How to Use Market Samurai for Title, Keywords and Competition

Money seems to be the tree of life
Money seems to be the tree of life | Source

How to Find the Right Keywords

Where do you find the right keywords for the best hidden niche markets? Market Samurai is a piece of software that can help you find long tail titles, keywords and valuable hidden niches with less competition, higher rankings, and more potential AdSense clicks to make money online.

Google Page Ranking - Can your Web Pages be Found?

Are your hubs actually being read by anyone other than your family and friends? The market you should be targeting is not your family and friends, they already know what a genius you are, besides, they should definitely NOT be encouraged to click on the ads on your Hubs or else your AdSense account might be banned. No, the market to target are the clickers and buyers who visit you Hubs. Those readers actually Google your keywords to find your content. Market Samurai is a program that helps you find the right keywords, keyword phrases and titles most likely to be found by Search engines.

Who is Your Market / Audience?

By targeting a specific market of people who are interested in your subject, you are more likely to grow keen, returning visitors to your website or HubPages sub-domain. Your readers are the people typing in your keywords in the Google search engine. Try to imagine what potential readers would type into the search bar to find your work. Which phrase would they use to find what they are looking for? Those are people who need your content and like it so much, they’ll come back for more.


Creating a web presence is easier with consistency. Adopt and nurture a brand name, so people can recognize and remember you. Using a pseudonym or not using a pseudonym is an often debated question. Nicknames are perhaps useful for posting rude comments on forums but if you want to build a strong, reliable presence on the net you need to be a real person with a real name to be recognized, respected and remembered by.

Dumb Beginner's Story

Because I was not sure whether to own up to joining an add-based revenue site, I made the mistake of joining Hub Pages under the pseudo name of Sue Adams instead of my real name Juliette Kando. Well , it backfired on me when I tried to publish a similar article on Ezine which I had joined as Juliette Kando. The Ezine moderators rejected my article on the grounds that I had stolen it from somebody called Sue Adams! After a lot of emailing and wasted time explaining that Juliette Kando was Sue Adams, they published the article.

The Moral Is ...

Using multiple ID’s distracts from creating a true Web Presence, but that’s my experience. It could be that for more commercial Hubbers who write catalogues of products, having many ID’s is a good thing. I just don’t know.


How Do You Divide Your Hubbing Time?

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How Do I Find a Market?

Before writing any more Hubs check in your statistics or via Google Analytics where in the world your pages are being read. Which of the Hubs you have written so far get the most page views? Which Hubs make the most money? Try to figure out why that is the case. Those winning Hubs probably have better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the form of:

  1. Have interesting, catching, original "long tail" titles (phrases a punter might type into Google Search).
  2. Well written popular, yet innovative content with relevant, well researched keywords.
  3. Networking (sharing with facebook, twitter etc.)
  4. Reputable high ranking sites have a link of your Hub on their site (backlinks). You can participate in outside forums and leave links to your Hubs where possible (don’t leave links on HubPages forum).
  5. Time - let a Hub mature, keep promoting but wait up to three months before judging its steady performance.
  6. Maintenance – tweaking and updating hubs, adding new text, videos or pictures in response to comments.
  7. Communication - Respond to every comment, ask questions, give answers. Announce changes to a page in a comment, then share the page with your followers.

Too Much Work?

Without being actively engaged in most of the above, your talent, knowledge, and brilliant writing skills are not going to be found by the Google search engine no matter how good a writer you are. Now doing all that seems like a LOT of work you think, but do not despair. Market Samurai is a piece of reliable software that can help you a great deal. Here is a brief introduction to the program. I am actively using this software myself so I am not promoting it just because I am an affiliate. I am recommending it because since I started using Market Samurai my Hubs have performed much better and my earnings have increased manifold.

Market Samurai for Title and Keywords

For example, when I was drafting this hub, which I intended to call: How To Create A Web Presence, I ran my title “How To Create A Web Presence” through Market Samurai to check it for SEO competition and AdSense value against the ten highest ranking sites containing the keywords in my Title.

The image below shows the result.


This looked OK to me, not too much competition, until I saw that there was already a Hub written under the same title. Oh well, try again. What about a nice long-tail title? So I typed in: “How To Create A Web Presence To Make Money Online” and the result is here:


Then I asked Market Samurai to generated and analyse (value) keywords for my title “How To Create A Web Presence – Market Samurai To Make Money Online”. I have used those keywords scattered throughout this article. You can see that Market Samurai does a more thorough job than the ordinary Google Adwords tool. Now for any business one needs to make some investment. Some Hubbers, like I, until a few months ago, deny spending a penny on SEO and end up a year later still with no earnings to speak of. I wish I had started the right way, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort.


Domain Names and Titles For Niche URLs

In addition to Title and Keyword Research, Market Samurai also lets you find relevant domain names of hidden niche URLs . It can help you find content too! Although I have not tried that feature, I prefer to write my own content.

Micro Niches

Watch this enlightening video on how to find valuable Micro Niches with Market Samurai by ezseonews.

My Sue Adams Avatar
My Sue Adams Avatar

Avatars / Profile Pictures

Many Hubbers frequently change their avatar picture and even get friendly comments from followers like “ I like your new avatar”. Why they keep changing their avatar pictures I don’t know. Maybe they like to show different faces, different moods of themselves? For me, I believe that If you want to establish a web presence and make it easier for the public to recognize and remember you, then your avatar, your prime means of identification, should consistently be the same on all sites you join (like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc), on your Hub Pages profile and on any other blogs / sites you may have.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed "How to Use Market Samurai for Title and Keywords". I have written a few more Web Help articles you may like. In the meantime, just remember to follow this basic 4 step formula:

  1. Research titles and keywords with Market Samurai.
  2. Write, lay-out design, publish
  3. Promote, share (facebook, twitter etc.)
  4. Get backlinks

Rate this Hub if you like it and let us know how you are getting on developing your Web Presence in the comments section below.

