Have I missed a financial opportunity or made a wise retreat?


A few weeks ago I received an invite from a fellow commuter who I meet quite often on the train. This person is a very nice and genuine man, and he invited me along to join a group. I met him at a hotel conference centre and in one of the meeting rooms I sat down with members of his team. The gentleman concerned was a rep for a holiday club, I'm not mentioning any names as I genuinely like this person, though I may be sceptical about the holiday club, I am not about him because I think he totally believes that he has a genuine opportunity.

To be a member of this holiday club you pay an initial joining fee and you could gain holidays at cost price, plus if you want to become a rep you pay another fee. This is all very well but the crunch came when I was also informed that to make money you had to recruit other members. At the set joining fee plus the rep fee, to start earning money you had to bring in at least three people per month. To me it is just felt like a pyramid scheme and I'm not comfortable doing this. The holiday club offers people cost price holidays for a set fee, and after doing some research I found that you can actually go away to some of locations they were talking about for less than the cost of the subscription. The other thing I discovered was that you would have to go away almost every month to make it pay. Along with getting other people to part with their hard money just made the alarm bells ring. While looking into this club and others I discovered there were more negative comments than positive ones. So I politely declined the gentleman's offer.

For me personally, writing an article or promoting a product is one thing. Where people read your article or ad and make up their own mind whether they want to buy the product or click on an ad on your page, to me this is giving people an informed opinion in my view and allowing them to choose. However reading the material and watching the presentation on this holiday club, who seem to promise the world but not offer any real facts, I have learned quickly and unfortunately the hard way that when something it is too good to be true, it usually is. All I come away with is feeling bitter and broke. I'm of the opinion that there are ways to make money that doesn't involve family, friends or acquaintances losing theirs. My attitude may be considered naive, but it's what I believe. If I have to work very hard, and put in long hours to earn a few pennies, I would sooner do that. I'm not taking the moral high ground on this issue I'm just pointing out my views, please let me know yours. Have you joined one of these schemes? If yes, did you make money from it? Or did you and your friends lose money? I would be interested to know that I was wrong or that I am justified to bask in my righteous indignation.


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nell79 profile image

nell79 6 years ago from United States

I think you made the right choice. You did the research and made a decision based on that research. That's called an informed decision, and those are the kind people rarely regret.

Another good point is that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose and you should never encourage anyone else to do so either. If you follow that, you're on the right track.

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 6 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

Nell I appreciate your advice it’s so easy to get caught in the get rich quick promotions that fly around.

angryemu profile image

angryemu 6 years ago from Lancaster, CA

Without knowing whether the reps get a cut of each subscription they sell, I agree that you made the correct choice. While there are legitimate MLM businesses that make money from recruiting (Pre-Paid Legal being one), unless the primary money-making opportunity comes from the product or service then it's a pyramid scheme. Congrats in being wise with your money and time and not getting swayed by the "easy money" pitch.

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 6 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

It’s so easy to be caught up in the get rich ideas, the hard sell approach doesn’t appeal to me no matter how nice the person is doing it.

George Huss profile image

George Huss 5 years ago from United States

cannot remember where I saw this but I did not create it:

"Instead of focusing on trying to make more money, put your time and energy into CREATING and DELIVERING real value. Find a way to give people what they want and/or need. Take note that the keywords here are CREATE and DELIVER. Creating value means expressing your unique talents and skills in a way that can potentially benefit

others. Delivering value means ensuring that other people are actually receiving and benefiting from the value you’ve created. If you don’t do both in some fashion, then it’s going to be hard for you to generate sustainable income."

The scheme you describe seems to fail to deliver value, IMHO. Take Care of you!

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 5 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

Thank you, I think you have given me a new mantra

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