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Does anyone know exactly what college tuition covers?

I was in the bookstore of a major university. The student in front of me was buying a blue book (60 cents plus 4 cents sales tax), so that he could take an essay test. What exactly is covered by tuition? Thousands of dollars for tuition and you have to buy your own test booklet? Do they have premium and first class seating in lecture halls for an extra fee? There are internet fees and a limited number of photocopies included on a tuition bill. Do colleges have pay toilets? The price of college is skyrocketing out of sight. What is and what should be included in tuition?

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Best Answer collegedad says

4 years ago
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    bankscottage 4 years ago

    It is still amazing how much gets tacked on as extra fees. Many fees that every student may not take advantage of. Also the extra fees allows the college to publish a "lower" tuition rate for the guide books. But, not including a blue book, cheap!

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Game Flex says

4 years ago
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Susie Watts (collegeplanner) says

4 years ago
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