Work At Home on Your Computer at the Speed of Light

Work At Home on Your Computer at the Speed of Light

If you've heard the phrase "work at home on your computer" and dreamed of working in pajamas and avoid the traffic of large cities forever, you're not alone.

The freedom to work at home and have more flexible hours are the main benefits, but also requires a lot of attention to the shot does not backfire.

If you are smart you can reduce your working hours in many hours achieving the same results. Just you know the secrets of productivity and have the impression that you are working at the speed of light.

Here are some tips for you to eliminate the main culprits for wasting time and multiply your results:

Read Email 2 times per day Maximum

Email is one of the main reasons for the unnecessary distraction and diversion of your energies to the tasks not important. How many times you did you interrupt your work and started doing something else because of an email.

Open the e-mail only at lunchtime and at the end of the day. And completely close the programs that generate alerts or audible signals to warn that an email arrived.

Will not be easy, but you will produce more in less time.

Use the phone as little as possible

The phone is another major culprit for wasting time. There is always one person who cares for something not relevant and completely bypasses the issue of getting you your important tasks.

Start the Day With The Most Important Tasks

By connecting your computer begins to approach the most important task of the day and especially that will bring more financial results. Eliminate what is not important and will not generate any benefit.

Tasks Wholesale

There are those types of tasks that involve high concentration and preparation time. You will save a lot of time to perform them once a week instead of daily. One example is to analyze numbers, such as financial results.

It's as if you wait the laundry accumulate up to bring in the laundry instead of taking the car every day to wash only two shirts.

Use Pareto's Law

Pareto was an Italian economist who came to the conclusion that only 20% of our tasks reach 80% of the results. Therefore we focus on the 20% that are more productive and eliminate tasks that do not produce.

By using only this technique will multiply your productivity instantly. Write for a few days what you are doing and analyze where you can cut.

Read Less Newspapers

Looks like a little go against the tide, but in fact the value that you get the news paper does not change every day. The headlines are repeated constantly.

If you have a really important issue going on, you always find some newspaper summarizing the fact weekly.

After using these simple principles you will be impressed with the free time you will get. Use it to get more out of life.

Combine these ideas with the right way to make a profitable business on the Internet and you may be getting closer to the long-sought financial independence.

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