What is an ETF? | Introducing ETFs to Individual Investors

ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds.  There are currently many online courses offered which claim to be able to teach people about trading ETFs and make huge amounts of money.  One course is offered by an ex Lehman Brother employee who claims to have lost a million dollars before he was 23.  Is this a recommendation? Apparently tradind ETFs on the stock market is much the same as trading stocks and shares but involves less fees.  

Some courses describe how you can start trading ETFs today with as little as $10,000 and retire in a couple of weeks.  "Turn your $10,000 into $2.4 million within a year.  I suppose this is possible and yes, ETFs might turn you into a Hedge Fund Manager.  You could of course make huge losses and NEVER be able to retire, lose your home and end up on the streets.  Unsurprisingly, this element of trading ETFs on the stock markets is not overly covered - just a minute disclaimer at the foot of articles.  

Should You Become a Hedge Fund Manager?

With ETFs you can buy into sectors such as Silicon Valley, NASDAQ 100, futures and shorts which have been the reserve of Hedge Fund Managers with huge funds to play with.  If you decide to go this route do consider the current economic climate and how it was arrived at in the first place. 

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