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Can HubPages remove payment from PayPal and transfer it to a newly associated PayPal account?

My PayPal account is Philippines and I have never used PayPal before. When I received payment from HubPages and tried to transfer the fund to my husband's account since I don't have a bank account in my name, my account was blocked because I logged into it from India and not Philippines and the activity was thought suspicious. I tried contacting PayPal but their phone is not working and I cannot log into my account to mail them. I mailed them as a guest user but all I received is an email asking me to log into my account, which is blocked. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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Robbin (billdales) says

5 months ago
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    Astralrose 5 months ago

    PayPal indeed difficult to contact. For now, my account has been restored (they required an ID proof for verification -passport copy) but I will not access it from India again to avoid getting my account blocked.