Get your IRS Tax Refund Now instead of Later

Get your taxes done as soon as possible. Don't delay the inevitable.
Get your taxes done as soon as possible. Don't delay the inevitable.

· Taxes are typically done so you can get your refund in time for Spring Break

Spring break is characteristically the time of year when the family takes vacation. The kids are out of school and the weather is finally giving up a little sunshine. More sunshine the further south you go.

Use a refund for spring break. Whether to take a vacation or pay the extra costs associated with daycare over spring break. Give pockets a break and do all taxes early.

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The IRS is asking for one hundred percent of all taxes to be filed on line. A plan of action is in place to see this happen

It’s that time of year when most people discover time is ticking away. There is less than a month before income taxes are due. Countless folks put off getting this daunting task taken care of timely or early. The last minute push is the norm for many because of the fear of what is possibly owed to Uncle Sam.The thought to doing taxes faster than the deadline is unheard of.

Believe it or not, scores of delayers are pleasantly surprised to find a refund in the near future instead of the opposite scenario. Wouldn't it be lovely to get this refund in the bank sooner instead of later? Find out how to make it happen.

There are several reasons to go the route of sooner rather than later;

  • · Getting taxes done as early as possible is healthier

Worry and stress always wreak havoc on a person both mentally and physically. By avoiding the delay of this chore chances are overall health improves. Most people admit getting more sleep at night as the biggest benefit. Sleep less the worry is always good for any age.

When the refund comes faster the savings account increases. This means interest paid to an individual is more. The longer it sits in a CD or even money market account the better. There is also the benefit of making plans for the refund as soon as possible.

Even for those who owe, discovering one way or another if this is true helps reduce tension and stress.

  • · Get it taken care of and over with to move on to more important things

Having items on a personal "to do" list means the mind is occupied when it doesn't have to be. There are always other things which need to be taken care of. Get it over with and get on to more important items on the same list. Add a new fun item in it's place.

Some of the more important things include taking vacations. When the refund is coming or gets to the destination faster, this takes place sooner. Even the thought of knowing a fun time is coming sooner than expected improves the health of some taxpayers.

  • · Taking care of it while there is money in the bank or in a wallet helps

Typically after the Holiday season there seems to be more money on hand. After getting Christmas and New Year's behind the future looks a little brighter financially. Even charge card bills haven't had time to appear yet. This means there is extra money found at home.

Instead of free money from Uncle Sam some folks need to pay their due. When this happens and extra dollars are on hand, the chance of getting it done asap increases. The jolt of dolling out extra dough is lessened as well.

January and February is a great time to take this chore on. Because February is a shorter month monthly expenses for things such as utilities tend to be less which relates to more money available for each household.

  • · Appointment with the CPA scheduled now is easier

The CPA is the popular guy from January to April. This popularity makes an appointment with early easier. As the tax season winds down and people are pushing to be the cutoff, the likelihood of getting to see the man/woman decreases.

Catch him or her while they are fresh. This is a busy time of year for most and some suffer a burnout with the last minute filers. No one wants to miss any deductions that are coming to their way. Catch the early bird.

  • · Get software early while the stores are stocked

Any one with a plan to do online filing software from one of the electronic stores does well to get there early. Going as soon as possible and purchasing the software guarantees the right one is in the store for sale. With the amount of different ones available, it is scary to discover using the wrong one in a pinch to file last minute.

In conlusion

These are several reasons why it pays to get a tax refund early. Money is money and any coming to a taxpayer is great. The earlier the money is in the bank, in hand or in a wallet, the better.

With the amount of people taking advantage of filing online and having the job done by the CPA, electronic filing has increased to almost 80% of tax payers. The IRS has set a goal to have 100% of all taxes done online eventually.

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b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 5 years ago

Well most of your Hub in on the Money (pardon the pun)...but we've been away, so we will see our accountant second week in April. It's all done on line, so...Listen we'd prefer not to get it back at the end of the's our Money, maybe we are paying in too much to begin with!

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web Author

thanks for the feedback. i am one that procrastinates..i admit it. i typically get a refund but i wont be able to buy a new car with what uncle sam is sending me.

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