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Why would a loan company choose legal action over a reasonable solution?

Solutions offered: 1. Skip a couple months of payments and add them on to the end of loan (the company gets all of the money back borrowed including the 30% interest being charged) 2. Lower the interest rate which would lower monthly payments (the company gets back all of the money borrowed with a little less interest) 3. Freeze the interest rate (the company gets back all of the money borrowed)

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Helen Murphy Howell (Seeker7) says

4 years ago
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    thisiknow 4 years ago

    The initial request to ‘skip’ a few payments and add them to the end of the loan was months ago, -(an attempt to stay on track while figuring out a plan before missing payments… seemed like the responsible thing to do… and there is absolutely no loss

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LandmarkWealth says

4 years ago
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