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Do You Think People Save By Using Coupons Or End Up Spending More?

Coupons of course give people a discount on products and services purchased. However another aspect about coupons, is that they are a marketing tool. Businesses use coupons to entice people to buy, so it is important for consumers to evaluate whether they are actually using coupons to save or if they end up spending more than they would otherwise. So what's your opinion, do coupons lead to more savings or more spending on average?

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amurbach says

4 years ago
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  • Mr Tindle profile image

    Mr Tindle 4 years ago

    Good point that you can save money by using coupons only on things you would be buying anyway

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Cruncher says

4 years ago
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Janelle Truman (Janellegems) says

4 years ago
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