What is the best way to invest money? In stock market ?

Where is it Safe to Put Your Money?

Get the Most from Your Money

Make investments that count. Low to no risk investing. Increase your assets. Adjust your diversity.

Smart Investing

Creating Cash Flow.
Creating Cash Flow.

Get Your R.O.I.

 Get your return on investment by duplicating what successful people do. Create new cash flow generators, even a little residual income is welcome. Many little streams will combine to be a large river of cash.

A New Look at Diversifying

All the best stock brokers touted loudly from on high to,"Diversify your portfolio." It was a smart concept. Spreading your investments across many levels of risk. This gave you a chance of big gains in high risk tech and medical, while some would be safe with all but guaranteed slow growth. They are salesmen getting paid whether you win or not. You'd have better odds playing basic strategy black jack.

For day traders, there was a bubble, many of these investors thought they had an ever growing pot o' gold. They have learned otherwise, and many of them took the diversity advice one step further. They looked closely at their talents and created other streams of income. After all, this is a group of self taught experts.

So much information is free online or your local library. Some book stores will even let you sit and read new books for free. Knowledge is the great equalizer. Success is always being written about; Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, etc.

As you learn secrets of successful people, duplicate them in your own home. One of the biggest secrets is to diversify cash flow. Not just your stocks and bonds. Create multiple streams of cash flow. Grow each stream with care like an orchard of cash trees. Grown properly each stream will become residual, cash flow that works even if you don't.

Collecting rent/lease on a properties such as tools, computer, freezer space, cars, motorcycles, homes, condos, etc. Can turn your sedentary things into assets.

Wise partnershipsthat utilize individual talents, can share risk and responsibilities to create nice income streams. Single mom that can do bookkeeping at home can gain a few partners like local landscapers, pest control, janitorial services, most any small local business.

I took advice from Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki to heart. My wife and I have increased our income streams to 5 so far. She is employed by a large dot com, and has her own home based business. I write, consult, and represent a nutritional wellness line. For more information on home based business check out this article: http://hubpages.com/hub/Start-a-Home-Business-to-Help-the-Economy.

Be Well

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Moxie Trader profile image

Moxie Trader 7 years ago

Sage advice on creating multiple, diverse streams of cash flow.

hubber-2009 profile image

hubber-2009 7 years ago from India

Your money is always at risk in the stock market.

sophiewf profile image

sophiewf 7 years ago from US

Great post.

ernestmanning922 7 years ago

I agree with hubber-2009, your money is at risk in stock market. I read a very interesting article about this concept [url=http://www.bankonyourself.com/best-way-to-invest-m...]best way to invest money[/url]. Very interesting!!

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China

Not all what Robert Kiyosaki says is right. Stock investing is not what he says. You're not supposed to buy low and sell high. That's gambling. You're buying undervalued stocks to earn steady dividend income. Grow with the company. Just like owning a small business. Stock investing should always be based on the profit earned from happy customers. Only win-win game could last long. That's why Warren E. Buffett always wins.

I wrote a hub about this topic. Hope to help you guys.


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