Online Scams

Someone once said that a sucker is born every minute. For some this is absolutely true because it's what they believe. Every day we find scores of people trying to sell everything from the kitchen sink to the Brooklyn Bridge, along with the river floor it was built upon. Want to make a $100,000 a week? Fine! Don't worry about it. For a small fee, I'll tell you how to do it. I'll even throw in my secrets on how to hit the $100 million dollar lotto while I'm at it. Why? because I like you. In short, every would be hustler, dingbat, crook and dead head con-artist is online nowadays waiting to prey on the unsuspecting. This is particularly true in today's economy where average people are struggling to survive to keep their financial heads above water and keep creditors from taking all their worldly possessions.

While the con artist's claims about how they can help you are often unbelievable and ridiculous, be aware that he is not making them for his health. He's doing so because he's making money off of them. Like it or not, many people are giving him a try out of desperation and the sense that they have run out of sensible, legitimate options. So, with the slight hope that the claims made by him just might be true, they part with $40 to $200 of their scarce dollars. Scam artists rob their victims by offering them hope at a time in their lives where they have met constant failure. They offer them the world for a fee that is not theirs to give. They prey on people facing financial ruin without any regard for that individuals plight.

It's a certain truity that online or off there exist vicious predators that will prey on your pain. Therefore, it's up to you to stop them from doing so by walking away from their pitches of instant wealth. Accept it or not, it's your responsibility to be at the forefront of keeping con artist from your doors. It's bad enough to be the recipient of financial pain; humiliation caused by scams constitutes an intolerable situation that should not be accepted at any cost!

Remember a scam artist's motto: anything you need I have it. If I don't have it, i'll get it for you. If I can't get if for you, I know someone who can. If all else fails, I'll steal it for you. Just give me the money. And by the way, you get a 30 day money back guarantee with your purchase.

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