How to Reduce Business Costs

How to Reduce Business Costs

Costs are like hair and nails should be cut every month, because if you do not, the tendency is for them to grow and get bigger. Unfortunately bad habits in the use of money end up ruining your financial life. The important thing is to have control over your money and resources, but to be able to achieve this goal, one must go through a real re-education of habits, thus creating useful habits that promote total control over spending.

The Cost Reduction first start with a good planning, you can make a list of items that must be cut, starting from the highest priority to least priority, it is true that not all costs can or should be cut off or scrambled, but can be at least minimized.

Rule number 1 of Cost Reduction: Start by cutting small expense, because most times they go unnoticed and accumulate over time and make a great impact on your budget.

Check out what's really important for your business right now, dispose all the unnecessary bills that do not bring any immediate benefit.

Below are some tips to enhance your money and avoid disposal:


Check whether you really need to have 3 or 4 telephone lines in the Company. Monitor the time and content of the calls. If deemed necessary, install a telephone recorder on the lines, today are cheap and have a good economy of control of connections in the Company.

Make sure the phone company isn't charging very high on current telephone bills, if necessary, migrate to a phone operator covering more cheaply or offering better plans.


Avoid wastage of materials and arrange the sale of unused inputs, discover new ways of doing the work saving materials.


Monitor your employees (even remotely), monitored employees work better and produce more. If deemed necessary, install security cameras on the Company, currently you can find at most computer retailers and will not cost as expensive as before and yet you can monitor your business from anywhere via the internet.

Banks and Credit Cards

Avoid them, try to get used to working only with your resources of cash flow, because only that is the financial reality of your company. Forget: Financing in Banking, Overdraft, Credit Cards, leave the use of them only in cases of extreme necessity.

Practiced Prices

Offer discounts for payments in cash. Shorten the time payment data (receipts), learn to practice by granting lower prices deadlines.

Get used to negotiate your terms of payment (accounts payable) with longer maturities in search match against shorten your time of receipt (accounts receivable).


Evaluate the best cost x benefit of your suppliers, but beware of the quality, because too cheap can be costly.

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