Work Odd Jobs For Fast Cash

Are you in need of fast cash, but don't want to get a payday loan? You made a good choice! It's a bit tougher to actually earn the money, but you'll be able to sleep a little bit easier knowing that you aren't in debt to loan sharks!

Earning fast cash is actually much easier than you probably think. For the sake of organization, I want to split this concept into two parts; getting jobs with companies, and getting them from the people around you. Most people will do a bit of both in this situation, but it helps to see how each of them work.

Before you start, it's important that you figure out how much time you have to make this money, and exactly how much you need. Without knowing either of these, you'll just be stressed out and treading water!

Image courtesy taberandrew via Flickr.
Image courtesy taberandrew via Flickr.

Why Is A Payday Loan A Bad Idea?

According to the website, the problem that people have with payday loans isn't having enough to pay them back, it's having enough to cover the rest of the bills once it's been repaid. Many people are even more broke after their loan has been repaid then they were the day they applied for it!

The pain of paying the loan back can be greatly reduced by making more money in the mean time to afford the rest of your life after the loan's been repaid. Or you can just skip the loan altogether and earn the money right off the bat!

Finding Local Odd Jobs

Have you ever wanted to be a taste tester?  Hand out fliers? Be a part of a medical study? Donate an egg?

There are more random and bizarre jobs in your area than you can imagine.  Obviously, use your own ethics and morals in deciding which one is right for you, but there are enough out there that you can be a bit picky!

Start your search with your local newspaper's classified section.  Here you will find a good sample of the jobs that are out there.  Some of them may be scams or hoaxes, so be sure to use your own judgment.

If you can't find anything in the paper, turn to Craigslist.  Narrow the main page down to your neighborhood, then find the jobs section that's called "etc.".  This is where things can get pretty weird.  Be thorough in your search through these listings and you're bound to find something that's going to get you paid, and don't pay attention to anything that seems too bizarre!

Maybe it's because I live in the Bay Area that there are a lot of jobs that make the Etc. section pretty NSFW, but that might not be the case where you live.

Odd Jobs From The People Around You

If you strike out with the methods discussed above, or just want to do more, turn to the people around you.  This might seem like a hard pill to swallow at first, but you'll be surprised at the outcome.

The key is to explain to whoever you're talking to what your situation is (why you need some money) and make it very clear that you don't want to borrow anything or take a hand out.  Be very clear that you want to earn this money, and see if there is anything that you can do for them.

What kinds of stuff can you do?  That really depends on what you're good at, but consider things like:

  • House cleaning
  • Washing cars
  • Cooking food
  • Landscaping
  • Babysitting
  • Repairing things

People will pay for just about anything that is a pain to do themselves.  Lean into your own skills to see what you can offer.  Maybe you're good with computers, and someone needs to have their wireless set up in their house?  Maybe your Aunt wants a Facebook page set up for her knitting club?  The possibilities are endless.

The best part about taking this route is that they'll feel good for helping you out, and you'll feel good for not borrowing anything!

It's pretty easy to raise a lot of money quickly by doing this.  Even if you do come up a bit short, payday loans are still an option and now you're only going to borrow a fraction of what you originally needed.  Paying back a $200 loan is a hell of a lot easier than the $1000 that you needed in the first place!

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