CPG Software Offers Support For Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Manufacturers and distributors involved in consumer packaged goods face difficult challenges every day. They must compete for premium retail shelf space to maximize displays and sales, anticipate seasonal demands to craft spot-on forecasts, optimize their production lines to elevate efficiency, and manage complex distribution processes. They also have to package their products in the most eye-catching, sales-grabbing and cost-effective methods to achieve active sales growth, and continue to commission demographic studies to improve existing products and launch new, equally attractive items.

Invest In Multi-Functional CPG Software For Maximum Results

There is no question that these companies would benefit dramatically from specialized, all-in-one distribution software that provides technological support for every aspect of the business, from calculating supply and demand to ensuring timely deliveries. This type of inclusive software solution supports a company's back office and front office, because both sides rely heavily on the other to perform effectively. The back office system, for example, must operate efficiently and accurately – in real time – in order for the front office staff to manage the retail end with success.

Fully Integrated Consumer Packaged Goods System

When shopping for CPG software, it is essential to make sure the system can handle all components of your business, such as financial management, production flow, order fulfillment and delivery. A strong candidate would be one that has the ability to support the manufacturing side, as well as B2B and B2C aspects. The complexities of manufacturing can be extensive, too, especially if your company is involved in mixed-mode (a combination of process and discrete manufacturing), private labeling and/or outsourcing processing. Your needs may evolve over time, too, so investing upfront in a diverse, multi-functional software program that can take on all of these challenges and more certainly will pay off in the long run.

Revolutionize Your Work Processes

Fully integrated CPG distribution software allows you to offer a higher level of quality control through comprehensive lot/serial number tracking, more precise forecasting, and better order fulfillment and delivery goals using available-to-promise and capable-to-promise features. These software components are among the many that work together effortlessly to improve your company's overall workflow, build customer satisfaction, and minimize unnecessary expenses such as inventory carrying costs and expired products. Your ultimate reward is a significant boost in revenue and profit.

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