my family to Hawaii, but I'm 11. Please give me ideas to earn money. Thanks!

Olga 5 years ago

Hi! My name is Olga. I am 13 years old and i would love to get a job, but i can't because i am to young. I tryed being a Dog walker, but that didn't work out, why? i think its because people really "Love" there money or something, because when i sell magazines for school, they dont buy them either!!! I just want ideas on how i can earn money at such a young age, because my family is not doing so well and i just want some extra cash and not having to always ask them. i feel bad....i want to help!!! in some way... Please Help! I need Ideas!



ipods 5 years ago

thanks but need a better idea saving 4 a 300 dollar ipod touch

Danielle 5 years ago

I need 119 dollars by tomorrow

i pads 5 years ago

thanks but i need money for an brand new i pad 3 they come out in march so new ways to get money

Blake 5 years ago

Need money need ideas

Alex 5 years ago

It's funny how many kids have responded to this hub ;-)


Gabi 5 years ago

G'day Jenny,

I'm 12 and I need $100AUD in the next few weeks.

We rent our house and pets aren't allowed, ever and Mum won't let me, so rat breeding is out of the question.

I live in a heritage suburb of snobby old people and they wouldn't want me to help them with technology and none of them are very friendly and there's only four houses other than mine with kids that I know of in the whole district. I thought about being a waitress in my step-uncle's restaurant but Mum said I'm not allowed until I'm 14 and it's on the other side of town.

I'm not allowed to sell anything (besides, I don't have anything to sell), particularly not online.

I'm good at making cards and photography but I can't afford to buy card to make them at the moment.

Please help me with ideas, please :)

Sorry to bother you.


cerealman 5 years ago

Everyone who keeps posting comments, check how long ago it was that inspirepub posted to help out on this page. she hasn't posted for about, like, 2 years? quit posting. there's no point. save your battery bower and go to a different website.

dez 5 years ago


what cerealman said

Crystal 5 years ago

I am saving up for an ipod touch which is £150. I am completely stuck for ideas and want to start making money, please help

Dyllen 5 years ago

Hello. Um... I read what you said Elizabeth to do: make a blog and get money from it. I already have a blog but I don't understand how you can get money from it. Do I make my own advertisements? Please help. I am really inspired by all the comments. Thanks.

Elyssa 5 years ago

I hated it.It didn't help me at all.I got nothing.It was a waste of my tine.

DanceStar 5 years ago

Hi Jenny,

I tried all your ideas and none of them worked. I am trying to convince my mom ad dad to take my family on a trip to new york for Christmas and I have offered to pay for myself. I don't even want anything else for christmas except this trip since i have been wanting since i was 6 ( I'm 12 now)! But i also need some money to spend there. How do I make money for the trip($750 for a round trip!!) Plus spending money? I don't get an allowance and no one I know will help me with eBay. I have not given up hope and I am not being a negative Nancy, but what should I do?

You are awesome by the way!:-)


lol 5 years ago


lauren 5 years ago

its do easy for kids to make money by babysitting or a mommy's helper!!!

raiff constance 5 years ago

helppp im stuck i dont have no money and i need it fast pleassssssssssss!

Dyllen 5 years ago

I guess all we have is to read the comments above. :(

DanceStars 5 years ago

Some advice to people needing money: keep your eyes on the ground. I once found a five dollar bill just lying there. Just remember: its the little things that count! Hope this helps!!:-)o

Mikey 5 years ago

Something else you could do is make homemade cards

kayla143 5 years ago

im trying to raise $700 by next month what should i do!!!

Hollie 5 years ago

This could work!

Annaliese 5 years ago

hey I really want to get a TV for my room but I don't have enough money and im only 12 so I cant babysit yet pls help me xx

Landon T. 5 years ago

It was too long to read but it was worth it.

ejvlk 5 years ago

hi i want money i need it

project person 5 years ago

if you were a kid trying to get money to donate to a children's hospital but you only had a limited time to do it what should you do

QAz 5 years ago

Im trying to go on my sixt5h grade trip...graduation and it is also my just reward for eating the lunches there....i once ate a GREEN hotdog. pleeeez my parents cant afford it.....but they can afford my brother's 900 dollar trip min eis sooner and only 185 dollars

joejoe 5 years ago

i need money so 1 help

sad 5 years ago

i really want a laptop and its 200 dollars ive got some saved up and dont know how to get the rest none of your ideas work verry well where i live.

Kaylee 5 years ago

Hi. I am saving for a Iphone 4s Does anyone have an idea the phone and accessories are like 500 bucks... Anyone have any ideas?

memory 5 years ago

hey i saved money and i bought a flat screen tv

lilly 5 years ago

hi, i want a new ipod but i cant find my wallet, can you find some easy jobs for me to do around my neighthood in the middle of febuary?

brandon morales 5 years ago

I need 200 dollars in 3 days any advice


Abby 5 years ago

I want to know if i can earn 10,000 dollars by cleaning,dishes,take out trash,make my bed,make my moms bed,sorte bills out,clean the table,clean my room. Email me back at wadeva1@netzero.net please and i am only 9 but i will be turning 10 in Augest 14th

Asha and Emma 5 years ago

Me and my twin sister want to go on this trip to orlando for our birthday but our parents want us to pay for the tickets and hotel!!!!!!! We need 400 dollars by this summer but we're only turning 12! What should we do? We have already gotten some money from lemonade stands (around 100 dollars) but it's taking too long. We've tried dog walking but nobody called or emailed and we don't know who to babysit for. Any advice or ideas are really appreciated...thanks!

Allen James 5 years ago

I found this site extremely interesting. But can you suggest more ways . Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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