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Get More Website Traffic

If you are looking for ways to get more website traffic (and who isn't these days), then you probably know all the usual methods, such as writing articles, social bookmarketing, rss feeds and more.

But one method for getting more website traffic that many marketers overlook is using Yahoo Answers.

Why Use Yahoo Answers?

Did you know that Yahoo Answers gets around a billion visitors and practically all of them want to know an answer to their questions?  These types of people are an Internet Marketer’s dream – highly motivated laser targeted visitors, yet still most marketers are not using Yahoo Answers correctly.  Therefore this article will show you how you can use it to increase your web site traffic so you can get these targeted customers right to your website front door

What sort of traffic can you expect from using Yahoo Answers?

Of course every niche will be different but on average, you can expect around 20 to 30 visitors per month from each answer you give.  Some answers will rank better than others and you’ll get more traffic, and other’s won’t rank at all and you’ll get minimal traffic, but around 20 to 30 visitors per month per answer is about the norm.

That means if you want 100 visitors per day (3000 per month), then you’ll need your link in around 100 answers.  Sound like a lot?  Not really.  If you answer around 10 to 20 questions per day you’ll find that you’ll have around 100 answers done in about a month. 

So can you imagine that in one month’s time you could have that much traffic?

For really popular questions, you can even get traffic to your site within five minutes of answering the question, especially at peak times when many people are browsing Yahoo Answers.

Of course there are no guarantee’s to what traffic you and your website are likely to get, but I’m fairly certain that you’ll see an increase nonetheless.

So how do you get started?

Obviously the first thing you need is an account with Yahoo Answers, and then you need to start answering questions. 

Do a search for questions in your niche and find those ones that haven’t been closed yet.  Most questions are open for four days so you’ll have plenty of time to find a bunch of questions to write a reply to.

Search for OPEN questions.

On the advanced search page for Yahoo Answers, enter your keyword into the keyword field
Under “search for keyword match in” select the “questions” radio button.
Under “category”, select “all”
Under “question status” select “open questions – best answer has not been chosen”
Under “date submitted” select “anytime”
Under “% Thumbs Up rating” select “all Evaluations”

Once you have your results, choose around 10 or so questions that you’d like to answer and only put your link in the resource box in 2 of them.

Why don’t you put your link in all your answers?

Well Yahoo hates spammers and if you start putting your link in every answer you give you’ll send out warning bells.

It’s best to be safe the sorry.  So only choose a few to put your link into and the rest just write short quick answers to balance things out.

Try to answer in different categories too – to make it look more natural – rather than just answering in the one category.

Your overall goal will be to get best answers for those questions that you gave your link to, so try and write a really good response for those ones.  You’ll get the most website traffic from those questions that you get best answer for because your response will be at the top of the page and most readers don’t ready past the first reply.

Answers Traffic is your 7 day action plan to getting traffic from Yahoo Answers
Answers Traffic is your 7 day action plan to getting traffic from Yahoo Answers

What Not To Do When Using Yahoo Answers

 You need to make sure that your weblink is DIRECTLY related to the question.  Just because someone asked a question on exercise doesn’t mean that you can send them to your diet pills website.  They might be both in the weight loss niche but they are not related and you’ll get marked as spammy.

While having a cheat sheet of prepared answers is good, you can’t write the same answer to every single question on that topic.  Make each answer unique.

Make sure you write a detailed answer to the question and don’t just say ‘click the link below to find out more’.  In fact even if you DO give a detailed answer, don’t say ‘click the link below’.  Just answer the question and put your link in the resource box.

Of course there are many other considerations that you need to take to make this strategy work best for you – but if you follow them correctly you’ll start getting masses of Yahoo Answers traffic in no time.

If you’d like a complete 7 day action plan to dominating Yahoo Answers please visit and start getting massive amounts of targeted traffic today.

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ajcor profile image

ajcor 7 years ago from NSW. Australia

very informative - am bookmarking to come back to...cheers

traceye profile image

traceye 7 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the article.


Choke Frantic profile image

Choke Frantic 7 years ago from Newcastle, Australia

Wow, this is great. I may very well consider using Yahoo answers - since that's usually the place where I get my answers too =]]

Info Help profile image

Info Help 7 years ago from Chicago

Great post and great information, thank you for sharing.

MSmithHub 7 years ago

Very detailed information. I just happen to read one of Griz's article (I guess you read his site as well) and he also recommend to use yahoo answer as well.

I must put down Yahoo answer as one of my must do list :)

Thanks for this informative hub.

traceye profile image

traceye 7 years ago from Australia Author

Yes I love Griz's blogs, he's a very smart marketer. I've learnt a lot from him since I discovered him this year.

I hope he get's back to writing in his blog soon - I'm having Griz withdrawals.

karhubpages profile image

karhubpages 7 years ago from India

Yes, You are very correct. Within a year I got more than 3,000 unique visitors from Yahoo Answers to one of my blog

49lart profile image

49lart 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

It is worth considering that you need to reach 250 points before your links become active. Also for better SEO if you write a very good answer on your topic there is an opportunity for keyword optimisation and a keyword rich hyperlink.

Attention Getter profile image

Attention Getter 5 years ago

It does take some work but it can be very effective once you start to become a higher rated answerer. I just can't stand the people that right generic answers and leave them for every question whether it is related or not. It's embarrassing and it makes other people question links when they see them.

traceye profile image

traceye 5 years ago from Australia Author

I agree. you need to put some thought into your answers

Mark 5 years ago

I haven't used Yahoo answers, but maybe it is worth a try. Seem like it could work if you truly have an expertise in the niche.

StitchTheDamned profile image

StitchTheDamned 3 years ago from Clifton Park, NY

Wow. Great information here! I will have to try Yahoo answers for more traffic.

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