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This article is the second article in the series of two at the moment. The first article in this series was written on the Open Source Initiative. For those of you who are not familiar with the term open source and what it means. I would like to invite you to take the time to read this article first. "Open Source Initiative."

In this article we will explore several open source software applications through you tube videos. These videos show and explain a variety of the most popular and widely used open source applications.

What is meant by Open Source Software? Open source software is exactly what it sounds like. It is computer software where the code to the software is kept open and available to anyone.

By leaving the source code open, developers from all over the world come together working in a collaborative fashion. They are free to download the code, modify it and republish for other developers to contribute.

By implementing fresh new ideas, the software is continually evolving; thus, resulting in a faster pace and higher quality in the development of the software application.

Great Overview of the Most Popular Open Source Software

It has been awhile since I have checked out what is new and available in the open source community.

Needless to say, I was amazed when I recently did some research looking for a program to convert my video files.

It was during this search that I was intrigued by all the new open source software and inspired to do an article on the Open Source Initiative.

I am forever grateful to the hardworking, dedicated community collaborative from around the world for their tremendous efforts and outstanding achievements.

If you are as grateful as I am you may wish to stop by the Open Source Initiative and give them a Donation.

O.K. if you haven't already grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, please do so now. Or if you are a member of hubpages, you just may want to bookmark this page.

If you are not a member yet, please feel free to join HubPages today. Like everything else on this page, it is FREE. And like the Open Source Initiative, I have nothing but good things to say about HubPages.

Here goes, the first video above is a great introduction to many of the open source software applications. If you haven't already viewed it please do. Tom Merritt from does an exceptional job explaining some of the most popular open source software, such as; Open Office, Gimpshot, Audacity etc. I highly recommend watching this video.

Get Organized and Go Green Open Source Software

The next video, by Stacy Johnson from Money Talks, offers information on some really neat software applications that I myself am eager to check out.

From Know your stuff - that helps you make a list of all your possessions, to Spring Pad, where you can keep track of contacts, calendars etc.

If you would like to save a tree, go green with Green Print. If you have loved one far away be sure to check out Skype and talk and see your loved ones for free,

Google's Chromium OS Project

Google's Chromium

Join Martin Bligh and watch development as it happens.

Learn about Google's Chromium Open Source Project first hand.

Google developer’s work together with developer’s from all over the world. You will be able to see first hand as the bugs are worked out and new accomplishments are achieved.

If you want to learn more about the Google Projects – Google Chrome and Google Chromium OS please go to http://www.

Google Chrome - Animated Video

Google's Web Browser - Chrome | Fast, Easy and Safe

I fell in love with this next video and just had to include it.

This is a great little animation that depicts the most important strategies of Google’s web browser, Chrome. It is user friendly, is super fast and last but not least, it’s safe.

Check it out, it's not only cute it get's the message across.

Google Wave - Great Animation - Easy to Understand

Google Wave | Mind Blowing

Google redefines the meaning of Email.

You absolutely must, check out these videos they are mind blowing. Did you know that email has been around for 40 years?

With that in mind, look at the changes that Google is implemented with the new Google Wave.

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prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

wow, very helpful for conversion of video files, Thanks Sage, Maita

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, Wow, this is great. I am going over to Open Office now. When I first got this pc, I had a free windows package that i had to download, and it lasted 60 days, so I downloaded it, and my whole computer crashed. And I am definitly bookmarking this page. thanks for the great info. Nell

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Maita - Glad you found this helpful, I have got to do some downloading myself. Good luck.

Nell - Glad this helps you out. I bought Microsoft 2007 and hate it. Office Org is so much more user friendly. Good luck and nice to see you.


Ign Andy profile image

Ign Andy 6 years ago from Green Home Office

My second browser after firefox, It's agood browser. The only drawback right now is the limited add-on, not as many as firefox. It will be great if they have a big community like firefox.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Ign Andy - Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It's nice to hear that you are already using this one in addition to firefox. I agree. Your comment is greatly appreciated.


Darlene Sabella profile image

Darlene Sabella 6 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

Sage as usual, you are simply amazing. This is all so new to me, I have to take things slow, but I want to learn about new and exciting programs that we can add to our hubs to make them come alive for our readers. I love my hubber friends, this is a great family, so maybe you can touch on a few items we can use while we are writing. Now, I am not real techy so that is why I say this. Excellent hub and thumbs up for sure....your fan always

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Darlene - Great to see you. Thanks so much for checking out this hub. I was surprised myself when I started researching just how far the open source software applications have come. It's pretty amazing. I actually have one in mind that I will be writing very soon.


Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Sage, Another great informative article. It seems like the more I learn the more I find out that there is so much I still don't know. So, this is a very helpful hub. Thanks for the information.

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

Sage, I love being in the software know! Thanks for your research and delivery on the topic. You make it easy to read and understand. I appreciate your software application hubs a lot. Thanks and Peace :)

Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

I have heard of open source but never really looked at it before. Thanks for the information.

akirchner profile image

akirchner 6 years ago from Central Oregon

Cool info - bookmarking!

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Pamela - Thanks so much, it's always nice to see your presence on my pages.

Katiem - I'm so happy that you have found this interesting. I do hope when you are in need of a new application you check these out.

Sandyspider - So kind of you to check out this second hub. Good luck.

akirchner - Thanks for bookmarking and checking these videos out.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.


drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Sage - this is important info for every hubber and the videos are excellent. Thanks for sharing all of this with all of us.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

drbj - you just made my day, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad this info is helpful to you. Sage

Lisi Hansen profile image

Lisi Hansen 6 years ago

Great resources, Sage! An the videos are fantastic. Thank you for this very well put hub.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Lisi - So nice to see you thanks for checking this article out. I do appreciate your comments.


nick247 profile image

nick247 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Spreading the word of Open Source! Nice. I just bought a new laptop and have filled it with nothing but Open Source, it truly is a wonderful thing.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Nick - thanks so much for stopping by. Love your comment and support. I am very appreciative of the open source initiative. it's so nice to hear that others are as well.


Granny's House profile image

Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

Wow, Sage thank you so much. this is very useful stuff. Will bookmark and check them out. Thank you

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

Granny's House - Thanks so much for stopping by. I am happy that this will be useful to you. Your comment is greatly appreciated.


DustinsMom profile image

DustinsMom 6 years ago from USA

Great info. I have bookmarked this one as well. :)

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

DustinsMom - Thanks so much.


triosol profile image

triosol 6 years ago

Very useful information. Thanks for sharing with us. Voted Up.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago Author

triosol - thanks so much for your comment. So glad that you find this information beneficial.


TroyM profile image

TroyM 5 years ago

Good list of open source software, I suggest to add flock browser, it is new and fast. Good information, keep sharing..

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 5 years ago Author

Troy M

Thanks so much for taking the time. I have never hear of flock browser but am real curious and will check it out. Thanks again,


websoftware profile image

websoftware 4 years ago from Ahmedabad

Grate content for newbies... Thanks Sage Williams to share your wonder full knowledge with us

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 4 years ago Author

You are entirely welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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