How to Find Ebay Coupons Codes and Discounts

Getting Ebay coupons isn't easy. In fact, most of the time they just don't exist. When you do find some they are usually exclusive to a specific seller, which doesn't do you a lot of good if you are searching for something else.

The other issue is that many so-called Ebay coupons are actually fakes. The link that you click doesn't get you any extra discount than you would get if you were shopping right on Ebay itself. All it does is get some Coupon website their commission.

Basically, if the coupon wants you to "Click here to get the discount" but it doesn't name a specific percentage off and it doesn't knock a percentage off your sale when you reach the check-out, then it wasn't a real coupon to begin with. This is how coupons work anywhere else. The sales page or shopping cart shows you the regular price, and then when you get to the the checkout page, your discount is deducted there. If that isn't what you are seeing, your coupon is vaporware! This is what you will find on most of the popular coupon sites such as RetailMeNot and Dealcatcher --- either the coupon codes won't work because they were meant for a specific seller or buyer, or the link takes you to Ebay but it actually doesn't get you any kind of special discount.

There are other ways of saving money on Ebay. You can look for free shipping offers or take advantage of featured auctions and sales that Ebay occasionally holds to drum up business in a particular niche like fashion or electronics.

Ebay Cash Back with Bing

Bing Cash Back works for a bunch of different companies, not just Ebay.
Bing Cash Back works for a bunch of different companies, not just Ebay.

But for day to day options, one of the best ways to save money on your Ebay purchases is with "Cash Back" programs. In lieu of the Ebay coupon codes that are essentially impossible to find, cash back is the way to go if you really want to save money on your Ebay shopping. Bing is my preferred place to do Cash Back shopping.

If I'm searching for a particular item on Ebay, and I know I'm going to want to do a Buy It Now purchase, I will head over to Bing rather than searching Ebay directly or starting from Google. I generally use Cash Back when I'm looking to buy US Silver Eagles, which is a bullion coin that is easy to find on Ebay. So, for example, I'll search for "Silver Eagles" on Bing and most of the time, the first listing on the sponsored search results will be for Ebay and there will be a little flag next to it offering me 8% cash back. This is quite good. So I click on thru, make sure there's a little "Microsoft Cash Back" flag at the top of the Ebay page, and then go and buy my Silver Eagles.

But guess what? I don't have to buy Silver Eagles! I can buy any other Buy It Now Item I want on Bing, and I will still get my 8% cash back. Awesome! There is a catch however -- I must use Paypal to pay, and again, I must use Buy it Now.

That's right, Cash Back is used for Buy It Now offers. You cannot use Cash Back if you are bidding on an Ebay auction. With that said, sometimes you can get a much better deal bidding on an item than you can from buying it with Buy It Now -- even with a coupon. So do a price check and get an idea of the ending prices of auctions for the items that you want, before you hit that Buy It Now button.

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