Knowing Your Success Skills

The first step to success is to know your skills.
The first step to success is to know your skills. | Source

Success Skills

Knowing your success skills is like choosing your weapons for war. They are basically the tools for your journey. Remember that the road to success is harsh. It will involve huge amounts of self-confidence and effort to make it. In the upstart of your journey, remember that the first step is not setting up your goals but rather knowing yourself, your weaknesses and strengths. Knowing these will enable you to craft your own winning formula that will be your greatest asset to success.

Self-assessment and knowing your genius inside is always the first step. It has been long acknowledged that there exists 7 success skills and each one of us is pretty much capable on some yet underperforms on the other. So, what success skills do you possess and what type of a genius are you?

Verbally skilled persons can become good writers.
Verbally skilled persons can become good writers. | Source

Verbal skills

The first of these success skills is verbal skill. Verbally skilled persons have superior ability to use words and explain things, they usually like to read and write and are able to absorb information and conceptualize details thoroughly and quickly. They can become a great writer, poet, teacher, and even a lawyer.

Visual/Spatial skills

Visual and spatial skill is the second of the success skills. Visually/spatially skilled persons have superior ability to visualize concepts and things. They love creating things, are good on designs, can create pictures of what their intended results are, and perceive dimensions fluently. They are best in delivering across messages through their works. They excel on becoming a cook, an artist, architect, or a designer.

Physical skills

Of course the set of these success skills won't be complete without getting physical. These physically skilled persons have superior ability to use their body. They are usually outgoing, and learn best by doing rather than studying. They excel at being an athlete or a dancer.


Musical skills

Musically skilled persons have superior ability in music. They easily remember tunes and lyrics, have a natural sense of rhythm, enjoy all kinds of sounds, and easily notice the cadence of surrounding things. They excel being a musician, singer, or composer.

Mathematical and logical skills

One of the success skills that labels somebody as a nerd, mathematical and logically skilled persons have superior ability to apply logic to systems and numbers. They usually love to look for patterns and relationships and arrange things in order. They excel in analysis, calculations, and planning. They can become a programmer, scientist, accountant, or mathematician.

Introspective/Intrapersonal skills

Introspectively skilled persons have superior ability to analyze and understand their own thoughts and feelings, motivations, and reasons. They are often reflective and like to explore new ideas. They excel on becoming a researcher or philosopher.


The most visible of the success skills in most great personalities. Interpersonally skilled persons have superior ability to relate well with others. They excel in mediating arguments, are sensitive, and know what to do to connect with someone else. They usually like to have a multitude of friends and will make a good salesman, politician, or a businessman.

Contrary to what you might be possibly thinking, an individual is not limited to having only one of those success skills. For example, a person with good intrapersonal and logical skills may compose a good detective. Also, even though there are those that are born with those talents, you can still excel at one endeavor given you exert a significant effort and hard work.

Knowing where you excel helps boost self-esteem and grants motivation to fuel action.

"The difference between interest and commitment is that when you are interested in doing something, you only do it when it is convenient. On the other hand, when you are committed to doing something, you accept no excuses, only the results."

-Kenneth Blanchard

The winning character

Genius and character always work together for success, as best described by the case of Thomas Edison and Edwin Barnes. Remember that genius without character is not enough. This is because character is conviction. It is a commitment. It is more than just mere interest. Having the winning character means exploiting your success skills, pursuing your goals, pushing your boundaries, and exceeding your limitations even though you experience failures. You do not stop permanently, you continue to push on. You stay committed to your goals for you keep in mind that so long as you continue, it would definitely come true.

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homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas

This was a very well written hub. I think you hit it right on the head. I can see myself in all the places where your skill sets indicated I should be.

Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

Hi Cepheid! I plan to bookmark and share your excellent hub with others. While many people can benefit it, I plan to share it with some young people that truly need to read it. Voted up, up and away!

cepheid profile image

cepheid 5 years ago from Estonia Author

Thank y'all, this is why I love writing with HP. The community is just SO awesome.

Nelly A. profile image

Nelly A. 5 years ago

very interesting hub, cepheid.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hi, cepheid, on Nov. 9,

this hub WAS GREAT! Informative and very well-written. I enjoyed the text and layout. You are a credit to HubPages with your superb talent. Just dont take your talents for granted and you will touch many lives. Sincerely, Kenneth Avery

cepheid profile image

cepheid 5 years ago from Estonia Author

@kenneth, thanks but I think that was a bit exaggerated. There's still a long way for me up ahead. I really appreciate your remark though, it's really really motivating.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Nov. 10, 2011

Hi, cepheid, YOU are welcome, my friend. Not exaggerated. At all. Truthful? Yes. And my remark to you came with sincere motivation and intent. YOU are extremely-talented and you WILL touch more lives than you think. Keep up the great work! Kenneth

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Nov. 10,2011

P.S. Keep up the great work!

Admiral_Joraxx profile image

Admiral_Joraxx 5 years ago from Philippines

You have laid it out well Cepheid. I will definitely take time to ponder upon the geniuses I have and how i can effectively employee them for success. This is a great hub indeed. 1 vote up! useful, interesting and awesome for this again.

tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 5 years ago from California

Excellent hub. Everyone has a geniuses or two, but not everyone is willing to figure it out. Thanks for making it so convenient.

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