Ways To Prevent Data Theft

Be paranoid. People who are aware of their information and where it can be collected are going to more savvy about its disposal.

ATMS- Hole in the Walls- Cash Machines

  • make sure that there is no one watching you put in your pin
  • use a machine that is in a public place
  • make sure that the machine does not have a skimmer attached (IE a card reader attached to the card slot)
  • Take you reciepts with you and dispose of them correctly
  • Don't share your pin number
  • Don't have the same pin number for all your accounts
  • dont use birthdays/anniversary dates as pin numbers
  • dont store pin numbers even ones "disguised" as phone numbers with the card
  • Keep the card in sight at all times ie dont let the shop assistant take the card into the back room to process it


  • Keep all of your financial records in a safe place
  • check your ATM receipts with your statements
  • know where your checkbook is and treat it like cash
  • keep copies of your card in your email account as a draft in case it is lost and you need the details
  • if your wallet is stolen report it immediately and cancel your cards
  • when you are getting rid of financial data shred it before disposal
  • got a new card... then destroy the old one and throw away the pieces in different bins IE work bin... bin at the bus stop etc


  • don't give your details to people on the street ie Greenpeace collectors etc
  • shred documents that contain your address
  • shred correspondence that your are not keeping


  • no bank will ever ask for your bank account details or pin over the internet so don't get phished
  • don't fill in on line surveys with your details
  • only use sites that are secured for internet transactions
  • make sure your virus scans are up to date
  • don't save internet passwords, because if your computer is stolen then the thief has access to all your accounts
  • when you sell a computer... Don't sell your hard drive.... destroy it. Even when the drive is wiped only the address labels ie the ability to find the data is lost... the data is still there until it is rewritten over


  • teach all of your family to be security conscious with their information ie certificates, medicare cards, licenses
  • when you move have mail redirected and send standard letters to companies you deal with to tell them you have moved
  • If you think that your identity had been stolen then contact the police and have it investigated early
  • Be safe

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UncleVladdy 7 years ago

Good common sense tips! If everyone followed your advice it would be much more difficult for people to commit identity theft. I wrote a hub specifically about protecting your identity online, you can check it out here: http://hubpages.com/technology/How-To-Protect-Your...

Dink96 profile image

Dink96 7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for passing on some valuable info.

queen cleopatra profile image

queen cleopatra 6 years ago

Ouch! I sold an old pc months before and I did not even think of the info stored in the hard disk. Luckily, the buyer is a friend, who promptly did a complete reformat. Thanks for the invaluable tips. :)

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