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Christmas can be an expensive time but now you can make money while you buy presents online

Most people I know are finding things tight these days with our global recession and subsequent impact on the available money we have to do our usual activities like Christmas shopping or any type of gift shopping for our children.

A world where people can have what they want now, has not passed the younger generation by and they know what they want and are not afraid to ask, unfortunately. Saying no can be hard but not impossible however I'll save that subject for another day. ;)

Online and offline media advertising is incredible and shows no signs of abating so just how do we cope with the pressure to get the right gift without stretching our wallets too far. For example furbiy or furbies are predicted to be one of the best sellers and most wanted gifts this Christmas. Selling like hot cakes these must have toys are on millions of christmas wish lists for kids and if you intend to purchase one make sure your purchase is the best deal available.

If furbies don't do it for you then you might prefer some of the following which have been identified in the media world as the "wanna have" gifts for Christmas 2012.

  • Furby or Furbies - hot, hot , hot
  • doggie -doo
  • Fijit Friends
  • Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set
  • LeapPad explorer
  • Let's Rock Elmo
  • Milky the Bunny
  • Moshling Tree House
  • Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster
  • Ninjago Fire Temple
  • Moshi monsters: Talking Katsuma
  • Transformers: Ultimate Optimus Prime

Personally I know regardless of what I buy from the most wanted top Children's Christmas gifts out there or any other item, I will end up spending a bit more than planned. I usually plan ahead and organise lists, then try to find the best deal on the colossal shop window, also known as the internet.

It is nigh on impossible to readily go into the first website and be convinced this is absolutely the best deal to be had! No, no if you are anything like me you will trawl through many sites until you see something which matches and ticks your boxes or, as often is the case until your eyeballs turn a horrendous shade of bloodshot red and decide its time to stop the search for now!

Those days for me are gone now thankfully as since early this year I have been saving myself time and a lot of money by using one of the many referral sites to make cashback as well as avail of great discounts from retailers on what I would normally pay.

Personally I use and have seen my cashback literally catapult when I have used the site for any type of shopping. I am really looking forward to making some more money while I spend my hard earned cash this year. Having received enough money to pay for a large chunk of presents this year it is going to be a far more pleasant experience - I hope!

In frugal times we all know it is foolish to fritter away our cash therefore make sure you take advantage of the chance to refill the wallet when shopping. Those familiar with affiliate programs will know the benefits of referrals however this is an easy way to make your commission without the need for a website and any technical knowhow - In fact you do not have to even think about it!

Some of these referral sites charge a very small fee as a one off, however these fees are nominal and if you do a lot of shopping online you will recoup your invesment many times over, if you become and remain a savvy shopper.

In addition I have made money simply by referring friends who sign up then make a purchase, which regardless of value means you get additional revenue from those friends just signing up and shopping for an item, regardless of value. Not a bad return for forwarding an email from the company's website!

I hope this is something which you already avail of and if you don't make sure you sign up to something similar in your home country before you start your Christmas shopping this year. One of my friends just joined recently and through browsing at this site for specific items she needed, has made herself $300 already!

Examples of how I have made money have been through signing up for free trials with DVD companies where you do not have to spend anything other than do the trial then cancel. I made $45 from this deal and my outlay was zero! Other type of offers include deals for mobiles - iphone 5, Blackberry and pretty much any handset you are looking to buy. In addition to cashback you may also get better packages from the network provider or retailer through being referred via the cashback company. In addition I have made money sending flowers to family and friends, booking holidays - $75 cashback for booking a hotel, as well as $150 cashback for purchasing a sim card. Sometimes the cashback can be as low as $5 however these small commissions add up and as you quickly forget about them it is always a lovely bonus when they accumulate and are then paid into your bank account!

Now can I say you must go visit the retailer's website via the referral website such as quidco or any other you join, in order for the commission to be logged so do not go straight to retailer site first as you won't get a dime!

Many of these sites offer really informative gift guides at this time of the year and highlight the partners giving the best cashback and discounts so make sure you have a good look.

I hope my experience and return has helped you realise Christmas shopping can give you something in return, as well as throughout the whole year. So what are you waiting for? Get get signed up today and see your savings grow.

I'm off to start my christmas shopping however I wonder how many of us will be welcoming a furby into the family this Christmas!?

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MsDora profile image

MsDora 5 years ago from The Caribbean

Thanks for sharing and for introducing me to doggie doo (there are no small kids around me); also for you shipping tips.

gcm0904 profile image

gcm0904 5 years ago Author

you are welcome! You are lucky you won't need to contemplate purchasing doggie doo!! :)

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