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Why would one bite a cheque or banknote with one's teeth?

I've googled this and I can't really find an answer. I've seen people on TV bite cheques or banknotes with their teeth. Why would a person do this? I can only figure it's to make sure the banknote is genuine since they do have a certain feel to them supposedly. Sort of like how people bite other items to see if they're real. Anyone know?

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Mary Wickison (Blond Logic) says

3 years ago
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jellygator says

3 years ago
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    Anti-Valentine 3 years ago

    I was thinking more along the same lines. Still, one can just handle the note with your hands to see that it's genuine. It's awfully unhygienic to put it in your mouth...

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Juliet Kendall (CroftRoan) says

3 years ago
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