Why do we have so many false advertisements about earning money on the internet or answering surveys

Every since I lost my job I have entered every type of surveying opportunity, or anything online that I might win or earn some money for doing something. I have not yet seen one dime or penny for any surveys I answered. I also have not seen a real winning of any game or PCH sweepstake. I answer these surveys and after wasting my 15-50 minutes of answering, then I'm told I was not eligible for the survey or a pop up enters, or something happens with the web site. What is real on these sites, I haven't seen money or anything else.

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kschang says

6 years ago
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GoGranny says

7 years ago
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baldwin10 says

5 years ago
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S K G Rao. (skgrao) says

7 years ago
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