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If the Social Security fund is running out, what are your plans for retirement ?

The Social Security Fund is suppose to run out in 2030 and a reduction of 20 % in 2016.

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Lisa VanVorst (lisavanvorst) says

17 months ago
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    DW Davis (DWDavisRSL) 17 months ago

    In saying we are knee high in debt as a nation you are being too kind. It might be more accurate to say we are in up to our chin and the level keep rising with every deficit year.

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DW Davis (DWDavisRSL) says

17 months ago
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    cathylynn99 17 months ago

    the money was never meant to be borrowed, reagan started that.

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cathylynn99 says

17 months ago
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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

8 months ago
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