Amazon Waitlist - What is it? Waitlist Status explained

What is the Amazon Waitlist? offers deals that are valid for a very short period of time, called Lightning Deals. They are very short because they offer great savings, and are available until either the promotion period expires or all the discounts available are claimed. Only one per customer is allowed.

As soon as all the discounted items of a Lightning Deal are in other customers' carts, a "Join waitlist" button will appear, and the status bar will show 100% of items being held by other customers.

Other customers have 15 minutes to complete their purchase, or the lightning deal will be made available to the next customer on the waitlist.

Amazon waitlist button
Amazon waitlist button

How does the Waitlist work?

Once you click the Join waitlist button, you are put on a list (obviously). If you are the next customer on top of that list, and the deal's item becomes available again, an alert will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your amazon page. You will see that the deal is available, and a clock with the time remaining to add it to your cart will be shown. If you don't add the deal to your cart within the time limit, you'll be removed from the waitlist.

It won't let me click on the waitlist button. Why?

There's a limit on the number of customers that can be on a waitlist. If you don't make it on the list, the Join waitlist button will be greyed out. Don't despair! If you wait a little, the button might become clickable again.

Here's why. Some people add an item to their cart as soon as it comes up, and then think if they want it. They can check reviews and think about it for a few minutes. Lots of people do this (and this is one reason why the waitlist option is important). If they change their mind and they don't buy the item, it will disappear from their cart 15 minutes later and be available to the next person on the waitlist. This in turn makes room to add people on the waitlist.

Don't let a high number of customers on the list discourage you. It has been heard of list with over 500 customers being cleared!

Good luck. The link below gets you to the Lightning Deals page (on

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