When Is Cyber Monday? Recommended Stores

What and When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a day which shoppers are encouraged to shop online. This day falls on the first Monday after Black Friday every year.

In short, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It's not just any day but a day when retailers drop their prices to rock bottom in order to get rid of excess Thanksgiving items to make way for new stock.

Most of the things on sale would be turkeys, stuffing and many other items usually sold for that holiday. In recent years stores have also offered Christmas items as a part of their Black Friday sales.

Online stores have adopted this trend and offer shoppers the luxury of a sale day where everything is at a reduced cost.

Cyber Monday 2013 is November 25.

Early Christmas shopping

The biggest advantage of Cyber Monday is the idea of shopping early for Christmas. The good thing is you don't have to walk the mall to find the perfect gift. You can spend just a few minutes or maybe a couple of hours browsing the internet before making the right choice.

The other great thing about shopping early is that you get the items on sale at as much as 90% reduction. Some stores also offer two for one sales, free shipping, and super specials that actual store can't beat.

Cyber Monday Advantages

With everything there are advantages and disadvantages. I know many people hate Black Fridays but equally as many relish the thought of spending less to get more. Here are a few of the advantages of Cyber Monday.

  • No need for the pushing and shoving such as what happens on Black Fridays
  • Shopping from the comfort of your own home
  • Quick and easy checkout, no long lines
  • No need to lug bags of merchandise, have your items delivered to your door
  • You can shop at multiple stores in the time it would take to shop at one store on a Black Friday
  • Early Christmas shopping for the best items at reduced cost
  • Significantly reduced shipping and sale prices due to competition

Cyber Monday Disadvantages

It was pretty hard to find the disadvantages for Cyber Monday. Come to think of it the disadvantages would be the same as everyday online shopping so here goes:

  • You don't get to see the item (for real) before buying. Your choice is based solely on the photo on the computer screen
  • Many new stores will pop up around this time of year so be careful about where you buy
  • Be careful of credit card fraud
  • Returned items may take longer to get resolved
  • You run the risk of goods being damaged during shipment

Best places to shop online for Cyber Monday

Here is a list of stores which are reputable and established as online retailers. Some of these stores also have walk-ins.

Online only
Online and In-store
Online and In-store
Online and In-store
Apple Store
Online and In-store
Online and Instore
(Auction site) Online only
Online and In-store
Online only
Online and In-store @ PayLess
Apparel, shoes and accessories
Best Buy
Online and In-store
Online and In-store
Online and In-store
Toys R Us
Online and In-store
Online and In-store
Computers and accessories
Barnes & Noble
Online and In-store
Books and publishing
Online and In-store
Flowers and Gifts
Skin Store
Health and beauty
Perfumes and Eau De Toilettes
Land's End
Shoes, bags, apparel and accesssories
Shoes, bags, apparel and accessories
Online and In-store
Pharmacy, health and beauty
Calvin Klein
Online and In-store
Apparel, accessories and colognes
Ralph Lauren
Online and In-store
Apparel, accessories and colognes
Elizabeth Arden
Online and In-store
Health and beauty
Swanson Health Products
Online and In-store
Health and beauty
Wine Express
Wines, flowers and gifts
Books and Toys

Tips for shopping online safely

The first time I was to purchase something online I was really scared. One of the reasons was, I was worried that I would pay for my items and I would not receive them. When I got my package in the mail I was really surprised and ecstatic.

However, I later learned that my fears were not unfounded as many scams and fakes are online, just like in the real world. When shopping online it pays to be extra careful not only about where you shop but also about how you shop.

Here are some safety tips:

  • Shop at an established and reputable online store
  • It pays so check which stores are blacklisted by the FBI or Google
  • Check your consumer report to see if a store has been reported for bad business
  • Check consumer review sites fro real reviews from real people
  • Only shop at stores which offer contact information and customer support.
  • Make sure to check return and shipping policies before spending your money
  • Check if there is a buyer protection offered (eBay has a buyer protection in place)
  • If the site seems fishy...leave immediately
  • If your browser site scanner tells you it's a phishing site leave. It's better to be safe than sorry
  • Only shop at sites you trust
  • Read their user policies before shopping


  • Make sure the site is secured with SSL encryption. The green address bar is a sign that tells you that the site is encrypted. The more secure site will have the name of the company, a padlock and the https:// in green. See examples.

For more information about shopping safely online please visit this hub.

My bet is that many people will avoid the mad rush of Black Friday and wait until Cyber Monday to shop. I also believe that there are better, newer items via the online stores because you wont find a lot of people have handled them the way buyers do in the actual stores.

Make sure your item meets the specifications of your purchase agreement, if not them return immediately for a full refund.

Shop early this Christmas on this year's Cyber Monday and save.

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Comments 8 comments

Kathleen Cochran profile image

Kathleen Cochran 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Very useful. Thanks for the info since every year I do more and more of my shopping online. Never really considered what brick and mortar stores I could add to my online shopping. Tend to stick to Amazon, but I'll give some of these a look. Usually try to have all my gift purchasing done by Thanksgiving so I can just enjoy the holiday concerts, parties, and family events. It is the number one best thing I've ever decided to do to combat holiday stress. Online shopping is number two!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 3 years ago from Jamaica Author

Hi Katherine. I also love to shop early in order to beat the holiday rush. I also prefer to shop online as well. I have planned a shopping day fro our local walk-in stores but am dreading the day. I can;t shop for my fiance online so I must go walking, I hate that...lol

sprickita profile image

sprickita 3 years ago from Reno

Nice ty..

always exploring profile image

always exploring 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

Thank's for all the good tips. I never shop on line for anything except books. I was even afraid to get an account on PayPal, too many scammers out-there...

SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 3 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Hi Carolee! I put this hub in my archive file for that list of good online stores, not that I have any money to shop with anyway. I remember about 35 years ago, I waited till Christmas Eve, then went to Daytons at West Acres Mall in Fargo, ND, opened a charge account and bought my girl friend a negligee. (At least at that time I "had" a girlfriend!)

I've never ventured out on Black Friday, and in order to compete with Cyber Monday (I guess this is the reason) way too many big stores are beginning to open early on Thanksgiving Day!

I mean, where is the respect for tradition and family?

Going, going...going...Gone...?

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 3 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks Sprickita. Have a great Sunday afternoon.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 3 years ago from Jamaica Author

Me too Ruby. I remember it took me a while to open a Paypal account. I checked every online billing system before I opened my paypal.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 3 years ago from Jamaica Author

Hi James, I like the idea of the negligee gift..that is so romantic! We don;t have these kinds of things here in Jamaica but I bet that anytime soon we'll start having Black Fridays. I think it's because Thanksgiving is not a traditional Jamaican thing.

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