Direct Buy Reviews

Direct Buy Review

Are you thinking about purchasing a Direct Buy membership? There are getting to be a lot of Direct Buy reviews out there. As time has gone by, enough people have gone through the Direct Buy business model and have shared their experience so that we as consumers can now get a good idea of whats going on.

Doing your research before going to a Direct Buy membership interview is a very good idea as it appears that this opportunity is not for everyone. So, if your contemplating taking the plunge this Direct Buy review is for you.

This Wholesale membership club has an advertising pitch that states "Learn the secrets retailers don't want you to know". The ads go on to show you cheerful couples who have saved big money on home remodels and invites you to visit a local outlet and join the growing ranks of people who are saving lots of money.

This messege is carried through all venues from website to franchise clubs. The idea that someone has learned some secret that saves them money and want to pass it on to you is a very powerful way to stir you curiosity, after all who wouldn't want to find out knowledge like this?

Another ploy in Direct Buy's sales funnel is the statement that "if you don't join today you will not be invited back". The complaints about this one statement have become an avalanche. It seems that no matter where I look this statement figures prominently as a negative aspect of the consumer review. I tell you why they do this in the complaints section to this article.

In researching Direct Buy reviews for this article it became apparent to me that when looking at Direct Buy as a whole, you see that there are good clubs and there are bad clubs. This stems from the fact that Direct Buy is a corporation that sells franchises. Where you see a bad club with lots of complaints you find that it is a franchise partner and not part of the corporate entity.

The key to success with a franchise operation is in screening the applicants and policing the franchise owners to maintain high quality standard and keep negative customer experiences to a minimum.

Direct Buy Reviews - What Others Say

So what's the consensus from consumer reviews?

Across the web at multiple review sites the same pattern is emerging. You have many reports from satisfied members who swear Direct Buy stands up to their advertising and delivers just what they say.

Conversely you have an even larger number of people who feel the company is a rip off and make strident complaints.

This a normal condition for any business. You will normally see more negetive reviews because people with an axe to grind are more motivated to say something whereas a satisfied customer just goes on with life,being content with his experience.

I looked at open review sites such as Yelp, Consumer Search, Consumer Reports blog, Ripp Off Report and others. While these websites strive to bring the best information possible, they are still open for anyone to post to. Take the reviews there with a grain of salt. You could be looking at an honest review and then again you could be looking at a competitors smear campaign. You just don't know.

For the most reliable and forthcoming reviews I recommend Angie's List. You must be a member to read or write a review. Since people pay a membership fee to have access this filters out a lot of the B.S. you find on other sites.

Direct Buy Reviews - Complaints

When researching Direct Buy reviews I found that one of the biggest complaints is the fine print statement on the invitation. It states "You won't be invited back".

So why do they make this statement? Everyone who has had any sales training will be able to tell you that fear is a powerful way to motivate a customer. Which is why you see so many one time offers or limited time only sales. Direct Buy seems to be playing on your fear of losing lots of money by not being able to join if you decline the offer now.

Whether or not they enforce this statement is unclear but I just don't see them turning away someone who has cash money in hand.

Is Direct Buy a Scam?

In the strictest meaning of the word, the answer would be No.

Direct Buy has acquired a reputation for high pressure sales techniques and a cavalier use of the fine print in the membership agreement.

There is a lot of variation in quality of service, membership price, and sales technique. This I feel is due to the use of franchise partners who are trying to make a go of their business by what ever means necessary.

Direct Buy Reviews Summary

If you are financially secure and have a desire to renovate your home or multiple homes and will be making lots of big ticket purchases then Direct Buy can save you money. The big concern for you would be the quality of service at your local club. Look for complaints about that particular franchise club and make up your mind if they are worth doing business with.

For the average joe on the street, Direct Buy would seem to be a mistake. The high cost, along with the landmine affect of poorly run franchise locations make it a high risk investment.

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Tshorse 5 years ago

they can save u $$ on most things but not worth joining if you are not doing a major remodel. i paid 7k for nothing but damaged call backs, no help, customer service sucks. the Concord store in calif just closed its doors w/o warning and kept all my hard work for my cabinet order and all was lost. the sacramento,calif office people are all jerks and no help but they will gladly take your money and send their ads to you ea day by EM. you will spend hrs of pouring thru their catologs to try to find something to order and then be told that you have to order that item at a diff store....on and on.

I am sueing them.

Astride Knighted profile image

Astride Knighted 5 years ago from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Author

Tshorse - I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. The more I research and hear from people, the more certain I am that service varies between each club location.

E. Williams 5 years ago

I entered a sweepstakes and expected an invitation to the local store in Hoover, AL. I had been wanting to know more about DB because I am planning a kitchen remodel. When I was contacted about my entry, the caller asked a few questions (verifying info etc), then said "Do you or your spouse work full time outside the home?" I answered no -- we are retired. I was quickly and curtly informed, "you don't qualify to enter the sweepstakes." End of conversation, click. Our household income is $60,000+ and we are embarking on a major remodel. This is a new low in marketing, in my opinion. Good riddance, Direct Buy. We have lots of good suppliers in our area.

Nanogirl 4 years ago

I felt swindled, too. My Clearwater-St. Petersburg, FL store also closed unexpectedly. The co. had no problem in telling me I could drive the extra 60 miles round-trip to the next nearest store! I found their operation unhelpful, and most of the products I wanted were from mnfrs. they didn't carry. I think it is probably only beneficial if you are doing a major remodel or are newly wed and furnishing for the first time.

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