How To: Make Money By Selling Your Stuff On Craigslist

So you need some quick, extra cash? You have an old guitar just sitting in its case, or a stereo system not being used. Chances are someone can help you out with this predicament, but you need to know how to market your belongings so they will reach the appropriate audience that would be more likely to buy it.

First off, placement is key. When you first go to you'll notice that everything is broken up into categories based on what the product or service is that is being offered. Now it may seem like a no-brainer to put your old 1995 Pontiac Grand Am with only 140k miles on it in the auto section, but other things may not be so simple.

For example; say you have an Xbox 360 console and you would like to sell it to make some money towards buying a ring for your girlfriend, because you realized it's time to stop playing Black Ops till 3am and be a bit more mature. However, the 360 can very well go into several different categories because of the type of item it is. You'll see that there is a video gaming section as well an electronics section, as well as there is a toys and games section. Now here is where you might fall short: Look in the video game section and scan through for all the like items that are already placed in the category, and how much they are going for. As you can see, there are tons, and tons, and TONS of the same thing you are trying to sell, and they are more than likely still there. Here is where you can beat the crowd. If you are looking to strictly make some cash by selling your console, try putting it in the electronics section as well as the gaming section. This is somewhat of a loophole in the system. You will not be able to post the same exact article in two different categories, and in fact if you try, you will be flagged and they will be taken down. So reword your post ALMOST ENTIRELY for the different sections to make it impossible to have any sort of coralation between the two ads. This way it can stay in both categories and you have doubled your chances of someone seeing what you have to sell.

However, people don't like seeing the same thing over and over again, because a lot them can tell that something'sjust been re-worded, and you may or may not be mischievous enough to test the loophole, so if you really need the cash and are willing to only put it in one section, the best way to do it is to drop your standard for how much you expect to make.

Start off by looking in the category that you are going to post your item in. Search for your item. If it doesn't show up, search it again under all possible names. It could be abbreviated, or mispelled. If it doesn't show up, and you are sure there either isn't one on there or not enough to find, you can set your own price you find reasonable. BE GRATEFUL. This doesn't happen often. More than likely you will find something similar to what you are selling, if not the exact same item. To effectively market what you wish to sell in the same category that others are trying to sell their same product in, you must offer a better deal. This means finding the CHEAPEST price for the closest item to yours, and then going lower. Yes I said lower. You simply can not match the price, because that only puts you at a 50/50 chance of your potential buyer actually choosing your ad over the other, provided you only put it in one category. You want better odds if you are determined to sell your item. So lower the price to just under the cheapest price you could find, and wait for the replies.

If you get a reply, then cheers! It worked! But be patient, it may take a few days to get any hits on your item at all. In fact in a few, short days, your ad could be buried under a swamp of new ads that simply weren't there yesterday. DON'T BE DISCOURAGED, AND DO NOT REPOST. (Taking your ad down and reposting it will give you an error message that tells you there is an ad too close to that one that is already posted, and you can continue no further). Simply hold your own and stand your ground, people flip through Craigslist ads like there are endless amounts of them. And they do so because they are right, so if you find your ad underneath a mountain of fresh ads posted the very next day, take a deep breath, people are still very much seeing your ad at least.

Now go forth and sell that rare, one of a kind coffee table you got at a garage sale, and remember to go to bed before 3am.

Cheers and happy selling!

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FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 5 years ago from The Garden State

Recently I wanted to sell my old beer can collection so I decided to give Craigslist a shot, it was very easy and I sold them quickly. I'll be using their service again.

The only thing you have to watch out for are replies to your ad from scam artists. I swear I got more spammy e-mails from con artists in the week I had that ad on Craigslist than I ever had gotten in my life. Haha.

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

Oh yes you definitely need to watch out for that! Good point I wish I had remembered it! Congrats on a successful sale, and thanks for reading/commenting!

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