First Name Almanac - the meaning of your name

Few years ago, I purchased "First Name Almanac" by Ken Kirkpatrick one of the largest publisher of personalization software. A Windows based program that lets your computer create suitable for framing printouts about the meaning of any name by just using your computer, a printer and the software package.

This software allows you to create personalized first name and meaning keepsake using a database of over 100,000 first names, meanings and origins!

The print-out also include a brief profile of positive personality traits, emotional spectrum, personality, relationships, career & money and life's opportunities. The names and meanings can be printed in calligraphy and there are various exquisite backgrounds to choose from and suitable for framing and results in a beautiful art of work.

I bought this software to generate additional income, you can do it during the weekend, you can set up a stall at shopping centres, flea markets, craft show, fetes or weekend markets.

You can also do this as a mail order home based business, it is good for stay at home mum to start with. Aside from the name printouts, you can also create personalized items, like mugs, steins and jewelry boxes, you can start a new business with a modest capital investment, by using this software.

Fund raisers organization can use the First Name Almanac to raise contributions for their schools, churches, scout troops or organizations. Everyone loves to see their name in print, it is a perfect gift for any occasion but I especially enjoy doing this especially during Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas season, it is a best seller.

Do you know the meaning of your name?

I have put together some examples of the name print outs using beautiful art backgrounds.

Diana - Meaning Divine

Joshua - Meaning God is my Salvation
Joshua - Meaning God is my Salvation
Vladimir - Meaning - Ruling People
Vladimir - Meaning - Ruling People


Meaning - Birthday of the Lord
Meaning - Birthday of the Lord

Dual Names


Meaning - Great - Bright
Meaning - Great - Bright

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marilyn sinangote enero 7 months ago

i want to know the meaning of my name

kristil 11 months ago

what is the meaning of my name?

rosemarie 11 months ago

hi..can you do me a favor?,.can you help me wat is the meaning of my name rosemarie

reshien 13 months ago

pls. can you give me the meaning of my name? RESHIEN

yeshia 15 months ago

pls send the meaning of my name.

dogiecel 16 months ago

What Is the meaning of my name?

Joan 18 months ago

I want to know the meaning of my name

Noreen 20 months ago

I want to have a baby boy and girl name....

michelle 23 months ago

what is meaning of michelle

Pedelyn Agon 23 months ago

Pls make ny name.

ma.teresa 24 months ago

What the meaning of my name

arlene 2 years ago

arlene 29 y.o

Jonathan 2 years ago

I want to know the meaning of my name

jhessel 2 years ago

can u gve me the meaning of my name?

edilyn 2 years ago

what is the meaning of my name

Arlene quinlog 2 years ago

Need to know my almanac name.

gil 2 years ago

what is meaning of my name

CRISELDA 3 years ago

What is the meaning of my name CRISELDA please!!!!

elvira 3 years ago

pls give the meaning of my name

francis ian 3 years ago

what is the meaning of francis ian

joanny 3 years ago

i want to know the meaning of my name

kassandra 4 years ago

please dosomething about my name too.....

I would be really so happy if you can make the meaning of KASSANDRA


Olesya 4 years ago

Loving her

luzanne 4 years ago

make my name, and happy new year

sunshine 4 years ago

please, give meaning to my name too... :)

Michelle 4 years ago

please also give meaning to my name

Elmar 4 years ago

how about my name

josie 5 years ago

please make a meaning for the name of my one and only little girl..MAXIMILIAN

thank you

raquel 5 years ago

i made my own

Julie 5 years ago


tin 6 years ago

I made my own.. but the Top main name wont print.. Why??

nik farah ellisha 7 years ago

pls make my name

i^ve really like it if u would do it for me.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Very Interesting hub. I believe you can make money from it because I have seen (similar or same) things displayed and done in the shopping centres.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 9 years ago from Detroit, MI

Fantastic hub MM Del Rosario. The home business idea is a good one, I might look into that. I also like the 'Name Almanac' too. I happen to know the meaning of my name, which means : 'The gift of God'. By the way, my name is Nathaniel. Have a happy New Year.

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