See you back soon,


© SUE ADAMS 2015 - You may link to this article but you may Not copy it. Copied content will automatically be found by Google Alerts and may result in your entire blog/website being closed down.


... well... Juliette Kando I should say.

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Comments 27 comments

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 21 months ago from Andalusia Author

I'm sure your hubs will rank better Jacob, if you make good use of Market Samurai.

Jacobb9205 profile image

Jacobb9205 21 months ago from Gloucestershire

Thank you for this, maybe my hubs will start ranking better now! :)

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 22 months ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Peachpurple,

Market Samurai actually gets its keywords information from Google but analyses it and presents it much more usefully and to greater detail. In other words, it does all the hard work for you.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 22 months ago from Home Sweet Home

thanks for the hub, i thought only google keyword tools could find key words, thanks

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 23 months ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Kristine and Robin. I'm glad this article has proven useful to you. With a little practice with Market Samurai your hubs will hopefully reach high rankings in the search engines.

kristinekaren profile image

kristinekaren 23 months ago from Philippines

Hi! Thank you very much for this hub.I'm a newbie and really, this is helpful.Before I thought I just need to write good contents,then now I realized there are other creative ways for them to know and read your hubs.I really need to begin to do the hard work.God bless!

Robin Hartman profile image

Robin Hartman 23 months ago from Akron, Ohio

Thank you for this. It was really helpful and informative.

Now off I go to check out Market Samurai and get this Google Analytics thing down pat. My ignorance when it comes to technology would leave people in doubt that I am 22 lol ;)

Again, thank you for sharing!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 3 years ago from Andalusia Author

You are welcome Passionate77 thank you for reading.

passionate77 profile image

passionate77 3 years ago

excellent hub sue dear, wonderful information and great tips you shared, really you did a brilliant job, found it all so helpful. thanks for sharing, million blessings dear!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 3 years ago from Andalusia Author

By HP rules you can put up to 2 links to the same domain in every hub.

Hope this helps,


KitchenBuyersAid profile image

KitchenBuyersAid 3 years ago from PA/SC..USA

hi again...Yur really good at this stuff, I assyme is your $$ making means...I thought that text linking within an HP article was taboo??

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 3 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Dave,

Yes, I do find the "search for competition" feature on M.S. useful. As to analysis paralysis, you only have to do the keyword and competition research for every Hub once. You can also use the Google Adwords keyword tool but M.S. is much quicker and easier. B.t.w. I made my money back as an affiliate. Not here on HP (not allowed) but on my own website.

You may also like to check out another related Hub I wrote: "How To Find Most Interesting Titles And Keywords With Google Trends".

KitchenBuyersAid profile image

KitchenBuyersAid 3 years ago from PA/SC..USA

Juliette ...I am a newbie to online writing and marketing. But, I do know enough to recognise a true 'pro' amongst a sea of ametuer wannabes.

I use the unpaid version of M.S. I'm actually afraid to use buy/use the Noble Samurai for fear of analysis paralysis.

Do you find the competition functions of M.S. to be accurate and truly useful ...Like can't do without em?? my name is Dave...thanks

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Thanks vinodhindia, glad to be of some help.

vinodhindia 4 years ago


Thanks for the micro niche tutorial. GREAT. helpful for adsense. I have this MS tool but never thought that it can be used to identify micro niche.

you are a genius .



Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Yes, well as usual you've got to know the rules to be able to bend them. It's the same with another very useful programme that helps promote YouTube videos, Tube ToolBox. You can only plug 200 times in 24 hours without being penalised by YouTube. You can find it here:

Ritsos profile image

Ritsos 5 years ago from Nottingham UK

Don't fully understand the technicalities but it's to do with too many requests from the same IP address I believe

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

I don't see how Google can know who uses Market Samurai. I was brought up in France with the terror of Catholicism where children were made to believe that God was watching their every move. Has Google become God?

Ritsos profile image

Ritsos 5 years ago from Nottingham UK

Just bought market samurai and am so fascinated by it that google have blocked me temporarily because I used it so much :-)

Oh .. and you would put your genuine picture I guess ... looking like that ;-)

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Caribqueen, I am glad you liked the Hub and hope you too can make good use of Market Samurai from now on.

CARIBQUEEN profile image

CARIBQUEEN 5 years ago

Really useful information. I have some digging to do.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Glad to be of help Andy. The sooner you start with Market Samurai the sooner your keyword research and competition prospects will improve SEO for all your hubs.

Andyde warren 5 years ago

At last some hope in my research for adequate keywords and SEO. This Hub is very useful. I shall definitely get the trial version of Market Samurai and give it a go. Thanks!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Jigg2009,

Thank you for your kind comment. Hopefully this hub will help you increase your page views. Good luck with it.


jigg2009 profile image

jigg2009 5 years ago from Cracow

That is the first time that somebody writes a very important info on hub titles. That should be the first thing designing a hub - appropriate title.

Great read.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi ResideInSummit,

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you found the Hub useful.

ResideInSummit profile image

ResideInSummit 5 years ago from Breckenridge, Colorado

Juliette/Sue - what a great post. I am going to go check out market samurai and see if this is something we should start using for our business. I have found posting your blog to several different sites has been helpful for our web presence as everyone has a preferred venue they like to look at. Thanks again!

Contact Justin & Krystal Knott for your Summit County and Breckenridge Real Estate needs,

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